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  1. Oh, that makes sense... I got the mod from here on this forum then put it into my gamedata and I grab a mk1-2 pod and I go into IVA and everything is the sane
  2. I got the mod but then when I go into IVA the raster prop monitors aren't there. Why does KSP hate me...
  3. hen I download this ISS community it installs Soviet pack as well. Then when I load KSP it just crashes when its loading it
  4. Does this still work? When I had soviet pack on it the game kept crashing, now I don't have the most of the Russian parts. HELP!!!!
  5. I need a little help here.Every time i try to download RSS it doesnt work in ksp everything is still in the kerbol system.Could you help me?
  6. Can you explain more? Everytime i try getting RSS it doesn't work.It is the mod i really want.
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