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  1. Heat Shield of the new gen crewed spacecraft, jettisoned from almost 1 km above the ground. Source: https://weibo.com/3279752321/J3B4goeBS, CCTV
  2. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av540601678?p=1 New Gen Spacecraft reentry replay, including service module view, heat shield jettison close-up of the reentry module Source: https://www.weibo.com/6528178851/J0Ztda5V8
  3. Reentry success! Source: https://weibo.com/3279752321/J0Y4cy4VM
  4. First reveal inside the new gen spacecraft: The "Composite Material Space 3D Printing System" is printing a CNSA logo in flight Source: CCTV News The new gen spacecraft is currently on a 322 x 4982 km x 41.1° orbit and planned to land at 13:30, May 8th, UTC+8 Source: https://weibo.com/5616492130/J0GmjmxN6
  5. https://weibo.com/2810373291/J0FXjvRXg Xinhua news: Some problem occurred in the reentry of the experimental inflatable cargo reentry spacecraft.
  6. Source: https://weibo.com/3279752321/J0E4xm2Vd The New gen spacecraft keep lifting Ap to prepare for the high-velocity reentry test, now have reached a 229.2 x 616.4 km orbit
  7. The size of new experimental cargo reentry spacecraft in inflated state and retracted state Source: https://weibo.com/3279752321/J0CTe5Eam CCTV news
  8. Pic from CNSA: https://weibo.com/2290638732/IEeo7qfOq Feels like the Cape Canaveral
  9. https://weibo.com/5386897742/J0xsDBlkC CNSA Official: New gen spacecraft entered the orbit, Mission Success.
  10. there is a stream by CCTV news: https://live.bilibili.com/21686237, but not sure it will stream when launch
  11. https://weibo.com/2656274875/J0wkReBOL Official Confirmed: LM-5B with New Gen Manned Spacecraft estimated launch at 18 o'clock, May 5th, UTC+8 All rotation platforms opened Source: https://www.weibo.com/2669978942/J0vz5d0tF