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  1. @ARTOBAN Ah I'll get round to sorting the craft file at some point! Might one day get round to doing a Federation style module, just sort of playing it all by ear really! @Blinkboy77 Yep the antenna on the bottom of the service module is on the to do list I'd have to look into an ASET style IVA, probably the part I was least sure with when I made this so will be a way off if I do it! For docking, the port is essentially a clamp-o-tron with a different model so will work with anything that does. @Moiety I'll get it on GitHub at some point Ah the amount of times I've seen "Panels" pop up and think "I'll fix that in a minute!" Will try and actually remember to do it! Not sure what is causing the missing dV although I have had it myself, will have to look into it! I'd tried to set up a ladder "that's sort of textured on to the module" but think it's probably positions badly so will look at that As for the total dV I'm so unsure of what would actually feel balanced, or at least close to it, so the more feedback on that the better!
  2. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 Thanks for the tips Hadn't seen that video before and was very enlightening! Should now be on Spacedock too! IVA's below Command Pod, Orbital Module and the external cutaway.
  3. Mat's Aerospace Allotment - Kerbalised Soyuz Mod v0.9 ARTICHOKE SPACECRAFT AND LAUNCH VEHICLE v0.9 (Stock-a-like / Kerbalised Soyuz mod) By DairyLee Hello Everyone! So in my spare time, I have been making a Kerbalised Soyuz mod. It started as just a small scale thing to mess about in unity and ended up being a complete (ish) Soyuz spacecraft and launch vehicle. It's far from finished, especially when it comes to behind the scenes config stuff, but I wanted to let people try it So what does this mod feature? Well we've got 11 or so parts to build a Soyuz or Progress Spacecraft as well as 13 parts to build a launch vehicle (this includes some adaptors to make the parts fit better with stock bits!) The actual art style should keep most of it looking pretty stock-a-like and for usability it's not a faithful recreation of any part of the real life vehicle. In terms of size it's bigger than Tantares and small than the HGR parts, the upper stage is 1.875m and the rest has bee scaled around that. The command capsule and orbital module both have internal views and I have tried to animate all the bits and bobs around the spacecraft, so the comms antenna, solar panels, docking port and service module engine cover all move, open and close. There's also craft files for the manned and unmanned spacecraft. Also, the two adaptors aren't in the above images because I forgot... To Dos Still lots of work needed. I need to sort the science/R&D side of things and balance the configs a bit. The cost of parts needs work. Want to add some more parts for this too. Improve localisation is on the list of to do's. More engine variants. Have the 1ST-R tank with a flat variant bottom for standard KSP parts to fit. Improve general usability with vanilla KSP. Work on detail/greebling. Requirements Needs BDAnimationsModule (BahaSP) - Available HERE - (Not Included in my mod's download) DOWNLOAD CurseForge Spacedock License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. ----------------------------- The work I do is solely for my own enjoyment and knowing others get to share the fun by downloading my work is reward enough but if anyone ever wants to say "thanks" by paying for a coffee to keep me going they can click: donate
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