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  1. How do I make ELF engine to work? Tooltips in VAB say it should generate 160 kN. For me it generates only 8 kN, whlie not even utilizing all avaliable power. https://prnt.sc/12hjra2
  2. Could someone tell me what happened here? When in orbit, in-flight view, planet suddenly disappeared and game crashed. When I'm trying to load save form few minutes earlier I'm getting this https://prnt.sc/12f2feo followed by game crash. After resetarting the game, everything seems to run normal, except cratf is no longer there (crew has missing status). modlist https://prnt.sc/12f1xve LOG Thanks in advance.
  3. @StarCrusher96 It may be related to GU after all. GU_Scatterer is causing the problem. Clean install 1.11.2 + GU + scatterer, no other mods. Tested on Kerbin, Layhe, Blalo - the same behaviour. Adding GU_Scatterer folder = no water Removing GU_Scatterer folder = water is back Hope it helps.
  4. @StarCrusher96 Just to let you know, I cant see water both on Blalo and... Kerbin So most likely it is not GU related. Time to wipe everything and install mods one by one, like a proper user should do
  5. Yea i did. Loaded the game multiple times with different settings. I guess I will just switch to Blalo @StarCrusher96 For Blalo Homeswitch, Alpha Centauri in GU general settings should be true or false?
  6. Epsilon eridani was enabled, I've turned it off, then I've deleted GUscatterer folder and unziped it again. No efect, still no water.
  7. I have just started new game with HomeSwitch Rahn. Everything seems to run nicely, except water is not visible when flying. Water is there tho, when landing on it, there is a splash sound and altimeter is correct. Did I miss something during installation? (I do have EVE + scatterer) https://prnt.sc/12916gc
  8. It is. It works way further than closest stars. In the V1400 Kirbani system probe still keeps link to Kerbin. It's red, but works.
  9. @JadeOfMaar Everything you said is completely valid, except the direct antenna's range is 5Pm (which seems resonable considering distances), so I was expecting to find relay dish with longer range too, thats it.
  10. @JadeOfMaar Thank you for your answer, it may not be the case tho. There should be only two antennas, right? one relay, one direct? I got confused, because relay dish range is only 141Tm, which seems very low, considering distances between systems. Is that intentional?
  11. Is it possible that some of GU parts are not visible when using Kiwi Tech Tree? or am I not looking hard enough? Great mod btw, can't wait to visit all these systems.
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