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  1. I usually fire RCS on S2 (on AFT) for a few seconds before igniting the MVac.
  2. Yes, using RealPlume too. Problem exists with my craft file built with the last public release (non-GitHub), and a new build.
  3. Any chance that it is related to using RealPlume?
  4. The option to switch to 3-engine mode is back, but no flame and sound when firing (there is thrust though) with 3 engines.
  5. The main takeaway is: Each of the delta wings and canards can be actuated (flapping) independently (asymmetrically) to provide attitude control.
  6. @damonvv You definitely need to see the official 3D model of BFR 2018: https://www.spacex.com/mars
  7. A suggestion for future BFB update: Adding a landing cradle with docking port that can mount to the booster? I guess I should try coding a cradle landing after nailing the F9 one...
  8. OccupyMarsNow

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    You can add a name tag to an individual part, and use ship:partsdubbed() to identify it.
  9. No luck with Procedural Fairings and Vulcan's parafoil (not steerable, BTW)...
  10. The pond is too small for Ghidorah to clean her soot...
  11. My theory for this is that the booster hitting the KRE legs' colliders at separation, maybe @damonvv should try removing the legs?
  12. BTW anyone got the coordinates of the KSC helipads? Working on a GUI to pick landing site...