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  1. Not on this mod only in particular, but most of your mods are targeted (also on Spacedock) to KSP1.8.1. Any reason they are not marked 1.9.1 compatible? Is there some known incompatibility, or is it just that you have not tested them for 1.9.1? I understand that in Spacedock, the version is supposed to be the highest version supported (and then CKAN or KSP-AVC via the version file tell you if the minimum version is too high for your KSPversion, in case you don't run the latest). Not a criticism, just trying to understand And by the way, thanks for rejuvenating so many mods (about a bit more than 20 now, right?)
  2. Very nice I can imagine Kerbals driving there at sunset to have a moment of quiet, admiring the sky while sitting standing next to the tree
  3. Thanks for taking on these mods. It might be nice to put the descriptions that are on the respective Spacedock pages in the OP here, because as it is, it is not necessarily obvious what these parts bring to the game. Edit: Also, 3 of the mods (DMF, DST and DAR) are marked on Spacedock as being for 1.8.1, although the description says they are for 1.9.0. You may want to update this
  4. Nice mod! FYI, the Spacedock link fails to load (but the Github link works). For Spacedock, did you publish the mod?
  5. I'll buy it (even full price) when it has a Linux native version. Alternatively, I might buy it at a deep discount if it has been marked for a while as Platinum/Gold on ProtonDB (the database listing the level of support of games under Proton/Steam Play).
  6. That'll be the same for me. Taking the assumption that it will not be supported natively on Linux, I'll only consider buying at a deep discount price if it is marked as Gold or Platinum on protondb. Supposing all of that, I'll probably play, but I am not sure whether using Proton will work when doing like for KSP1 where we create a separate folder to run KSP with a specific set of mods. I foresee some difficult times ahead. Also, if it is for Windows only, I fear modders also might take some short-cuts in their mods and expect a Windows-only environment.... In any case, that'll mean continue KSP1 for at least a year or two after KSP2 is out.... possibly indefinitely (I hope modders will not leave KSP1 too rapidly).
  7. Just a quick comment: the OP link for download is still to the original GitHub instead of https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/Planetary-Diversity/releases (I mean the text is correct, but the underlying link needs to be updated)
  8. Some say (see other threads) "Buy Windows", but it's not even an option. My system runs Linux for other purposes and (also) stays on 24h/day. I can't just install Windows on top of it. I would have to buy a separate computer for KSP, not even considering the "real estate" aspect: where would I put it in my already too crowded room... that's becoming a lot of investment for a game, investment that I wouldn't consider (on top of having to deal with Windows 10 at home, when I already have to suffer it at work). Regarding running it over Proton: yeah, that's a secondary choice. Some games do run well under Proton, but that's always a gamble: it may or may not work for your specific configuration. Then, you learn to fear updates: I have a few games that used to work, and no longer work after an update (not even considering the Proton updates, or the graphics driver updates – even though *that* hasn't been an issue for me so far). No official Linux support means that you've bought a game that may work now and may not work in 3 months, and there's nothing you can say because "Linux is not supported". From my side, I wouldn't buy such games (anymore) unless they have a long-time record of being gold/platinum on protondb.com and then, at a significant discount so that I am not too disappointed if/when they stop working. As @Dr. Boo says, if that were the case (that there is no Linux support in the plans) I still have the possibility to stick to KSP 1 in the meantime, though I anticipate that modder support will drop significantly once KSP2 is out. It's the consequence of my choice (using Linux), so "so be it". At the moment, the worst is that I need to resist the hype in order to avoid being too disappointed, so I probably will do like for other games not committing to Linux: just follow from afar until I hear "Linux support confirmed".
  9. I got 2 mails now (SRCS being compatible with 1.7.1 and Engine Lighting Relit from LGG being updated), so both notifications work again. However, for the RSS which I tried, the date provided for the items in the updated.rss is the date of first publication on Spacedock, rather than the date of last update. I don't know if it would be possible to change to "last update" date. In any case, thank you for the fix!
  10. I didn't know I could get an RSS stream, and I must say even looking, I haven't found the URL to use for it (I use RSS for the ,ods that are on Github only, so it is a good way as well, although I like the mails). I haven't received anything so far (also not in SPAM), but maybe it's just that nobody updated their mod yet I'll try and inform you next time I see a notification mail.
  11. Thanks for the answer Take your time. Until then, I have found the "recently updated" page, and I'll use that to keep up-to-date.
  12. I'm wondering, do email notifications ("Follow") still work? I rely on them to find out updates when I don't have time to read the add-ons section exhaustively, and I haven't received any since May 29 (date of the server move).
  13. This video is 4-years old... based on EL5.0.0 from December 2014. You may want to check more recent sources. PS: sorry to LGG for contributing to the derailment of this thread off-topic.
  14. Woah! Great design! But how can we expect anything less from Jade Of Maar? I hadn't thought much of the under sea before for KSP, but I will certainly have to revise my judgement once this comes out Please share your progress regularly to keep stars in our eyes in the meantime (or rather ... starfish? )
  15. Rather than depreciate the non-French parts, how about putting them in an other mod (e.g. "Knes Legacy" or something) that you keep in "maintenance mod" (and be explicit about it that you are not going to develop it further for the time being). This way, people can still enjoy them and use the parts if they want, and if, one day, you feel like improving them/expand the part set, they're here In any case, I will be looking forward to the future Knes parts ! Keep up the good work
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