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  1. Banned for Starman not in the driver’s seat
  2. It looks like it’s less of a question of if, and more a question of when, who, and how many mission will each group make.
  3. Track Time Abu Kerbi 1:22.30 Gaarst 1:02.64 Hunkaroring 1:49.86 Kasino 1:21.38 Kazuka Kolder Kurburgring Monako Monka Nordring Ska Valentia I’m driving TC1, which is all electric and doesn’t have much downforce. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZJoT47k8m_xo__4KMBFPkoCRIXg_6jC2
  4. Floor 4998: you realize that this building can’t possibly be a single building, because you should still be in LKO, or LEO, you can’t remember which. Either way, you see Eeloo out the window. Someone walks up to you and hypnotizes you to forget this fact, however, and you continue on.
  5. Except you don’t know anything that you can’t find online. The superpower to withstand 100g sustained effortlessly
  6. Subsonic Practical Auxiliary Controllable Equipment Carrying Active Rover
  7. Deoxys destroys it. I send Kerbals to contact Deoxys.
  8. When you watch F1 mostly to see which teams can build the best car and make the best strategic decisions
  9. And then realized that the shavings from sharpening and erasing would get everywhere in 0g, and then (probably) made their own space pen
  10. And you don’t have enough boosters. Which then RUD due to not having enough struts I launch a reusable booster to land at the above poster’s space center so he has enough boosters
  11. Working on my entry, "Delta". https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z6BopQUl-U1IyQCYBsla4FujL0vnSmPg Somehow, Kerbals will survive a crash in this plane at 50+m/s head on. Or when landing... Also, If you shoot off the tail from the Dummy craft, it can still fly.
  12. Mission failed due to forgotten parachutes, and I’m not going to have time to try again. Log here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fbx_Gzj-4PXCHq8vtmRclnr4tPy9oEJp
  13. 53miner53


    Mach 5 captures DeLorean
  14. So I made a rover, and it seems to work rather well! (Forgot pics of it though, will come later). My delivery method is still WIP though.
  15. Oh well, that means it’s @ZooNamedGames‘s turn
  16. Sorry, only started playing with EVE recently and that’s the only mission I had that came close. I liked the pics and wanted to share, and I guess they weren’t quite on topic.
  17. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uHV0ksUFUzOLB1CCgrPad4DkjAV1vhun https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QoznTGgc60IrWc4xXzQ7xLPhAohEgp2u
  18. How about my Fighter 3? Ignore FAR, I’ve found it works better in stock than FAR. Pics! I’ll check if the Mk2 version has any modded parts later, since it seems to not be on KerbalX for some reason.
  19. Ok, good luck with the install! Sure! It’s your turn! Wow! Congratulations! Someone tried to start a RO/RSS one a while ago. I wish it had taken off, because modded versions (for example) sound like they could be fun. A version with different challenges would be cool as long as it’s not too similar to this one, but that shouldn’t need to be too different.
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