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  1. derpydemon

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    oh, it must be a bug in my ckan installation or something, the space where the "all versions" should be appears blank to me, and as of the "1.x.x" i confused and thought it said 1.1.x, my bad
  2. derpydemon

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    is it compatible with 1.2.2? :v in ckan it doesn't list a version, and here it does say it's for 1.1.x, is it compatible with 1.2.x?
  3. derpydemon

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    When will you update it to 1.2.2? not trying to pressure you into doing it or anything, but i would like to have a date or at least when you think you will update it unless it's already compatible like the 1.2.1 CTT was with 1.2.2, thanks in advance
  4. derpydemon

    Show All Fuels Continued

    wow, thanks for the mod! it really helps me when i need to check quickly on the fuels in-flight , since i normally mess up things because of my timing skills, anyway as i was saying, thanks btw, does it work with fuels from mods/fuel tanks from mods? edit: nvm i didn't read the whole description till now, it is compatible with the real fuels mod, but is it with other mods that add fuel/fuel tanks?