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  1. Just for the record, if someone has the same problem as me. Uninstalling Interstellar Fuel Switch solved that, although, as i was told, it was not IFS that was causing explosions, so it's kind of "temporary workaround".
  2. Same problem here. Tweakscale stopped working at all after updating via CKAN. After manual installation form github, everything seems to work fine, but im getting this:
  3. I know, that's the reason of my disappointment... the only one, so crucial Kopernicus, doesn't work . I understand that everyone got real life, modders too Sometimes I just got a strange impression devs release new version as soon as they see all important mods have been updated, so we can never play fully modded latest release
  4. Thank you for your suggestions @Snark Although I just acknowledged that Kopernicus doesn't work with 1.7.2 Can't wait when mods won't became incompatibile just because version number changes.
  5. Nice looking cheat engines @KerboNerd, I'm tempted to give it a try but Smart Actuators dependency worries me a little. Looks like it hasn't been updated since 1.4.5. What is the risk of your mod, considering this dependency, cause problems on 1.7.2? and with other mods? are there any mods it specifically conflicts with?
  6. Should autostruts and your mod be used interchangeably? Is there any point to use KJR and activate autostruts in the same time? Can it cause any problems when used together?
  7. I'll use your topic if you don't mind SpaceCowboy330 Looking for planets mod. I'm considering this one JNSQ , but it rescales stock system a little and i'd like to avoid that. Can someone remommend anything similar (except OPM, i used it in my previos career, now looking for sth new)? Second recommendation I need is on comprehensive life support system. By comprehensive I mean all necessary parts included (for ex. TAC LS is cool, but it requires third party greenhouse-mod to create a loop).
  8. I have no idea, I'm total layman in that matter, but one of the Lisias conclusions was that it's caused not by particular mod itself, but rather by interaction between some mods.
  9. Hi @FreeThinker , You may be interesed in an issue I had. My vessels were randomly exploding when entering physic range during randezvouz. you can see it here @Lisias tried to brake down the problem, but didn't reach any final conclusion yet. You will find log files in Tweakscale topic, starting here (and few posts below) I'm writing all this here, cause uninstalling IFS solved the problem. I have made multiple tests with various vesssels, everything works fine without IFS. Hope you will if it usefull.
  10. Can't say 100% sure, because these are not in-game names, but I'm 99% sure all 3 were in use.
  11. Should I run it with your beta tweakscale or with regular one? Edit: nvm, i run it with beta version as had it already installed ksp log output log @Lisias
  12. @Lisias Remember my question about exploding ship ? Here are files you requested KSP log MM flies Wasn't sure what do you mean by 'all MM files', if anything is missing, just let me know. Thank you for you time.
  13. Uninstalling / reinstalling KJR doesn't change anything. Uninstalling / reinstalling Tweakscale doesn't change anything. Unless anyone got other ideas, I'll try uninstalling mods one by one when i have time. Thank you for your comment, unfortunatelly i have no idea what does it mean.
  14. True. Save file is old, very old. I used to play with 70+ mods few years ago. Game was freshly installed not so long ago tho. Didn't know that inforrmation about previously used mods is stored in save file. Does it matter? Can it cause problems? I'm not sure what "whichever has PartJoint" mean. InfernalRobotics is not installed currently. I'll try uninstalling KJR. Hope it's not Tweakscale what is causing problems, that thing is essential Thank you for help.
  15. KSP.log , right? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E9NmFVW-M6ZMC8GihfmJAB8n95L28Vn2/view?usp=sharing