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  1. First, I just have not had the addon button on the toolbar. Reinstalled the addon . Appeared, lost all the parts (initially version was 2.0.2. Now installed 2.0.7) Searched for categories is empty, there is no nothing from the addon. Not found anywhere the solution to this problem Screenshot
  2. Well, if vaguely, in the Russian-speaking communities use about this addon. It is ideal for the construction of dreadnoughts. Windows, antenna, says it all in it. From Robbaz (English youtuber) is the same of this addon.The more I think I has butter fingers
  3. Yup, but not all. No lamps. No utilities, but in the screenshots of the addon there is a utility or something I don't understand?
  4. Where HX parts? I have 3 folders in gamedata: B9_Aerospace, B9_Aerospace_HX and B9_Aerospace_Legacy. If you don't count all the ancillary and necessary for this addon. What's the problem? Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2