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  1. I installed the mod and it looked awesome. However, I'm having a issue about the planet's light. << this looks fine I installed EVE, GPP, GPP textures, GPP clouds, Loading Screen and Scatterer. I wonder if this is from grannus...
  2. I enjoy playing ksp with scatterer and SVE but now scatterer v0.03 is making my game wired. △ like this how can i fix this problem? GameData: BetterTimeWarp, Distant Object, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-, KerbalEngineer, Kopernicus, PlanetShine-, scatterer-0.0300, SVE.v1.2.3, SVE_HighResTextures +Squad&ModuleManager PC info: 15-6400 @ 2.7 Ghz, GTX1050, 8GB RAM
  3. That brought my FPS to 15~16 at runway!! You are the best. Thanks!
  4. I wonder why EVE is not working on my PC. Clouds, lights, etc not showing up. OS: Win 10 CPU: i5 6400 @2.7GHz GPU: HD 530 RAM: 8GB DDR 3 is the intel graphic card causing the problem?
  5. can you add some lightnings and more duststormes on other planates(not duna)?
  6. does AVP work on ksp 1.2.2?
  7. Great! Reinstalling the game helped a lot. Now I can delete and copy all my folders. Thanks!!!
  8. err.... Why does my computer always say that I don't have the authority to delete any KSP-related folder when I AM the Administrator? OS: windows 10? I tried unlocker, Take Ownership and much more. (if i start the game, the load bar says "Loading Asset Bundle Definition" forever at 0%.)
  9. hmm. I tried out everything that you guys suggested. I tried forcing DirectX11 and used the latest version of SVE and used the 0.0.256v of scatterer. Now I get 10~13 FPS. However, is there any way possible to dramatically increase my FPS?
  10. its v 1.1.5 and scatterer is v 0.0300
  11. is there any way to improve my FPS ? my FPS is 7~4 while launch in 'SVE ed' bodys. I would like to know how to increase FPS by changeing setting or installing mods that will help with my FPS. (I don;t want to delete SVE or Scatterer) OS: windows 10 CPU: i5 6400 @ 2.71Gh (3.25 when overclocked) GPU: HD 530 (512mb vram) RAM: 8gb p.s. (i have 23 more mods) tell me if you need any more info
  12. robot#2

    ksp 1.2.2 EVE crashing

    sorry that I couldn't respond early. However, I read the instructions of Logs'n stuff, but nothing seamed too match my case. Anlywas, is there any other visual mods that I can use?
  13. robot#2

    ksp 1.2.2 EVE crashing

    thanks a lot! I didn't know there was this category.