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  1. Thank you Maja for taking over and maintaining this mod (and thank you to Real Gecko for having written this in the first place!) ! It's a very good mod, and it would have been a pity to see it abandoned.
  2. [1.3.1] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Given this mod has not been updated to 1.4, it is not unexpected that it does not work. Your options at this stage: - wait PATIENTLY that Angel-125 does the necessary work to update his mods to 1.4 (most likely 1.4.1) - wait VERY PATIENTLY that Angel-125 does the necessary work to update his mods to 1.4 (most likely 1.4.1) - pay him a hefty sum of money so he decides to drop all the rest of his daily work and other engagements to fulfil YOUR lack of patience - stay PATIENTLY on 1.3.1 until the mod is updated and enjoy the game in 1.3.1 like the most of us do while we patiently wait for the mods we love to be updated - and IN ANY CASE, not make demands to the modder to do any update, as is the rule on this forum, especially in such a rude way.
  3. [1.3.1] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    This is a very interesting intent statement, actually. Maybe you should copy/paste this (with some minor adjustments) in the OP and/or the wiki (or even in the KSPedia). It would probably help and attract a number of prospective players I don't have a chance myself much to play KSP at all at the moment, but I am looking forward to test this (on easy mode, given how little I get to play, I'll be forever a rookie).
  4. [1.3.1] Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

    This looks like quite a nice new mod. I am eyeing to use KCT at some point in the future, but it is a bit intimidating (I have unfortunately little time to play, so I'm still a rookie ). This might be a nice intermediate state (and adding KCT later on). Some questions: how would it work if inserted in the middle of an existing save ? would the old vessels remain fail-proof, or would they start to experience wear ? Does the state of the parts affect what you get as part of recovery funds (e.g. "Recover vessel" or Stage recovery - I guess the second would require some support in Stage Recovery) ? In any case, I'll probably want to use it at some point, when I am a bit more confident in my play BTW, thanks for all your mods! I like them quite a lot
  5. [1.3.1] Dang It! Continued

    I am away from home, so I can't test it for some time. Just wanted to say the title still says [1.2.1], which is why I missed your update to 1.3 (probably the same for others). BTW, thanks for your overall effort, you're carrying such a long list of mods (and I'll increase my Patreon support soon to show my appreciation - and I hope people who've realised how much you help the community will tip in as well )
  6. In fact, planets can sustain mountains only to a certain size (related to surface gravity): the higher the surface gravity is, the lower the highest mountain can be (indeed the Everest is shorter than Olympus Mons, and both are close to the maximum size for their respective planet). Given surface gravity is the same on Kerbin as on Earth, mountains cannot probably go higher than ~ 10 kms (which is a problem on resized planetary systems, where we end up with mountains that are too tall). Not sure what the intended surface gravity is for Gaia.
  7. [1.3.0] KSP Chroma Control

    Thank you for your reply. It's not the reply I had hoped, but the reply I had expected I have no time at the moment, so I will just be following this thread and be jealous of those who can enjoy this mod If I have some time later on, I may have a second look and see if something can be done maybe with kRPC or Telemachus, but given my expected (lack of) free time in the near future, that'll be probably not be before the summer. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  8. [1.3.0] KSP Chroma Control

    I was wondering: has anyone tried this with linux ? I am contemplating investing in a such a keyboard for KSP. I know there are drivers for the Chroma keyboard available for linux, but I'm not sure they use the same API, so I'm not sure this would work.
  9. KSP Weekly: Refactoring Kerbal

    Localisation is a good feature to have, both for Squad and users. Only users with some understanding of English can play KSP at the moment, and from those, only users with some mastery of the English language will spend any time on this (English-speaking) forum. There is thus a bias against the need for localisation. However, localisation will open the game to many new users, of which quite a few might become modders (however, I doubt we will see the development of a significant non-English speaking modding community, but I could be wrong). For Squad, there is a clear interest in a multi-lingual game: it will open a lot of new markets, of people that haven't bought KSP because they do not understand it. This, in return, should provide some dVs (err... funds) to Squad to do further development of actual new features in our interest (it's really like a second stage ). Given the lack of DLCs at the moment, the only way to get that sweet dV is by expanding the user base. I myself selfishly look forwards to a French localisation support, not for me (I can play in English just fine), but for my 8yo son, which wants to play, but finds it difficult at the moment (we use the language patch for his install, but it isn't quite the same). It may also help to spread the KSP virus to family and friends. On a more constructive point, I would hope that the localisation support will also include tools for an easy localisation of mods, which would allow modders to add localised content in their mods should users provide them with the proper localisation strings.
  10. I did a quick test with a new install. My setup: Linux (Ubuntu 15.10), with nvidia driver; 2 screens (2560x1440), with display 0 on the right. By default, I play with fullscreen on (even though fullscreen is not selected in the settings - selecting it does not change anything afterwards anyway). Works fine, no crash (see end of report though). When I press 0 on the numpad, a bordered (untitled) window appears on top of the existing window, with a map view (view of Kerbin, but not showing the KSC, rather west of it). I can move the window to the other display, but cannot act on it (the mouse coordinates on the top left corner only change if I stay on the main display, labelled as display 0). I tried a dummy mission. During the whole mission, the additional window did not display anything useful (just the view of Kerbin, but "from behind"). When I finished the mission, I quit to main menu. Then I couldn't interact with the main window any more. The only thing I could do is to close the second window, which killed the game altogether. Some relevant excerpts from KSP.log: Hope this helps!