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  1. Great job! If you need help with aerodynamics write me in PM, I have experience how to create lift force.
  2. It is very easy to do this, but it will become inconvenient to attach parts to the main ship)) I will try to make a small update as soon as the time becomes available, see can make the engines more flexible if it really does not cause much inconvenience.) COL and COM are written only in cfg. file, they are not marked in any way in Blender or Unity. I'm still looking for a problem, sadly there are no good modding tutorials in KSP.\ You need to transfer the "Kerbolrise" folder to the "GameData" folder. Welcome to the forum)
  3. Hello, and thanks for the RSS / RO support patch! I don't know much about this because did the aerodynamics of the shuttle on the advice of other people who used to do add-ons in KSP. This is what a delta wing looks like in Unity. I was told that to create lift, the Z direction must be forward, the Y direction must be up, and it also has no superfluous tilt in Unity: Rotation x-270, y-0, z-0. Perhaps I misunderstood you? What for? this add-on already knows how to do everything the same as "OK-92", only there is one amendment, in the center is not the Main Liquid Hydrogen Engine, but an emergency rescue system that runs on solid fuel)
  4. Reassemble the shuttle and the attachment problem will be fixed.As for the cargo bay and fenders, maybe these are problems due to KSPWheel, I don't know ... unfortunately at the moment I am not able to support this add-on
  5. Unfortunately I have no idea how to use github. : / By the way, there is further progress in development, completed the version of the classic shuttle: I also got an interesting idea that if make a returnable self-contained container:
  6. I don't quite understand what "for more realistic shuttles" means, this option also has the right to live, and here's grandfather.) Yes, it is quite possible that in the future there will be such an opportunity, I think about it, the more options the better.
  7. Any docking port for 1.25m (size1) , eg "Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port".
  8. Okay, I'll fix this shortly, it's actually not a major bug, it doesn't affect gameplay.) Fixed minor bug with B9.
  9. Release this add-on This development thread is no longer valid, moderators, you can close it.
  10. KERBOLRISE - is the name of a non-existent space shuttle made in a style ... I don't know what style. Inspired by "Buran" The author's task for this add-on is to create a universal shuttle of various configurations, which should be able to launch light and heavy loads into Kerbin orbit, as well as, after docking with a heavy block for acceleration, deliver payload to Mun orbit. The heavy upper stage is missing due to a number of technical problems, but I do not lose hope. PICTURES: Now will are LOTS of instructions for use, yes, it will be long, but who said that building and operating a shuttle is easy. (tags for all detail = KR/RAMP (for manipulator)): There are two versions of the shuttle, these are: Kerbolrise-1 (KR-1) Kerbolrise-3 (KR-3) They differ in the tail section, as well as in the rocket versions, and have different characteristics, capabilities and settings, so the instructions will be slightly different for different versions of the shuttle. Construction in VAB: IMPORTANT!!! - Always install "drainTankFTE-1" on engine mouths, LiquidFuel / Oxidizer must be completely drained when de-orbiting, this is a basic element to remember !!! The shuttles are quite simple to build, since they have a classic and familiar image, it shouldn't cause you any difficulties to build it, there is only a catch in two versions: (KR-1) Light variant. Has a familiar image of a classic American space shuttle, when building it you need to prohibit the use of LiquidFuel, and Oxidizer on the KR1-EngineMouth, otherwise the rocket will consume all the fuel, also when connecting the separator from the rocket (R-Decoupler) turn on crossfeed = true to supply fuel to the engines on the shuttle itself. (KR-3) Heavy variant. KR3-EngineMouth has twice as much fuel (the main engines are located on the rocket), it also has two attachment points to which you can attach additional parts, changing the characteristics of the shuttle. At the moment there are additional fuel tanks, and turbojets, will be in the future added new other details. Start: Nothing unusual. The two shuttles have slightly different rocket options, but both fly well enough. Space: (KR-1) When detaching from the rocket, unblock the LiquidFuel and Oxidizer on the "KR1-engineMouth", and also turn off the main engines (KRengine-0150), their work is completed. (KR-3) No problem. Return from orbit: Returning the shuttle home is a different story, in fact, the two shuttles work the same when landing, it is important to remember and follow the instructions: 1 - We do the final turning on of the engines, leave the perigee about 23-21km. 2 - Drain all fuel except MonoPropellant using "drainTankFTE-1". Also close the engines to the final re-entry configuration (is not important, it has only an aesthetic aspect ) 3 - Activate elevons, bodyFlap and rudder controller, they are inactive by default. 4 - P.S. At low altitudes it is best to disable SAS and only use it to stabilize the shuttle. RAMP (Robotic Arm Mani Pulator) currently only works with the official "Serenity" add-on. Includes add-on KSPWheel - Required for chassis. Supports RealPlume. FX, sounds for engine and a parachute provided to me by DECQ. I also highly recommend that you install this little plug-in, which will save you the pain of tying the shuttle with sewing threads.)) In the future, the shuttle will be supplemented with various details and IVA, which is under development. craft files: KR-1 Press "1" to disable main engines. Press "2" to drain all fuel. KR-3 Press "2" to drain all fuel. Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2491/Kerbolrise
  11. So, to begin with, I'm surprised to see 500+ uploads in spacedock, don’t know how many people actually use it in their missions, but thanks anyway! I'm surprised because I didn't even expect 100 downloads this week, thank you!!!) But still think that need to revise the entire add-on and make big changes both in textures and in models, so I am sending the add-on for remastering, better now, while the add-on is still under development. At the moment, the updated textures for the shuttle are almost completed, it will be made in the "Buran" style, after the shuttle the rocket will be remastered.
  12. It? I have many models of varying degrees of sophistication, but there is no desire to return to real rockets and ships.
  13. v0.2beta available. Fixed a silly bug where FX was not displayed for RCS. Quite possibly I've already thought about it.
  14. A beta version is available, I have updated the first page with an important description and a link to the add-on.
  15. Speaking of liquid fuel boosters, here is the lost KR-2, a version of the rocket with four LRBs, vaguely reminiscent of the Falcon9 first stage. But at the moment it is abandoned. "Kerbolrise" in game! it flies badly enough in the atmosphere, and it takes more time to fine-tune it, but I think that there is still a little left and I will make the first alpha version release.)
  16. Work continues on the add-on, finally finalized the rocket and the second version of the shuttle with three engines included. SSRB took from my old "LCA" add-on, but got better textures. The first version of the shuttle (KR-1) is not yet completed. 1. 2. 3. And KRengine, naturally. :-))
  17. No, I got there. Russia rests on the legacy of the USSR, just look at the same unfortunate and dead Angara, at the "Nauka" module, or at "PTK-NP", aka "Federaziya", aka "Orel", which, by the way, remains a layout, in a single copy. Oh yes, Angara took off, but taking into account its cost and the time between launches, it seems that it has no prospects. 20 years of development was worth it. :Ъ Jokes about conquering the moon are funny, but over time, even the funniest joke becomes annoying.
  18. I think everything is much simpler, just modern Russia is not able to create a heavy class rocket.
  19. I am well acquainted with "Energia" and early projects, especially since my shuttle is suspiciously similar to OK-92 (second picture), probably for a reason. I just want solid fuel boosters, because it is easier and faster to create and configure, want to introduce all the details into the game as quickly as possible without losing quality, so I go in an easy and effective way.
  20. Today started developing a rocket, initially I planned to make a fully reusable rocket, but then changed my mind, it will take too much time, so will stop at the mixture of "Energia" and "ET". Although in the future it is possible that the rocket will be changed, or will have modifications to return the second stage. Pictures from Blender3D.
  21. Yes, of course I am going to do IVA, and was already thinking about its functionality, but will do it a little later, now I am busy introducing the shuttle into the game, you can already start flight tests), while there is no finished rocket I will check it on the old "LCA" add-on.
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