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  1. I found that renaming a ship or editing its description can trigger the hotkeys, is there some way to fix this? WASD editor camera also has this problem.
  2. I'm experiencing an issue with the engine upgrade system when playing in Science or Career mode. When trying to open the RealFuels UI on most engines in the editor, the framerate tanks, and these errors get spammed in the console/log files: [ERR 11:42:56.701] *RFUM: ERROR: upgrade SolidFuel does not exist! [ERR 11:42:56.703] *RFUM: ERROR: upgrade Kerosene+LqdOxygen does not exist! [ERR 11:42:56.705] *RFUM: ERROR: upgrade Aerozine50+NTO does not exist! [ERR 11:42:56.708] *RFUM: ERROR: upgrade Ethanol75+LqdOxygen does not exist! The same error also appears when purchasing an upgrade in the R&D building, but it doesn't get spammed. Also should mention that the upgrade button shows some strange characters instead of the expected "+" or "X": Not sure if this is an issue with RFStockalike or RealFuels itself, but thought I would try posting here first. I'm running KSP 1.2.2, 64-bit. The only mods installed are RealFuels, RFStockalike and hard dependencies. CKAN was not used for installation. ModuleManager.2.7.5 v2.7.5.0 SolverEngines v3.0.0.0 RealFuels v0.12.0.38596 / v0.12.0.0 CommunityResourcePack RealFuels-Stockalike RealPlume-RFStockalike zzRFStockalike Steps to reproduce: Start a new game in Science or Career mode. Open the R&D building. Open the debug console and give yourself some science. Purchase Basic Rocketry. Switch to the VAB. Add the liquid fuel engine to your ship. Open the RealFuels UI for the engine. Here are my logs after performing the above steps and quitting the game: Reposted on GitHub:
  3. Haven't tried it myself, but this mod claims to support in-flight fuel switching:
  4. It toggles/disables/enables all resources in a tank at the same time.
  5. Hello James Kerman! Thankfully we have Procedural Parts to make our glasses ahem tanks just the right size!
  6. Hello Vanamode and monstah! 1.0.5 used to crash for me quite a lot, now it definitely seems much more stable. I'm glad it has improved so much. I really enjoyed looking through Whackjob's creations, they are insane! I never thought of KSP in terms of structural engineering. Definitely gives me some new ideas to play with. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hello! I haven't played since 1.0.5 but I recently got back into the game and decided to join the forums. So excited to see all the new mods and features that have been added! I decided to give RSS a try, and have been going down the rabbit-hole of all the related mods for the past several days. I keep telling myself "just one last mod and I'll start playing for real!!" I'm a current engineering student and I'd also like to get into modding as time permits. I'm familiar with Java but new to C#. I did manage to figure out how to recompile several mods for 1.2.2 though. Here's me on GitHub: