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  1. The purpose of this EVA includes moving up the panorama camera A to get a better view and verifying the co-op between robotics arm and astronauts. In the next 3 EVAs (1 EVA left in Shenzhou-12 crews) they will moving up the rest of 3 panorama cameras. more footage:
  2. New video from Tianwen-1 and Zhurong Rover including views from dropped camera module, EDL, down from landing platform and sounds of moving rover A new high resolution panorama http://www.cnsa.gov.cn/n6759533/c6812196/part/6787357.jpg
  3. If u check the sauce (in the 1st tweet) of it, it's one of the clips in the local news about the task group (ofc well equipped) located and secured the debris. I'm tired of this kind of designed posts creating unnecessary panics. I ald explained in my earlier post in this thread about the details of evacuation and just weeks ago CNSA tested the parachute system on boosters to perform more precise landing. Historical problem always need time to solve, no one can gives an answer that everyone satisfied immediately. Ofc i won't be able to stop ppl keeping using this kind of stuffs as jokes, but I sincerely hope we can take this seriously and be more objective.
  4. New photos from Zhurong Mars Rover Credit: CNSA Last one is captured by a camera module dropped by Zhurong Rover
  5. two side solar panel can be retracted to vertical position to drop the dust
  6. The Tianzhou-2 Cargo Spacecraft which estimated launch on May 20th will carry 4.69 tons of supplies includes supplies of 3 astronauts for 3 months, 2 EVA suits, platform supplies, and 1.95 tons of propellant. Source: https://weibo.com/5616492130/KfRIspUbw
  7. News said the image will be transmitted in hours, the solar panel and mast are deployed Zhurong laned at 109.7 E, 25.1 N in Utopia Planitia, thousand kilometers away from Percy so afraid they can't
  8. https://weibo.com/1699432410/KfxtwpcC2 Official confirmed the landing success of Zhurong Mars Rover
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