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  1. okay. i like the changes. but the only working mods are the fps viewer and anyresu. i can swallow up not using all the other mods except kerbalengineer (mod that allows you to view all info from orbital, surface, thermal etc). i have been spoon fed by this mod for years that playing without it is a nightmare. any idea how to use this mod or any other mod currently compatible that was good as that? thanks. update: fixed. was a moron for not manually updating the mod.
  2. Normal setup now. No other visual mods like scatterer added, only the this mod files. Got this bug.
  3. So far I have no problems. I'll do some more landings and sky-flying-planes, as what I have been doing lately is going straight up to build the space station. edit: now i get to land on land, i get this squares. i didn't get it before as i often landed on ocean upon re entry.
  4. any news of this getting a 1.3 touch? i have always loved and used this mod.
  5. thanks for some mod referrals. its really a pain to put it in a correct angle. as you can see, the space station is not aligned,
  6. i build space station on parts. before i construct it bit by bit, i always make a prototype of the complete station im doing with. but i always have this problem when connecting it in space, the connected parts are always off. some are rotated weirdly and no matter how i undock and dock again, still i cant get the correct angle. how can i solve this? any advice would be of great help. thanks.
  7. I really don't know what to say. Be happy or sad. But this version gave me slight problem on FPS. I even deleted all the MODS and make all settings LOWER than I used to play. As an EN user, I don't see any incentives nor feel significant changes to the game to warrant me to play 1.3 wherein NOW I'm stuck to NOT playing KSP for awhile 'til the MODS I'm using will get updated as I get that error message and hate to start all over again. Anyway, thanks for new update and more power.
  8. 1.) On Kerbalism, is there a way to widen the GUI? 2.) I have been looking at planet mods and I cant seem to find one. All of them revamp the current system into the real one. Im looking for planet mods that adds new planets and moons that doesn't change the existing ones. Is there a mod like that? Thanks.
  9. If your kerbal is suffering from stress and/or co2 poisoning, can/will it be refreshed to 0 if I land him back to Kerbin?
  10. what the F!!! your right! 100% fatality. all kerbals died of co2 poisoning before I even get to my closest station. all 45 kerbals assigned, died! what the fffffff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ haha! huhuhuhu.... goodbye to my one and only level 3 pilot. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i noticed that this mod really ate up fps. i did manage to tone down to least playable rate of 8-10 from 3-5 fps on station with plenty of parts by disabling reliability, science, automation, extended antenna. is there another runabout without disabling those? edit: just an idea i thought now, i think i can try to minimize deaths by not checking those ships. so the countdown will not start. dont know if it will work though. but the only save i have will surely kill all those 16 on mun space station. which has all my most elite kerbals were stationed.
  11. Hahaha! what! I tried it now. The mechanics totally changed. I was half way to Mun about to deliver the food and water module, my ship supplier went blackout of nowhere. Only then I realized that something crazy is up on the signal mechanics. I would like to hold ShotGunNinja RESPONSIBLE (hehehe) for slaughtering, 1 kerbal on Mun Base East, 7 on Mun Base West, 6 Mun Surface Laboratory and 8 MIAs. and probably 16 more on Mun and 7 Kerbin Space Stations. ....for a whooping 22 counts of murder. As I will have no means of delivering the life supply on time. Luckily my Kerbin and Mun Space Station is equipped with the state of the art stuffs that I can still.... maybe... save or salvage the remains of the fallen Kerbals. We will see. This is no means flaming but LOVING IT. It's a pity I didn't get to use this mod before I start my career. I would have lessen the Kerbalism casualty from the start. Thank you and more power for making this mod.
  12. As I am playing solely on career mode, never really played the sandbox, completed all tech trees and have decent 46m funds, farthest I get to was putting a satellite on Minmus, I don't want to play all over again from scratch and someone who don't resort to reverting (you don't get to undo in real life) until recently (was FORCED because of insanely difficult docking maneuvers), I have a REALLY decent number of MIA (stranded) kerbals. Drifting kerbals and ships gone astray prior to installing this mod... 1.) Those stranded will die if I don't rescue them in time? 2.) How exactly dead is dead? 3.) Is this only applicable to newly made ships and EVA? Or to all immediately, no exemptions. Im asking because it might ruin my career mode and cant undo things. Thank you.
  13. Unfortunately this is not the one I'm looking for. This is just like the normal ASWD. I was looking for that "key" to prograde, normal etc. The one that you click on the left side of the naviball. Instead of clicking that icon, i prefer pressing a key.
  14. I looked at the settings and wiki. There's no hotkey for prograde, normal, radial in etc. I prefer pushing the keys than using the mouse to click. Was hoping a mod that configures it. Link please if possible. Thanks.
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