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  1. Well, now - for reasons unknown and by no action on my part - the texture switching works!! I have no idea why. Wish I could be more help in identifying the conflict.
  2. Yes, I am using the FS that came with the download. I'm not using either of the mods you mentioned. There are no other mods I can find that use FS, and the only other FS file I can find is in the TweakScale folder (FireSpitter_TweakScale.cfg). I couldn't find a FS config file in the compatibility folder. On a hunch, I started a new sandbox mode game, but still no luck...
  3. Was anyone who has the black tank problem found a fix? I searched everywhere for duplicate instances of Firespitter and can't find one...
  4. Yes - I have latest firespitter installed. Game version 1.3. Since in installing update v1.1 of the mod, the main tank is all black. Texture switching buttons do nothing. I've also noticed since the update: The srb boosters always display an active plume - even when sitting idle on the launch pad with no thrust output. They work fine once activated, but appear to continue burning after they are spent and jettisoned. The tweaksscale works great, but when scaling up the fairings, their engine thrust does not seem to scale up with them. They therefore collide with the rocket and expl
  5. The tank textures don't seem to work for me. It's just black. ...which looks kinda cool, but...
  6. I can't seem to find the Soyuz female docking port...
  7. This was touched on briefly by someone on pg. 30 or so. But I still can't for the life of me get the Atlas V 5xx out of atmo without it flipping around. Mechjeb, no mechjeb, any flightpath, any settings. Even with the short fairing or any payload, the center of gravity is WAY down low. Like a quarter of the way from bottom of the main tank. The fairing just acts like an anchor at any AoA...
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