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  1. Some tricks that helped me - if the landers are assymetrical, lower the fuel levels in the heavier one (keep it in the nuclear stage and transfer it to the lander when you're ready to deploy). Laythe and Tylo can take similar masses so try to balance them on opposite sides. (My best Laythe was 5.25t, Tylo was closer to 12t I think) Bop, Pol, and even Vall can be handled with extremely light landers if you're careful. Whatever you got you can probably go lower with caution. Good luck
  2. I Good show! My first 2 were also all pure LF/OX rockets and it's entirely doable with a little planning. KerbalX - I need to go upload mine there, I'll post when i get that done. My mission brought 5 kerbs and landed a differemt combination of 2 on each moon, so either level 2 or 3 is fine, and now I have one in each level. I'd like to enter the low-mass level 1. Do you know the lowest mass anyone's done in the current session? It loons like Stratzenblitz 48ton reusable is the mass to beat?
  3. If it completed the mission and you learned from it that's what matters! A good player/engineer should always be able to see ways to improve next time.
  4. The new High Tech Jool 5 +, including about every trick I could think of to maximize dV and minimize mass! This vehicle uses dedicated Laythe, Vall, and Tylo landers, and a common ion tug/upper stage for all landings (which does the smaller moons by itself). All electric power comes from 3 RTGs on the tug. 2 Kerbals were landed on each of 7 moons through the course of the mission. Stats: ~Normal settings ~version 1.5/1.6 (updated to fix the fuel tank venting glitch) ~mass: 711.213t ~ Parts: 184 ~Cost: 560,229 ~Crew: 5 ~ Single launch, no ISRO, no refueling, no rescue. ~Stock + Hanger Extender, Kerbal Engineer Redux, BetterBurnTime, Making History, EVE (not working). Full Gallery -
  5. PhoenixRise86

    Xenon vented to space

    This bug has been screwing up my Jool 5+ mission with terrible aggravation. It needs to be stopped. Hoping careful clicking and leaving alone will fix it.
  6. After Laythe, my dudes are literally riding chairs alongside the RTG's powering their ion engine for the rest if their mission. The vacuum and cosmic rays are not enough, they needed radioactive seats . Edit: The Jool5 is complete, but I had 6k dV left in the Command module tanks, so I'm gonna delay to stop by Ike, the Mun, and Minmus for some bonus landings before going home. Update: Finished Ike but it massacred my fuel supply. Think I can still get Minmus... Finally done! Working on the imgur album - have to load pics one at a time to prevent scrambling the order.
  7. After 2 prototype missions, the high tech Jool 5-3.0 is underway at a slim ~720 tons at takeoff single launch. The Laythe plane worked! ...after some janky launch profile maneuvering. And it turns out Tylo is easy if you have 2k dV left in the 3rd stage to help with descent. I should get the last parts finished and post an album tonight.
  8. The one in my post is just over 5 tons (including the <1 ton ion tug/small moon lander), uses a panther jet 1st stage, terrier 2nd stage, and the ion tug/small moon lander in the nose fairing is the 3rd stage. It also has 2 spider engines on the side for tiny reentry adjustments.
  9. I've done a vertical launch lander, it was a pain and barely limped back to orbit, but it did the job, barely (back on the 1.3 thread).
  10. Thats about what i did (check the imgur link I edited in)
  11. I'm back for another swing because this is basically my favorite thing to do with KSP! I know command seats are ok for within-Jool landers/tugs; can kerbals be in seats in a 1.25m service bay as long as they're centered as well as possible in there? I ask because at some angles their helmets or feet clip into the service bay, but the slimmer costume fits pretty well if the seats are lined up just right. My new smaller Laythe plane is based around that and hoping to keep the plan. I can attach a screenshot if clarification is needed.
  12. Thanks, I had fun with it and trying some of the new parts. Laythe has traditionally kicked my butt so I planned and troubleshot that plane a dozen times on Kerbin til they could make orbit there, then built the flattened asparagus thing for Tylo with matching mass. The Vall lander and Laythe return capsule reuse as a tug were mostly afterthoughts but helped a lot. I think using Vall orbit as the main staging and rendezvous area (after Tylo) is an often overlooked strategy that saved a lot of dV and allowed some easy gravity assists.
  13. PhoenixRise86

    KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    I enjoy trying to make tiny ships, and I know many famous players are significantly better at it than me. I would suggest a three version challenge - build the lightest crewed ship with less than 50 parts capable of landing on amd returning from - A. Minmus (easy) B. The Mun (medium) C. Duna (hard) With possible bonus points for features such as - -having less than 20 parts -being able to land on more than one destination -being fully reusable Let me know what you think we could make of this.
  14. Thanks! I'm as stable as most of my rocketplanes ! Perhaps more a lack of other at-home hobbies...
  15. So here's my Level 3 (and also Level 2) submission! A single launch from Kerbin, using no solid, ion, nuclear, or jet engines, all pure rocketry. No mining, refueling, or antennas, and mostly brute force travel (I got lucky with some nice Laythe, Tylo, and Vall assists though). The launch vehicle was powered by 13 Vectors on the 1st stage and 7 on each of 2 boosters, 5 Vectors on the 2nd stage, and a new Wolfhound 3rd stage. Inside the main fairing you'll find a wonky Laythe rocketplane and a Tylo "Tankenstein" of matching mass, and a much smaller Vall descent stage. The Tylo ascent stage and Laythe return pod get reused as the main lander and tug, respectively, for the later parts of the mission. On arrival from Kerbin, the crew used a Laythe capture flyby to park in Jool orbit, and get a low energy Tylo encounter and park in an elliptical orbit. From here the two large landers handle Tylo and Laythe, then the Carrier/Command Module brings the Tylo ascent stage to meet the Laythe return pod at Vall. Then the return stages are combined for the journey to Bop, expending the smaller one along the way. After returning to Vall, the smaller lander is attached for the icy blue moon mission. The last trip to Pol requires only the Tylo ascent stage. Upon completion, the return journey to Kerbin gets a nice boost from a Tylo-->Vall flyby and gets home in 1 3/4 orbits with enough fuel to perform a capture burn. The crew of 5 filled two separate command pods that reentered together, then separated after slowing to subsonic speeds, and splashed down separately. This was done in version 1.4.5 with the Making History DLC, using only BetterBurnTime, Kerbal Engineer, and Hanger Extender (plus a non-functional EVE) Crew = 5 Kerbals - Isaney, Barlock, Tezor, Claubery, and Kergan, 1 as the primary flag bearer for each moon, 2 total landing on each moon. Launches = 1 ISRU/Refueling = Nope Cost = 911,168.0 Mass = 1709.473 t Album = 250+ photos, many of maneuver nodes and engineer dV. I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange the album without much luck so far, I'll post an alternate album and/or edit and caption it tomorrow or soon.