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  1. Ok, so I already started my Mün base, but it's a mess; I have some cheap lander on one edge of a small crater and some gargantuan mining lander on the other, so it really doesn't qualify as a base at all, does it? I've considered docking everything together at the Münar surface, but I'm terrible at precision landing, and that's why the two landers I wanted to be close together ended up 2km apart, so I don't think this is an option. I've also considered constructing it in orbit and then landing it, but the CoM would be off, so this would be fine if I could use parachutes, but since the Mün has
  2. I've been thinking of doing something like this, only problem though is that it's CoM is shifted (what do you expect from a rover?), so I can't get it to launch without it tipping over 10 seconds in
  3. I actually go to it quite often, and I've found that the asteroids in it's orbit are handy for refueling without needing to actually land
  4. Wait, so that's a thing now? I never disabled it, but I've never noticed that Well, that's where I'm headed next, right after my Duna mission, which, in it's current state, isn't looking too good . I've got some pictures of the Duna expedition, if anyone's interested
  5. Much rocket so space wow ^ Added emojis for extra cringe
  6. After all of my Duna landings, I realized that flat land seems to not exist on Duna, and if it does, Where can I find it? Thanks in advance
  7. I actually don't know, I think found out about it when I was about 8 or 9, and my first Duna mission was so bad it wasn't even funny
  8. I almost always name my ships after Greek gods and goddesses, since there are so many of them and they all sound kind of cool
  9. I'm actually really far in the tech tree, and I have those already. I also realized, however, that the Fuel lines in the tug were going the wrong way, which was my problem XD. The mission succeeded anyway, though. All that Fuel left over in the tug was not wasted though, because it had SAS and everything, I was able to transfer Fuel from the big tank to some smaller ones the LV-N's were attached to, and I flew REALLY close to Moho, and eventually crashed into the sun, you know, for fun, and !!SCIENCE!!
  10. My game is 100% stock, which I thought was obvious What's a comms network?
  11. So I've sent manned missions to Minmus, Mun, and Ike, but I don't know what to do now. I've now finished most of the tech tree, and I don't know if I should head for the Eve system or the Jool system, so which one should I head for?
  12. Are you kidding me? There's no way in heck I could launch a behemoth like that. I actually performed an Ike Round-Trip recently (Duna would cost too much deltaV for takeoff and orbit) with a moderately-sized lander attached to a huge "propulsion module" with 4 1.25m-wide half-sized duel tanks, an orange fuel tank, and 4 LV-N's, and apparently, the LV-N's didn't live up to their reputation of being very efficient, because they hardly got me out of Kerbin's SOI. So all the way from 100km above Kerbin, to Ike's surface, and then all the way back to Kerbin's Oceans, I was using up the fuel reserve
  13. 1. got it 2. Wait a second, there's a 1.25m ISRU? I really need to update KSP 3. I got LV-N's now, and they got me to Ike and back with only a few units of monoprop left to spare 4. got it 5. got it Thanks for reminding me to update KSP! I don't know how to update though.... oh, well....
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