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  1. I will add ... I can dock in pitch black darkness now. All my docking are done in like 1 minutes or so ...
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Wonder how you catapult those monster from Kerbin into Orbit! Like the the one in front of the picture. It looks great, but it body is thin and must wobble like crazy ...what kind of power are you using to throw those into space!?
  3. NavyFish, I had to stop by to say how AWESOME this mod is. Period. It will always be installed on my setup. The way you made it so informative in such an intuitive way is just pure genius. Now, while docking, I suprised myself not even looking at the ships no more. I keep my eyes locked your screen and BOOM right in the docking port in less than a minute or two. The best thing is that its not even cheating ... You just provide healthy and well displayed info. Docking is now fun Good work man... Really.
  4. Hey Thanks Nils! I thought for some reason that it was possible to create the module (like living quarter and Science lab) from the OSE (addons to KIS and KAS) by using parts. So you would not have to carry the modules over space. Sorry for the confusion! I will give it a try, it looks fun
  5. Hi Nils, is there a video around giving a small tutorial of this?
  6. The (Possibly) Next Part Update

    You guys have no clue of what you are talking about. Here is in fact what is happening. The Roswell case was in fact a Kerbal scientist that came here with an automated pod to collect science ... but miscalculated the fact that he would need communication with the kerbal network. He lost contact with the network and crashed to the ground since he was not a pilot. He was lucky and EVA just before the impact, rolled on himself few times and survived with luck. So now he works with the Nasa and give them hints in exchange of snacks. You guys should keep attention in your history classes before posting here.
  7. Moon base constantly slides

    Depending of what you used, sometime you can click the brake toggle button at the top of the screen (the exclamation mark near the altimeter). Try it out, cost nothing That thing stabilized few thins for me...
  8. How do you name your spaceships?

    I like doing themes... My orbital stations and large motherships have city name comming from my old days of fantasy D&D world that I was playing into when I was a teenager: Thyatis, Glantri, Specularum, Alphatia For my common ships that evolve, I like using their weight to give them some kind of model number. For example I have a small fleet of troop transport crafts that I mostly use to rescue stranded kerbals, move them between stations ... I have three of them: Lymo 277 (27.7 tons) Lymo 370 (37 tons) Lymo 480 (48 tons) They are mostly docked at space stations waiting for mission assignments. I like keeping the old models active as if the Kerbal grew some "feeling" for their old trusty ships.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Looks like really fun missions! What are you up to? Building a base or something!? I am realizing that we can have a lot of fun on Kerbin! I remember seeing a plane related career missions pack. Maybe I should take a look!
  10. Its awesome snark. I will sure try it out and let you guys know. I have a new career now with 50% science rate ... ho its slow, but investing in science drone, searching for biomes and setup space lab is my thing I will try out your patch and will make sure to report back here. Since yes the processing time is very long, I may cut by 3 instead.
  11. If this work, I will ship you a beer via usps. Just a small question. You divided the amount of returned point by 5, is it usually multiplicated by 5 in the Large_crewed_lab in the vanilla KSP or you did a guess?
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey nice mission MrMac, a question popped for my newbie mind. I do not get why you undocked and flipped the lander to face the spacecraft then redock ...Would you enligthen me?
  13. Its kind of a shame that CTT is no longer developed I really like the idea of this career type. SETI is interesting, but just by itself without a career that fits the new tree, I do not really see the advantage of playing it. I read that it "should" work, but I also read that it is no longer developed, meaning that you will be left empty handed as soon as an update will break it. Anyone aware if this news is still up to date?
  14. Very interesting inputs from everyone here. This is surprising how this community is mature ... it is far from the common first person shooter one LOL This being said, anyone here aware of small mod that would nerf the science processing lab to get the same amount of science points that you would get if you would bring back the same data to Kerbin? With this, I would be very happy. I could do my exploration missions without having to do back and forth trip to Kerbin. So I would get my science point, but not at a ridiculous speed.
  15. I really like the way you play the game snark. It is in fact quite inspiring. About the processing lab, before getting access to it, I thought from the description that it would give you the exact same point as bringing back the science data to Kerbin. So it would just avoid you to travel back and forth to Kerbin. I really liked the idea. But it seems that it is not the case, you could generate few hundreds point of science just by processing in that lab the data of a single Mun biomes. Would you agree with me that if it would just give you the same amount of science point as bringing back the data to Kerbin it would be well balanced? The lab would simply take processing time and power (like it already does), would give you the same points, would require Transmit but would just avoid you the trip back home. With this adjustment, the science reward would feel balanced. Also, MaxxQ, that KR&D mod looks VERY interesting. I will take a look at it now.