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  1. According to first pic, are there light belts on the edge of new space suit?
  2. Today, CNSA held the meeting of Delivery of Scientific Data from International Payloads on board Chang'e-4 Mission and Announcement of Opportunities for Lunar and Deep Space Exploration. In the meeting, CNSA exchange data from the international payloads on Chang'e-4 with representatives from Sweden, German and Netherlands Besides, CNSA released some information of future mission. Chang'e-6 will have 20kg of international payloads, half of it on orbiter, other half on lander. Asteroid Probe Program is planned now, with 66.3kg of payloads and 200kg of nano-satellites soliciting. The Core Module of China Space Station is planned to be launched in the end of 2020. Source: https://media.weibo.cn/article?jumpfrom=weibocom&id=2309404362441680132436
  3. Long March-5 is ready to return. Source: http://weibo.com/6528178851/Hp0j0zFaD
  4. 同为广东人:lol:

  5. CCTV recently interviewed the main designer of China Lunar Exploration Project--Wu Weiren. About the relay satellite "Queqiao", he said: "American asked us: "If you want to launch a relay satellite, can you make it work longer? Besides, if Chang'e-4 land on the far side of the moon, can you placed a beacon on it?" I said ok we will, but why? Originally we have 3-year lifetime, and they want 5-year. (10 year estimated now). He answered: "We are going to the far side of the moon and we can use the relay satellite if it has longer lifetime. And we will know the landing position by the beacon." (Sorry for my poor translation) BTW, CNSA released some future mission of Chang'e series: In the end of this year , Chang'e-5 will take the lunar surface sample and return. Chang'e-6 planned to take the sample of the south pole of the moon and return. Chang'e-7 planned to explore the terrain, material, environment of the south pole of the moon. Chang'e-8 planned to further the exploration and test some key technology such as building lunar base with 3D Printing. Source:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/pBr2GL3x3st-010tVaBmew
  6. Position of Yutu-2 now Relay Path Control Center is now sending command.
  7. Live streaming now! Chang'e-4 and Yutu-2 are going to take photo from each other. Streaming Link: (Chinese) http://live.weibo.com/show?id=1042152:0264ac5f9c53dd866581d49f9d1183c8
  8. New photos! 360° Photo captured by Chang'e-4 landscape camera. Azimuthal Projection Cylinder Projection Now the white balance is correct. You can see three 5m antennas, solar panel,and Yutu-2. BTW, Yuty-2 was awake at 20:00 Jan 10 UTC. Besides, CNSA has provided precise landing location to LRO team. We may see the image from LRO satellite soon. Finally, here is a photo captured by camera developed by Saudi Arabia on the micro satellite Longjiang-2 which released at the same time.
  9. According to weibo, today Yutu-2 will be awake and they will take photos from each other on Jan 11.
  10. New photo from Chang'e-4 shows that Yutu has driven away. To overcome the high temperature environment on the moon, Yutu-2 will "fall asleep" until Jan 10. As for Chang'e-4, three 5 meter antennas ,as part of the Netherlands-China Low-Frequency Explorer (NCLE), have deployed. And the Lunar Lander Neutrons and Dosimetry (LND), a neutron dosimeter developed by Kiel University in Germany, was boot up and started testing.
  11. While I'm still waiting for the photo from Yutu-2, the development team of camera on the Relay Satellite Queqiao from Zhejiang University released some photo taken from Queqiao at L2 by its Double Resolution Camera. Introducing the Double Resolution Camera on Queqiao developed by Zhejiang Univeristy, which can capture two photos with different resolution at once. A wide-angle photo, you can see the satellite itself, the earth and moon. A close-up shot of moon. Finally, here is a group shot of earth-moon system taken at L2 on July 14,2018. The team is going to do some improvement of camera in the second half of 2019. Source:Zhejiang University BTW, according to the latest TV news, the estimated life of Queqiao will be up to 10 years, thanks to the improvement of usage of propellant. So it will support more lunar exploration mission in the future.
  12. The picture I get is from weibo China Luna Exploration Project. Actually, we also can't see any live stream at all now. All the recorded video we get is from CCTV only. Indeed, we have far less doors than before.