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  1. I look forward to it as well. I used a lot of your parts in the previous version. Keep up the great work and I am glad MSL inspired you!
  2. Great job KSP! I have been following KSP for a while now, and like others have said, it\'s nice to see it grow.
  3. The plugin is here. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=10324.0 I just finished up the Mun today!
  4. I found some random YouTube suggested video on it, back when you could donate for $7 I think? It\'s been a while.
  5. Like the others were saying, it depends on what you are looking and what aspects of flying you are looking for. I started flying in simulators with FS95. To me, that was amazing! Moved to FS98, then 2002, 2004, then X. All of the simulators kept getting better. When I was using 2002/2004 I actually took an aeronautics class in high school. After that I took plenty of flight instruction and solo\'d for ten hours. However, after 9/11, fuel prices and insurance costs forced the cost of flying to go beyond Anyways, Microsoft\'s games really helped me with flying planes in the real world. Mostly with instrumentation and location of gauges, but also some basic flight dynamics. The new MS Flight Simulator, well, im unsure. I refuse to buy it as they are using DLC with all of the stuff. For combat games, I started with Janes Fighters Anthology. Wow, what a fun game. However, I won\'t give any history stories here. I think the DCS games are amazing. It took me a while to master even starting up the A-10 (about a night of flipping switches as I didn\'t play the tutorial). IL2 is a fun as well, and so are the mods! An older game called B-17 something was stunning for aircraft details. Being able to fly with the skin of the B17 mostly missing was really challenging. If you hit the ground landing and a wing dipped it would actually curl up. As would a prop if it hit the ground. Too bad it was never multiplayer.
  6. That\'s because you need to claim your home planet first. 8) I will give it a shot in a minute.
  7. The heat shield and re-entry look great! Like the above poster, I am hoping your work doesn\'t go to waste and the devs come up with their own re-entry design (and if they do, maybe merge the ideas together).
  8. I am guilty too of playing Kerbal during working hours Good thing I am head of IT Thanks for making an annoyingly addictive game, LOL... I can\'t wait for the features to be put in place. The devs here are fantastic!
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