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  1. Haven't launched KSP for quite a while... Thanks @damonvv for the amazing KSC and updated rockets
  2. Yes, using RealPlume too. Problem exists with my craft file built with the last public release (non-GitHub), and a new build.
  3. The option to switch to 3-engine mode is back, but no flame and sound when firing (there is thrust though) with 3 engines.
  4. The main takeaway is: Each of the delta wings and canards can be actuated (flapping) independently (asymmetrically) to provide attitude control.
  5. @damonvv You definitely need to see the official 3D model of BFR 2018: https://www.spacex.com/mars
  6. A suggestion for future BFB update: Adding a landing cradle with docking port that can mount to the booster? I guess I should try coding a cradle landing after nailing the F9 one...
  7. You can add a name tag to an individual part, and use ship:partsdubbed() to identify it.
  8. My theory for this is that the booster hitting the KRE legs' colliders at separation, maybe @damonvv should try removing the legs?
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