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  1. @realseek Thanks for the explanations regarding motor size and blade number, wing angle and ascent profile. That was far more fruitful than watching your video over and over again to reverse engineer it. EVE SSTOs are the holy grail of Kerbal Engineering, it seems. Well done.
  2. I think Stratzenblitz just set a new record:
  3. This. Have done a Grand Tour with it. The trick is to make a list for alle the hardest parts of your voyage. For the stock Kerbol system, these are: - Getting into orbit and to Minmus with an ISRU - Getting from Eve or Gilly to Moho, land on Moho - Get to Tylo from another Joolian moon, land on Tylo - Land on Eve. Take off from Eve, get to Gilly for refueling Then, you start solving them. When you have solutions for all the problems, you can combine them into a single craft. Basically, a SSTO with ISRU and 2000 m/s in low Kerbin orbit gets you to Minmus' surface. With an ISRU and mining drill, you can practically refuel at any planet or moon. To reach Moho and land on it, you will need plenty of low thrust dV, for example with Nervs. 4000+ m/s dV for the transfer and roughly 900 m/s for the landing. These numbers are without safety margins. Most likely you will need much more, especially for the transfer. To land on Tylo, you will need roughly 2.500 m/s dV with high thrust chemical rockets and an initial TWR of 1.0 in low Tylo orbit. Getting there requires some more fuel, getting away from Tylo and to land on Pol another 1300 m/s. Landing on Eve is (relatively) easy. A well designed spaceplane with a shallow reentry, empty fuel tanks and good wing area can land. But taking off is the hard part. I just slapped a lightweight Eve Ascent vehicel on the front of the SSTO. But there are other solutions, for example by Kergarin. Good luck,
  4. Here you are: Successor is already in use with 4 Kerbals to Orbit / Minmus, some science equipment, and a pair of parachutes. Range with Nervs has been extended from 7000 m/s dV to 7.500 m/s dV. Upload comes probably at the weekend after some additional testing. - Mephisto- ["Only the sky is the limit" said the father to his son. Unfortunately, he was an astronaut.]
  5. Yeah, that is inconvenient. I just add a small cubic octogonal part and offset it inside the docking port. Not much of a weight or drag penalty there. And now I can add a regular docking port to the shielded one. No need to fumble with settings. - Mephisto - [Drag is king, baby...]
  6. Jolly good, that brought another bunch of fps... Now we're talking about conquering this exqusite planet pack properly. - Mephisto - (smooth like pinguin gliding...)
  7. Thanks. That was it. Turns out, you can disable them in settings.cfg . Or at least prevent from spawning. SERENITY_ROCS_VISUAL_SPEED was set to 0 (from previous 500). That improved FPS quite to playable levels. Here is another thread to the topic: -Mephisto-
  8. JNSQ-02 Stiletto SSTO, (possibly also SSTA) Built for the "Je ne sais quoi"-Planet Pack by Team Galileo, this craft can reach Kerbin orbit in a 2.5x scale system with 2.500 m/s dV left. As "low Kerbin orbit" in this pack means "falling around Kerbin with 3.855 m/s, roughly 90km above ground", designing and building this craft was a tad bit more demanding than the usual SSTOs. A combination of Rapiers, Aerospikes, Wolfhounds and Nerv finally succeeded in bringing it to orbit with sufficient delta V left over. -Mephisto- ("One quarter impulse forward!" How fast is that in m/s? )
  9. Good thing is, I have a potential SSTA in low Kerbin orbit with Jeb and Bill and 2.500 m/s dV left for a proper Minmus transfer and landing. Bad thing is, my framerate drops significantly as soon as I am low over Minmus. Framerate was 3 fps, landing not possible in that way. Framerate directly after launch is fairly okay, but drops as soon as I am over the ocean on Kerbin. This is a fresh install from yesterday with KSP 1.7.3 with Breaking Ground and Making History, latest Kopernicus and JNSQ. Reasonable Ressources has been removed manually, other mods are Mechjeb, KER, RCS planner. Link to output.log Does anybody have an idea? - Mephisto- KerbalX link for the Stiletto:
  10. A under 3t to orbit SSTO: XS-05 Mighty Flea Mephisto. ( Rollin', rollin', rollin', ... raw-hide... )
  11. XS-05 Mighty Flea 3t Micro-SSTO Link to KerbalX: 3t to orbit in a single stage. Kerbal included. No science experiments, no shenanigans. Take off: Activate Junos (AG1). Liftoff and and gradually transition into level flight. Stay below 1km ASL whilst doing your speedrun. The Junos can accelerate to 700 m/s. Start your climb and activate both Spark engines. Try to do an efficient climb, where you gain as much velocity as possible for an apoapsis of just above 70km . If flown correctly, you can reach orbit with about 100 m/s left. Deorbit: Just point retrograde and fire the engines so that periapsis comes below 55km. Orient craft radial out for maximum drag. Landing: This is the tricky part. As the craft has no parachutes or landing gears, you have to land unpowered in water. Obviously, you want to land as slow as possible. around 40 m/s landing speed with a veeeery gentle touchdown worked. Alternatively, use the ejection seat ("Abort") and the parachute of your Kerbal. Warranty void if done so. XS-04 All-Seeing Eye Relay / Ressource Scanner Satellite Link to KerbalX: The latest excrements in ore surveillance technology. Also knows your bad habbits and browser history. Comes equipped with ressource scanners, regular and relay antennas as well as repeateable science experiments. Powered by "a excrementsload of batteries and some spare ion engines", as the designers at the Kerbal Space Center put so eloquently. Comes with solar panels. Has roughly 15.000 m/s dV with ion engines, so evading it by moving to Dres or Eeloo seems kind of futile. Better use that incognito mode in your browser more often....
  12. XR-14 Icarus Eve Ascent Vehicle The Icarus uses a helicopter stage to lift a rocket up to 20km above sea level on Eve. This reduces weight requirements drastically, as a 16t ascent stage is sufficient to reach orbit, helicpoter stage included. Thanks to Brikoleur for the helicopter guide! Link to craft: -Mephisto- [Up, up and away...]
  13. Do I understand the 3x correctly, in that you have 9.81 m/s² gravity, just like in stock, but the sizes of planet and atmosphere are bigger, resulting in a higher dV needed? And if so, how much dV do you need to make orbit in your game?
  14. Fits in the 2.5m Service bay of this craft: Mephisto. (Rollin', rollin', rollin', ... raw-hide...)