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  1. Sounds like a fun opportunity to explore some more of Kerbin. I think I'm going to see if I can get my F-35 VTOL working well enough to land in these spots.
  2. Just re-posting the current leaderboard so I can share it. LEADERBOARD 84.8 pts @spacehead3 [FAR] Album 83.8 pts @a10t2 Link 58.7 pts @KingDominoIII Link 58.7 pts @a10t2 Album 54.9 pts @Hodo F-152B [FAR] Link 50.5 pts u/Aetol Link 48.6 pts @spacehead3 F/A-XX1 [FAR] (Example Entry) 36 pts @Hodo F-119D [FAR] Link 27.5 pts @Hodo F/B-161 [FAR] Link 19.7 pts @spacehead3 F-22 [FAR] Link -113.5 pts u/Aetol Link ?? pts @Kuznetsov Space program Link
  3. You could do that in a few minutes by just editing the .cfg files. And regarding FAR, I think in most aspects it's actually a lot more intuitive for plane building than the stock system, which essentially calculates drag based on part count. FAR *does* make control much more difficult, so you really need a fly by wire mod like Atmosphere Autopilot if you're going to do fighters with very low stability.
  4. Yep! @a10t2 I wasn't sure how FAR would effect the scores when I created the challenge, it looks like they're pretty even actually.
  5. That should probably count as a rocket engine, but i totally want to see how you're planning on doing it with ions lol! Well, @a10t2, I got you. Barely. Album Direct Hit 100 Attack Altitude 24 Mission Time -24 Radar Cross Section -15.25 Heat Signature -10 Cost Savings 10 TOTAL 84.75
  6. Y'all bring up some good questions. Its all for fun so I don't want to limit the possibilities too much, but in the interests of keeping scoring somewhat even, let's go with this: 1. The final weapon must be launched from an aircraft. 2. Mission time will be measured as touchdown of the aircraft OR impact of the weapon on the temple, whichever is last. @Pds314 @KenjiKrafts
  7. Well, @Kuznetsov Space program did launch his plane from an aircraft carrier here, so I'll allow that if you start from East of KSC. But the final weapon must be launched from a plane, it can't just be an ICBM.
  8. I think I have an aircraft that's fast enough to beat you, but I'm struggling with successfully deploying a missile at hypersonic speeds.
  9. Here's an F-22 design that I've been working on. http://imgur.com/gallery/4Iug4AZ Features working missile bays, shown here with two of my cruise missiles. http://imgur.com/gallery/u7KQAEz
  10. @KingDominoIII nice! Looks like you forgot the heat signature penalty however? Should be 58.7 pts I think. EDIT: I see why you were confused by the wording of "during the strike", that's my bad. The intention was no afterburners during the entire flight.
  11. @epicman81 turn up the brightness, man! That's a cool drone design though.
  12. I did another entry with my new F-22 Raptor, but I got distracted and missed the first shot, so only 19.7 pts.
  13. @Hodo Nice! I have a couple other designs I'm working on as well, might post another entry myself tonight or tomorrow.
  14. Excellent! That thing is quick! Added to the leaderboard.
  15. First hit. 100pts is the maximum for the "direct hit" achievement
  16. Yes, just not over 25km altitude. That's fine, just count it as a guided weapon.
  17. @Hodo hey do all 3, see which is best! FYI added a 5 point bonus for using unguided Weapons.
  18. @Kuznetsov Space program Awesome! I think that carrier would melt my computer lol. Add up your points and I'll add you to the leaderboard.
  19. AJE does afterburners when greater than 60% throttle right? So I'd say if you use more than that amount of throttle during the flight, subtract the 10 points.
  20. Temple Airstrike Challenge Objective The Kerbal Air Force has ordered a strike on the desert temple to the West of KSC. The temple lies within the airspace of a rival space agency, so speed and stealth will be paramount to the success of the mission. Design an attack aircraft to complete the mission profile as outlined below. Points will be awarded based on successful completion of the mission. Mission Profile - Take off from the KSC runway. - Cruise to the target, the desert temple West of KSC. - Attack the temple by deploying at least one weapon from the aircraft. - Return to base and land at the KSC runway. Rules - Any mods / part clipping / ect may be used, so long as they are not overpowered or designed to cheat physics. Note if you are using FAR as I'll list that on the leaderboard. - The aircraft may not use space grade parts (rockets, RCS, reaction wheels). - The aircraft may be manned or un-manned. - A “weapon” is herein defined as any stock or mod part or assembly which is launched from the aircraft. BD armory bombs or missiles are allowed, but rounds fired from guns or cannons may not be used to complete the achievements. Weapons may be guided or un-guided and may use rocket engines. - A maximum altitude limit of 25km must be observed for the duration of the mission. Points - Direct Hit: The following points are awarded for scoring a direct hit on the large center temple. EDIT: Multiple hits do not earn additional points, 100 is the maximum for this achievement. +100 pts if a direct hit on the temple with the 1st weapon that is fired. +75 pts if a direct hit on the temple with the 2nd weapon that is fired. +50 pts if a direct hit on the temple with the 3rd weapon that is fired. +25 pts if a direct hit on the temple with the 4th weapon that is fired. +0 pts if no direct hits are scored or if it takes more than 4 shots to score a hit. - Collateral Damage: The scientists at KSC urge you to try and preserve the other scientific artifacts in the area. -10 pts if any weapon impacts one of the 5 smaller temples surrounding the large center temple. -. Unguided Weapons: +5 pts if weapon is not guided/controlled. - Attack Altitude: Enemy air defenses will have an easier time shooting you down at low altitudes. +1 pt for every 1km of altitude above which the weapon is deployed. (Ex. I fired my missile from ~5600m = 5 points). The weapon must hit the temple is order to earn these points. - Mission time: -1 pt per minute of elapsed mission time from takeoff to touchdown. - External Stores: -5 pts for each weapon stored externally. (Weapons do not need to be in an actual “cargo bay” part to count as internal, but they must be shielded from the airflow). - Radar Cross Section: Small aircraft are more difficult to detect. The aircraft’s radar cross section will be estimated using the size reported in the Engineer’s Report in the SPH. Remember to retract the landing gear as they add height! # pts = -0.5 * ( Height + Length + Width ) - Heat Signature: Engines with high heat signatures will degrade the aircraft’s stealth performance. -10 pts if afterburners (Panther “wet” mode) or Whiplash engines are used during the strike at any point during the flight. (If using mod engines, use your best judgement on this penalty). - Cost Savings: Developing new technology is expensive. +10 pts if only stock parts are used. Here's my entry: http://imgur.com/gallery/aCOlu41 (I'm using FAR fyi) Direct Hit 100 Collateral Damage 0 Attack Altitude 5 Mission Time -43 External Stores 0 Radar Cross Section -13.5 Heat Signature -10 Cost Savings 10 TOTAL 48.6 Please calculate your own scores and I'll add them to the leaderboard. LEADERBOARD 84.8 pts @spacehead3 [FAR] Album 83.8 pts @a10t2 Link 58.7 pts @KingDominoIII Link 58.7 pts @a10t2 Album 54.9 pts @Hodo F-152B [FAR] Link 50.5 pts u/Aetol Link 48.6 pts @spacehead3 F/A-XX1 [FAR] (Example Entry) 36 pts @Hodo F-119D [FAR] Link 29.7 pts @JustMeLosing [FAR] Link 27.5 pts @Hodo F/B-161 [FAR] Link 19.7 pts @spacehead3 F-22 [FAR] Link -113.5 pts u/Aetol Link ?? pts @Kuznetsov Space program Link
  21. I've been messing around with tailless designs recently. Here's a fighter inspired by the Boeing F/A-XX concept. The outboard control surfaces are split flap rudders while the inboard surfaces provide pitch and roll control, along with the thrust vectoring from the engines.
  22. Sounds like this isn't being updated anymore, but here's my entry anyway! I am using FAR fyi. http://imgur.com/gallery/aaBKSRv B-47XL Medium Class (37.75 tons) Mission Time: 00:34:20 100 Math Is Not Fun 252 More Boom 1150 Swift Payback -6 Engine Maintenance -1.96 Part Mainenance 20 Gentle Giant 10 You Feeling Lucky, VAB? 15 Service Ceiling 2 Such Stealth, Very Sneak 1541 TOTAL
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