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  1. Is that white spot the asteroid ? 1h to impact ! Dang, I hope it will be more than 2 frames with a good view of the asteroid.
  2. How sharp would be a look from Webb at the closer stars ? I mean, those obviously very far stars are a few pixels wide... How large would be, say, like, Proxima Centauri ?
  3. For the love of god I thought that interpret would never start to move. .... Blah blah blah show us the pic already .... Show, then speak later! It's not a darn TV show. Ho, wait... ... Nice ! That's a lot of galaxies.
  4. I remember the plan was to fully set it up in 6 months, once up there. So, I guess we may see pictures during the summer.
  5. It just occurred to me. The title of this thread might have a totally different meaning in the future, if a more significant impact ever happens.
  6. That makes it 15 years. Don't forget it's in Elon Time units. For the real average time in years you have to add the two values.
  7. That would be one... interesting... ride !
  8. Can a "spin" launch be detected by the traditional rocket launch alarm systems ? The tip of the rocket heating after tube exit might be enough... But if not I can see a lot of military interest in this... thing.
  9. To clarify as well, my answer was an attempt at a lighthearted comment with a touch of humor. In no way I believe it is a good idea to do QA on Starship this way. Final QA that is. But for a tile's laying process validation test ? Yes, of course. I thought that was obvious. Darn, maybe I should have add some smileys.
  10. It's probably meant to identify the poorly attached tiles, and fix them. Those that held ok will probably keep holding, so no worries about them, those that got knocked off are replaced and thoroughly checked. It's not a bug, it's a feature, actually. I see it as a way faster than full inspection !
  11. Whatever the case, moar boosters is the solution.
  12. Looking closely at the tiles, a lot of misaligned edges can be seen. Does it affect drag and turbulences in a notable way ?
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