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  1. On Mid Autumn's Day, CNSA released some "selfies" of Tianwen-1, captured from two wide-angle cameras on the Detachable Distance Measuring Sensor released from Tianwen-1 orbiter, and then transmit these images back to the orbiter with WIFI. 3rd gif shows how the sensor flying away sauce: CNSA
  2. you can still watch the official playback in the second part of this video
  3. Officially confirmed that China has successfully launched "Reusable Experimental Spacecraft" with LM-2F rocket from Jiuquan.
  4. Location of Science Instruments on Tianwen-1 Orbiter and Rover
  5. https://b23.tv/7GYa2B Tianwen-1 Mission simulation in KSP by Reach with Tianwen-1 and LM-5 mod (will release soon) made by Kerwis Team. LM5 launch pad has no clamp-like equipment like Soyuz to release the rocket once it reach target thrust. Instead the rocket will naturally lift off once its TWR greater than 1, so it looks slower after lift-off
  6. Now streaming Official playback: https://live.bilibili.com/21686237?share_source=copy_link
  7. Second Stage Engine First Cut Off, now gliding Source: https://weibo.com/3613317253/Jcw7yDgHY
  8. All rotation platforms retracted, estimated launch at about 12:40 UTC+8 No official livestream Fan-made livestream from Longlou beach: https://m.douyu.com/9001746 Source: https://weibo.com/3279752321/JcuCbzNsA
  9. Update: Tianwen-1 Estimated Launch at 12:39-13:26 (UTC+8) July 23rd source: http://www.spaceflightfans.cn/event/cz-5-yz-2_yh-2
  10. Official HD photos: https://weibo.com/5386897742/JbCkfkQZ3 Mobile: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4527689354970233 (fail to upload to imgur so view more pics in link) Source: CNSA
  11. icons on fairing include: CNSA ESA CNES: (French) National Centre for Space Studies CONAE: (Argentina) National Space Activities Commission FFG: Austrian Research Promotion Agency Source: https://weibo.com/2645044133/JbATuCeds
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