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  1. Some say (see other threads) "Buy Windows", but it's not even an option. My system runs Linux for other purposes and (also) stays on 24h/day. I can't just install Windows on top of it. I would have to buy a separate computer for KSP, not even considering the "real estate" aspect: where would I put it in my already too crowded room... that's becoming a lot of investment for a game, investment that I wouldn't consider (on top of having to deal with Windows 10 at home, when I already have to suffer it at work). Regarding running it over Proton: yeah, that's a secondary choice. Some games do run well under Proton, but that's always a gamble: it may or may not work for your specific configuration. Then, you learn to fear updates: I have a few games that used to work, and no longer work after an update (not even considering the Proton updates, or the graphics driver updates – even though *that* hasn't been an issue for me so far). No official Linux support means that you've bought a game that may work now and may not work in 3 months, and there's nothing you can say because "Linux is not supported". From my side, I wouldn't buy such games (anymore) unless they have a long-time record of being gold/platinum on and then, at a significant discount so that I am not too disappointed if/when they stop working. As @Dr. Boo says, if that were the case (that there is no Linux support in the plans) I still have the possibility to stick to KSP 1 in the meantime, though I anticipate that modder support will drop significantly once KSP2 is out. It's the consequence of my choice (using Linux), so "so be it". At the moment, the worst is that I need to resist the hype in order to avoid being too disappointed, so I probably will do like for other games not committing to Linux: just follow from afar until I hear "Linux support confirmed".
  2. I got 2 mails now (SRCS being compatible with 1.7.1 and Engine Lighting Relit from LGG being updated), so both notifications work again. However, for the RSS which I tried, the date provided for the items in the updated.rss is the date of first publication on Spacedock, rather than the date of last update. I don't know if it would be possible to change to "last update" date. In any case, thank you for the fix!
  3. I didn't know I could get an RSS stream, and I must say even looking, I haven't found the URL to use for it (I use RSS for the ,ods that are on Github only, so it is a good way as well, although I like the mails). I haven't received anything so far (also not in SPAM), but maybe it's just that nobody updated their mod yet I'll try and inform you next time I see a notification mail.
  4. Thanks for the answer Take your time. Until then, I have found the "recently updated" page, and I'll use that to keep up-to-date.
  5. I'm wondering, do email notifications ("Follow") still work? I rely on them to find out updates when I don't have time to read the add-ons section exhaustively, and I haven't received any since May 29 (date of the server move).
  6. This video is 4-years old... based on EL5.0.0 from December 2014. You may want to check more recent sources. PS: sorry to LGG for contributing to the derailment of this thread off-topic.
  7. Woah! Great design! But how can we expect anything less from Jade Of Maar? I hadn't thought much of the under sea before for KSP, but I will certainly have to revise my judgement once this comes out Please share your progress regularly to keep stars in our eyes in the meantime (or rather ... starfish? )
  8. Rather than depreciate the non-French parts, how about putting them in an other mod (e.g. "Knes Legacy" or something) that you keep in "maintenance mod" (and be explicit about it that you are not going to develop it further for the time being). This way, people can still enjoy them and use the parts if they want, and if, one day, you feel like improving them/expand the part set, they're here In any case, I will be looking forward to the future Knes parts ! Keep up the good work
  9. I thought I needed to state it (rather than just liking your posts, as I usually do): I love your work on the WBI mods and esp. Pathfinder at the moment. I must say I am also eagerly waiting to see @Space Kadet using all these new shiny toys in his Youtube series (which is great)
  10. I really like your picture album. It nicely shows the parts and was quite funny to read as well. Thank you very much for this mod!
  11. Thanks for the mod! Unfortunately, I get a 404 not found when trying to download it.
  12. Same here. I quite enjoyed the series, and looking forward to your next one (should there be one).
  13. I think this post shows you're looking actually for something that Better Burn Time is not going to give you: tutorial-like support. I actually think you might be on to something... for a different mod, a mod that would look over your shoulder and tell you what you are doing possibly wrong (something like what Wernher Checker or Extensive Engineer Report are doing for the VAB), checking that you have minimum requirements for what it believes you are trying to do (in this case, determine that you are on a collision course with a body for which you do not have enough TWR to land properly on... telling you so, so you can revert and try again, or drop excess weight or whatever). Maybe you could start such a mod, or post in the Mod Discussion section (so somebody interested picks it up), or something. In any case, it does not look like it is anything like the purpose of BBT, as Snark patiently explained (and by the way, @Snark, thank you for these long, detailed explanations, they are quite enlightening). But I think this would be a good idea for KSP learners (and probably something I would put in my son's install... when he actually starts attempting more than non-flying replicas of the Millenium Falcon)
  14. While I haven't used the expansion parts yet (I actually have yet to start a serious 1.4.1 game), I think that what you propose is quite reasonable. Even if not completely accurate historically (in our universe), kerbalkind is likely to have these extra usages such as docking to a station in all sorts of manners that would cover the use cases you mentioned. Thanks!
  15. Thank you Maja for taking over and maintaining this mod (and thank you to Real Gecko for having written this in the first place!) ! It's a very good mod, and it would have been a pity to see it abandoned.