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  1. Thanks for continuing this! I can't wait to see the finished product!
  2. Welcome to the forums @Captain_Delap!
  3. Sounds good! I look forward to seeing how this mission goes on!
  4. This looks like a really great mod! However last I checked, the latest version this mod was compatible with was 1.1 and I unfortunately have 1.2. Do you think it would work ok in 1.2 anyway?
  5. I agree with you, pigs are my favourite animals, but theres just something about being called pig as a nickname that I don't like. I hope you understand.
  6. The angry birds movie wasn't THAT bad.
  7. Thanks for seeing this post @James Kerman I think by far my favourite Star Trek series is TOS, it's very amusing to watch Shatner's acting: My favourite captain is a difficult one, It's Kirk or Picard. Well look at it this way, in Star Trek VII Kirk travelled back in time to beat the crap out of Soren, who previously beat the crap out Picard. I think that settles it. Thanks! LLAP to you too!
  8. do you think there should be a KSP movie. I think it would be pretty cool, but most people i know dont even know what KSP even is so I dont think it would be out in cinemas or anything. If you guys think this is a good idea i could come up with a good storyline and (perhaps) send it to SQUAD so they can make it into a real thing.
  9. Hi as you can all see i am pretty new here (obviously) so I decided to go ahead and introduce myself. One thing i need to get strait early on is my name. Please, if you do want to call me any nickname, Dont call me pig, it really annoys me. Call me Tech instead. Another thing is that i will not be revealing my personal details. This also includes me not telling you anything about my life (eg. what happened at school yesterday) Those are the only things i really need to mention. Well I hope I will have fun here and make some friends! Oh did I forget to tell you that I reeeeaaaly like Star Trek! I'll be talking and making references about it a lot.
  10. just wondering, is this being continued? I would really like to see a finished product. If it is being continued: I think for now you should just focus on Kerboom, then once you have released a comic for that you should move on to the next superhero. Im just saying you should take this step by step instead of doing it all at once. if it isnt being continued: