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  1. Version https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mOLcnGyXYqOIdBj3sN9jGznbaPwNcHUS A series of small improvements and fixes. There were a few gaps in making patches for Kerbal Reusability Expansion to work better with RSS and FAR such as the mass and cost of the grid fins and lack of FAR support in their part configs, which I found necessary after losing reusable stages using them as control surfaces when trying to land them all the time. Mostly solved now. The tanks of the lander capsules from SSTU are no longer stuck to a very limited set of fuel types. Just missed that
  2. Did anyone try RSS with this unofficial 1.4.5 recompile for FAR ? Most importantly, is there any real, objective improvement to the base game that justifies updating from 1.3.1 to 1.4.5 for anyone completely uninterested in Making History? Changes like 2-5 FPS more on average for surface ISRU bases, reduced memory leaks or better OpenGL rendering support. Depending on the answer to the latter, for those who consider RSS and FAR indispensable, it might be better to stick to 1.3.1, at least until both are officially updated.
  3. Version 0.4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DGJ2pludLBIbKQFSInvtr7RILbyPieJL A substantial update again. What began as just some Quality of Life changes taking into account the very important detail that KAS pipes do not generate crossfeed, so ISRU bases built using them can be tricky unless some key gasses for ISRU ignore crossfeed, expanded into a little more than that. Aerozine50/NTO ISRU is possible now, but it is tricky because it needs Nitrogen, which means that only in Titan 100% ISRU production of Hydrazine, UDMH and NTO is possible. Furthermore, because it is required for
  4. Version https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sattXadYjtk3Yla1feovgj2dL2dLGZEt The custom MM patches added for USI engines were done with a few typos and other small but consequential mistakes. Now they should all work properly, and RealPlume fixes again, I'm really inept at getting those plumes done right, heh. To make this tiny update a tad better, the RO patches for Kerbal Attachment System and Inventory system were adapted because the default masses aren't very realistic, in most cases by being too heavy. That's all for the moment. Reasons to not do much more include bu
  5. Version 0.3.9: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lb2EkT4O8d8y2Nwr8_0VxqgRbtOYjb_X Finally, the entirety of the USI Kolonization suite gained the scale it deserves for the Real Solar System. Every part was rescaled from 64% Stock to 100% Real. While the mostly generic mass adjustments may not be perfect, they are completely functional. In the absence of anything real to compare most of this stuff with, they will have to do. With the exception of the Kontainers, which can be used with SSTU through one of the patches in SSTU-OptionalPatches, almost every USI part that comes toget
  6. Version 0.3.8: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zhbTzqEeUrlaE_ySYNnmB8-lHn_RCUDE A more significant update but perhaps not really big. Just fixed one critical bug involving the Raptor methane engines and Near Future Launch Vehicle model swaps, a few other minor bugfixes, and most importantly, fixes and improvements to existing contracts. More important are the new contracts, both unmanned and manned, for Ceres, Vesta and the five moons of Uranus added in the latest Real Solar System, plus more solar system colonization contracts for the late game, including building a permanent
  7. Version 0.3.71: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qTmPpB1cRSrFnFekDOHnopyaCxJLvFtm Is it in sandbox? There is an upgrade near the end of the tech tree called "Pre-Sentient Algorithms" for procedural unmanned command modules that disables the light speed delay in RemoteTech. All upgrades are enabled by default in Sandbox, so, for that purpose, it's necessary to disable such upgrade. This is based upon the pricing for procedural wings in Realistic Progression Zero, pretty much the same, no changes, and AFAIK such pricing wasn't changed in RP-0 recently either. Finally
  8. Version 0.3.7: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iY7tFV7z5NaKU5G4z0hzSWiyQ3MqCg4R Yet more bug fixes. I tried to fix all reported bugs mentioned above but some of the plumes may still be glitched and something else could have been missed. As for the Upgrade Editor, unfortunately the way it stands now is probably the best I can do. It's likely I won't do much more than recompiling it whenever a new KSP version is released and most mods this one depends upon are already updated for it. There were some other changes besides trying to get those issues solved. Testing in a late game,
  9. If you take a look at the RO TAC Life Support settings: @TACLSGlobalSettings:AFTER[TacLifeSupport] { @FoodConsumptionRate = 6.77E-05 @WaterConsumptionRate = 4.48E-05 @OxygenConsumptionRate = 6.85E-03 @CO2ProductionRate = 5.92E-03 @WasteProductionRate = 6.16E-06 @WasteWaterProductionRate = 5.70E-05 } The mass of CO2ProductionRate(that number times its density as defined in its resource config, which is located in CRP) is smaller than the mass from OxygenConsumptionRate despite CO2 being denser. That means part of that oxygen consumed is not coming out as CO2. On the other hand the
  10. Version 0.3.6 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RqY_jNVZR29HYsuDi0ac9clrVyVpgBpx Mostly bugfixes and a significant improvement in the way ThrottleControlledShutdown.dll behaves for anyone trying SpaceX styled first stage recovery landings or genuinely suicide burns using engines with limited throttle. It won't wait 1 second before running a check on whether the throttle is at 0 or not when altitude is beneath 25 km. The reason this was missed is simply because I did not try landing using an engine that cannot throttle down enough to give its vessel a TWR below 1 before, and with this
  11. Version 0.3.4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cm5WA73G3IEONZ-JjEXQC0ULmpUA3Og1 This version should have been the first one for public release, because besides not having yet a decent setup to support part symmetry(there are ways to deal with limitations in the support for part symmetry though, see the Readme for details), all major issues that could be identified and reproduced were fixed now. Letting the issue with ModuleRCS and RCSFX slide was a big mistake, but it's solved now. Apparently using OnAwake() on some modules will cause trouble. Perhaps it would be best to not u
  12. The thrusters are located above its center of mass, therefore it is a puller, but it got scrapped because there is a better way of designing nuclear electric propulsion with manned 40+ km/s delta-v and total burn times lasting a few weeks at most instead of months or years: never using more reactor power than what is strictly needed. To that end, it was necessary to add a config for yet one more rescaled Near Future Electrical nuclear reactor: an even bigger, 1 GW reactor with 12m diameter that weighs less than the two reactors from that 1 GW thruster test design, plus a radiator large enough
  13. Version 0.3.4 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A4wGlFbXHKjwu3vQ_0efPIEnEQtpYlx3 Further bringing the "Near-Future" part of this mod to where it should go, with the Atomic Rockets site being very useful as inspiration. The most noticeable addition is right above. Scaling up NearFutureElectrical reactors and its NFP electric propulsion to the extreme. There is no solid real source to draw from because fission reactors that large may never happen and by the time technology evolves to the point such things could be built fusion power capable of generating 1 GW with only a fraction of th
  14. The game doesn't fail when an user cheats an orbit through HyperEdit. I see such cases under the same light and given there is no official multiplayer, there is little point to completely cut off exploits. The reasonably realistic tankages were made available for those who care and also to give a point for the existence of liquid methane engines given this mod makes methane cryogenic as well(the way it is in reality), but why bother trying to stop those who don't care about how unrealistically lightweight the dry mass of a huge volume balloon tank filled with LH2 would be despite its size?
  15. Version 0.3.3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19E0zdBBullUf4Gt1SfgIMeWa1z5egFvo Finally devised a method to load the original part config without upgrades in the plugin for each and every module that requires such procedure in a part, so all those workarounds from the previous versions are now obsolete, and most of its shortcomings are gone. Therefore, delete any previous UpgradeEditor folder if you're installing this new version, a recommended acting for updating any KSP mod. Also, there is something new besides finally getting this to support any possible PartModule with upg
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