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  1. Hi guys, anyone has those marvelous component tested out with 1.11 yet? That pack is part of my "must have mods" before I update Again great work Nertea! All of those are awesome!
  2. Hi guys, anyone tried it out with 1.11 yet? Chatterer is my firs mod to be installed and is part of my "must have" package
  3. Its surprising that there is not a full tutorial about those new parts on youtube yet. There are few clips where guys randomly play around with those, but no clip yet fully explaining how they works in every details.
  4. I am SO happy that this mod was updated for 1.7.x. This is one of my basic mod that always install ... THANKS A LOT!!!
  5. Hi _Zee, tried to install this mod on 1.7.3 ... but I noticed that the research tree is the same as vanilla (The MK1 Command pod is still in the root). Could it be a conflict with the community tree? Is there any specific logs I should check? Thanks!
  6. Hi Nightingale, the waypoint manager is one of the most useful tool of KSP. Actually I wonder why they are not dealing with you to add it directly into the game. I am wondering. Anyone tested it with 1.7.3 yet? Raise your hand if you did guys Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I recently installed 1.7.3 and would like to play career with contracts. However, I noticed that most of the contract pack listed as supported on the first post are from the 1.2 to 1.4 era. Is it that people are not playing with contracts or it is because contract always work with every release and I should not bother checking out the version?
  8. GREAT GREAT PACK ZEE!! I was waiting for something like that for a loooonnnggg time. I am downloading this and start a new campaign right away. Thanks for the effort! I will will come back here for feedback for sure! Small question though. In your installation procedure you said to put all folder from your zip file in the "Gamedata" folder. I noticed that your contract pack folder is inside your "ProbesBeforeCrew" folder. So it is located there "GameData\ProbesbeforeCrew\Contract Pack" Is it fine that way? I usually put the contract packs in "GameData\ContractPacks" folder...
  9. Actually, I like the fact that the low orbit of Rhodes is lower than Kerbin. I do not see why it should be the same as Kerbin. It's another planet after all. Also, since the orbit is lower, we lose less time struggling on sending base/shuttle to space and spend more time on fun stuff like exploration. This is breeze of fresh air and offers a different feel than Kerbin, which is the idea behind a new system mod. Please leave it like that! It also offers new AWESOME options for SSTO aircraft. It is now possible to do smaller one. I see that low orbit thing as a nice feature and new opportunity.
  10. Hi guys, what is the low orbit altitude for Rhodes as well as the delta V to get there? If the info is somewhere in a wiki or I missed something let me know Thanks!
  11. Yeah I just realized I was in the development thread. Sorry about that! Thanks for the recommendation! I will check it out!
  12. Hi guys, I did not go thru all 16 pages, but is there any Delta-V map available for the planets and moons yet?
  13. Anyone has a clue about that altitude check not getting complete .... would love to do those contracts
  14. Hi guys, really like the Sounding Rocket pack, it's a breeze of fresh air between tweaking missions to Eve and adding modules to space stations. There is a bug with 1.4.5, like many here the altitude check commonly do not get complete even though I pass the altitude easily. From time to time it works (every few tries) but I was not able to see what I did differently. I am using Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 and Contract Configuration 1.25 (This is the latest version, supporting officially Kerbal 1.4.2) I love the pack, but that check bug drives me nuts.
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