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  1. So last night I fulfilled a contract to recuse a Kerbal stranded on the surface of the Mun. "Alright then!", I said to myself. I know just the tool for the job. Enter the Blue Dog Design MEM lander. I slapped a few solar panels on her and some science experiments, because why not. Flew that bad boy to the Mun, setup an orbit over the target, took it in low and slow, lined up my approach and flew that bad boy to landing within 50 meters of my target. I could have built some Lego looking monstrosity out of the stock parts to do the job but compared to the Sina lander everything else just looks and flies like hot garbage.
  2. Holy [snip] hell man! I just discovered your mod while looking for a replacement for the now dated FASA! You have made KSP a whole new game for me. Your Apollo parts are absolutely gorgeous. And I [appreciated] the first time I docked with the LEM and realized you added a soft dock -> hard dock step just like real life. I did my first MUN landing with your LEM and seeing the legs and antenna work flawlessly put a huge grin on my face. It's much simpler to assemble everything than FASA and the parts are more accurate to boot. You even left in a few FASA parts like the launch clamps and towers. I've been using your Gemini parts to fly rescue missions today and everything JUST WORKS!!! You are truly one of the best mods for this game I have come across. Keep it up!
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