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  1. Havent bothered to ask him honestly. I will do that soon. I removed the antennas because honestly they looked clunky and ugly (I dont know how to 3d model so i cant make a new model). If i have time i will try to get the map fix working myself.
  2. Feature Request: Make solar panels compatible with kopernicus stars. It would REALLY make this mod better (GPP Support and other planet packs!)
  3. Put the long range ones AND the relay ones on the same relay sattelite.
  4. Either allow partial control or build a comm network
  5. @N70 just a heads up, the new connection ground station thing doesn’t work with RSS or any planet packs that aren’t kerbins radius (I’ve only tried RSS and GPP). It seems that the stations are under the ground.
  6. @eggrobin how did you manage to do axial tilt? Is it possible you could make a mod just for axial tilt (or guide me to the code where you have it in principia so i can make it myself)
  7. I requested it to be on ckan. We have to wait :(. You will see "Telemachus Continued" when it gets approved. Ill take a look.
  8. Now that we have the new launch site system in, is it even possible to add new sites to it?
  9. @N70 How are we supposed to get the fuel cell working? There is no hydrogen tanks we can use.
  10. @godarklight are you finally back into ksp, or are you just updating the mod to the new version?
  11. Is there a guide? The wiki doesnt specify a lot of stuff (Like rad limits and such)
  12. Kinda nooby question, but how do i disable the stuff with the IRSU?
  13. New release is out. https://github.com/njbrown09/Telemachus-Continued/releases/tag/1.1
  14. This is a continuation of the amazing mod Telemachus by tcannonfodder. View addon details & screenshots on the original forum post. Whats different from the original Telemachus? Updated for 1.4.1 Semi-usable camera system (Requires Raster Prop Monitor) Telemetry is added to all command pods and no longer requires a special Telemachus antenna Download License: MIT
  15. I recompiled for 1.4 but it doesnt seem to work. It only updates around once a minute.
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