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  1. Happy with the update, but the landing struts aint perfect yet. The spaceship stills has the urge to wobble and bounce on the planet surface. Good part is they dont explode
  2. You telling us and therefore me personally to shut up doesn't give me a relaxed state of mind. But seperating bugfixes and content updates does.
  3. Dude you are hillarious ... no really ^<^ But the core issue and i will sound like a broken record by now. I stopped playing KSP for some time because after bulding bases on several planets with a decent ammount of infrastructure. Suddenly they where gone weeks of work boom gone. Later i learned about the FP problems but also the exodus of the initial dev team Take2 comming into the picture. After a long break and i notice the drama is still going on wich is no surprise. There is only 1 solution and it has to come from the community itself. What Blender is for 3D Studiomax, we need that for KSP. Plain and simple. Because you can argue all you want on this forum. It won't change a thing, i mean seriously what development team doesn't know the workflow of separating updates from bugfix releases. It's a total waste of time and energy trying to reason with Squad.
  4. That's why you seperate bugfixes from content upgrades. Perhaps it's time Squad for you 2 reconsider your workflow instead of excuses and smalltalk about 'Yes it sucks guys we had technical difficulties but wait your gaming experience will be so much better after the next update'
  5. It seems no update this week. Why not bugfixes and additional content in seperate updates. This feels such a gathering of hobby programmers working on a project above their league.
  6. Dit i read correctly that we can expect the update next week?
  7. Got the OrbitalTug working again but have to state clearly i have no idea whatsoever i am doing other then to use a pinch of common sence . In my research for finding a workable solution, getting the general idea how the workflow for KSP is regarding to mod development. Is a nice byproduct for me. The short answer is copy/paste textures arround several OrbitalTug directories and replace the 1k with the bigger(real texturefiles). I give 1 example wich applies to the other parts aswell: Map: colors File: stripes_blk,dds (22kb in size) Copy stripes_blk.dds to the following maps below>>>>>>> adaptor, core, drone, pod wich contain all the same named files yet seems to be 1k dummies I have spend enough time so far so forgive me not to post here a list wich files needs to be copied to wich map. I would highly recommend to install a clean KSP game no mods so you can check and adjust these mods quiker and when it works you can copy the files to the KSP game you play with all the bells and whistles. Because the OrbitalTug idepends on other mods you can see an error passing by but has no effect for the repairing proces and checking the OrbitalTug mod if its fixed. Again as i stated befor, i like this mod very much well actually i use only the engines. But i want to develop my own version of it wich is suitable for various missions. The salvage and rescue missions generated for me a lot of cash in career mode. A verhicle for that purpose would be nice. Also i highly dislike the dependency from this mod for other mods, like a mod with helicopter parts to give an example. Anyway i hope this helps some people my focus will shift to my own project now.
  8. In what way do you want the models to be optimized?
  9. Got the OrbitalTug engine's working. Although i love the work from nli2work, yet the OrbitalTug mod could be done more professional. I am thinking about starting my own project based on the OrbitalTug project. But although not new to programming and Blender moddeling, i am new to developing mods in the Kerbal universe. Fixing this mod for 1.4.1 would be a nice start i think. O for those hackers wich give it a try, i just deleted all the texture references for the Engine part and also deleted half the CFG file from extendEngine.cfg. And the engine appears in KSP with the textures and works like a charm.
  10. Are there plans to update the mod to 1.4.1? +Update+ Having Looked into it, i can state that maintenance for this mod has been stopped. The last update was mid 2016. For me the mod is crucial so wil give it a go to at least get it to work on 1.4.1.
  11. Interesting reply, you really like to hear yourself talking. Furthermore it is obviousyou are missing the point here wich i am trying to make. You could have saved yourself some time.
  12. Why if you don't agree with Squads decision to sell out to Take2 moderators delete your posting? Even when you give arguments in why you think so? The Kerbal community is aware of the problems that Squad has, Squad can deal with it in 2 main ways. We solve our problems by selling Kerbal and create even more problems. Or you you think it over and make decisions wich not only is good for Squad but the game and the community as well. Yes everyone is a critic we know that, we watch Sherlock. But The kerbal space program is a very unique game heck even NASA plays it. The game Squad has in its hands is a true goldmine wich is getting destroyed by bad management. Remember Commodore, they had the most innovative and exciting technology yet by missmanagement they went bankrupt and Apple took there place. I really dislike the dejavu experience i have.
  13. I feel like an complete idiot, thanks for your reply Tay Tan Tu, the problem was to simple. needed to press the shift key, the throttle was with crtl at zero i feel such a dumb ass.
  14. Just playing Kerbal for a few days and are starting to get the hang of it to put stuff into orbit arround Kerbal. The problem is getting back because the rocket engines wont start to get out of orbit. In my case i am using an LV-909 as i saw in a youtube video from Scott Manley where he uses the same rocket to get back to Kerbal. Have checked everything but the engine wont start only a puff kind of sound and thats it. There is enough electricity and fuel and oxidizer is at 100%. Also tested other kind of rockets but nothing works, what am i doing wrong -.-
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