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  1. The STOL challenge!

    So... rocket motors are fair game? cheers Maas
  2. Red vs Blue Continued

    I have done this before, but still to marginal effect. I guess I'll just keep lowering those values until it works in a satisfactory fashion. cheers maas1248
  3. Red vs Blue Continued

    I am not using any mods that modify or replace the stock aero model. Also, I seem to have the same problem with the small bay. I'm probably just complaining because I can't get my F-22 look-a-like to supercruise because of it. Thanks anyways, maas1248
  4. Red vs Blue Continued

    Just a quick question, How should I go about reducing drag on the large weapon bay? Most of my designs using this part are having half of their drag coming directly from this part. cheers, maas1248
  5. Favorite Aircraft

    For me, definitely the Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-35 (Ето Россиа?) And to balance the bias, Lockheed-Martin F-22 Cheers.
  6. [1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.1

    The modern medium superstructure parts have their attachment nodes near the base, however the Malfunc VLS portion for the same superstructure form factor has its nodes near the centreline, which is mostly what I am referring to (I also found a lack of suitable missiles for the others!). However, the hull parts of the Malfunc VLS for the medium modern parts works fine. Otherwise, a nice mod (despite some minor kraken attacks) and I like the small internal spaces on the DG10K superstructure parts (ammo racks, anyone?). cheers, and thanks!
  7. [1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.1

    Just a few questions, Why are the attachment nodes on the VLS superstructures misaligned from the normal superstructure nodes? and What kind of missile (and if not vanilla BDA, what add-on?) were the VLS parts designed for? cheers.
  8. It is possible that you also have a dedicated GPU other than the Iris, as the Iris is integrated in the GPU. For example, I use a late 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina, and it has both an Iris and a Nvidia GForce 640 (or something like that). But typically the machine stats provided do not show this dedicated GPU. But no matter what you still should be able to run KSP fine. cheers.
  9. How do you name your spaceships?

    I really just kinda make junk names for rockets (rinky dink, estupidez), but I have a pretty good convention for aircraft; Mv- (prefix) Suffixes (numbers): 0-99 = Military Aircraft 100-199 = Military Support Aircraft 200-299 = Non-denominational Aircraft 300-399 = Passenger 400-499 = Helicopters/VTOLs 1000+ = Crackpot Stuff (Rocket planes, forward-swept wing aircraft etc.) cheers
  10. nose of probe spaceplanes?

    LF blisters/drop tanks would be nice. Think the drop tanks used in several aircraft designs but with integrated aero cone, and increased LF storage. Cheers.
  11. nose of probe spaceplanes?

    For Mk2 inline cockpits (I assume that's what you are using), try using the Mk2/1.25m adapter (short or long works) and an aero cone or a NCS adapter and a CHN-J3 SAS unit. For Mk3, I would use something like the shielded docking port mentioned above or an aero cone or NCS+CHN-J3. Cheers.
  12. Spaceships going to orbital stations by going straight up (Elysium).