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  1. so tweakscale is disallowed? well that´s unfortunate i´m going to make somethig anyways
  2. a side view of the rocket using cronal vessel viewer
  3. the biggest pain in the building process was putting the fairings as the shroud for the seccond stage becouse it´s 5 meters in diameter and we only get a 3.75 fairing and tweakscale does not allow you to scale up/down fairings
  4. so i reinstalled KSP yesterday and as the 1. thing that i made was a Saturn 5 replica almost stock exept for tweakscale and i used kerbal engineer, chatterer and opm gets to the mun, has the lander (the lander was the only inacurate thing) the fairings are impossible to scale up so that was a bit complicated in the vab during day during night launch escape system second stage lander module landed download https://kerbalx.com/martiplay28/saturn-5
  5. my company is TSG automative (tsg= the sixth generation) and its kerbonauts p.s. no conection to TSG entertainment i got that name 2 years before i saw the first film from them i´m going for the stock most usefull
  6. i made a mid size one 5-35m/s stall 20-the tailstrike rule 10-all survive a land in water 20-everybody survives a belly-land if done propperly 10-has airbrakes 20- has 7 engines and can run on 2 851m/s 3271km 2 atendants 32 pasangers for the speed 32 kerbals for a clear wiew of the plane intirier wiew
  7. i´m doing the calculations but i have one problem with the extra points- i have 7 engines and need only 2 so how many points do i get for this?
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