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  1. Hello, I am looking for mod which give me bigger solar panle(automatic sun tracking). Anyone heard with such mod? It is one option. Second is more complicated. It is possible to use electrical rotor from Infernal robotic mod to attach to him cluster of solar panels and it will be tracking sun? Of course with rotor from IR didnt work, but maybe with some modification? Someone do it? Or maybe it is a mod what I am looking for? I do some pictures to better understanding. And my imagine of rotor: PS. On Kerbin when sun is at noon solar panel generate the most energy flow. When angle is changing (to sunrise or sunset) energy flow drops. It happend on Gigantor XL Solar Array. In no atmosphere bodies(Minmus test) enegry flow dont change until sun cover by ground. PS. 2. I'm sorry for my English. I hope that you understand what I am talkig about