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  1. Enyone else have issues with unloading and building robots with KIS? Wanted to make a nice antenna tower with rotating dish thingy on top. Used the tweakables to get my rotatrons and what not the correct size. Loaded that up in a KIS container, shot it to Minmus. Now Bill is on a ladder constructing the thing. When I first unload the resized stuff from the container it pops into the correct size. With some nice quicksave work and dropping the items first before attaching its working. But with the last bit, an oversized Communotron 88 my whole base got lifted off the ground a bit. I did'nt notice it when I saved. But now on the reload my whole base jumps into the air. Well into space actually, there is no air on Minmus. Anyone know some trick to get my base on the ground again? Don't have a save from before... Maybe some save file editing?
  2. I'm having a similar issue. My minidrill and crusher don't want to change what they concert/drill. Have the specialized parts in a connected workshop and materialkits in a inflatable storage also connected. Used KIS to connect some MSI trusses to the dougnut connector with a anchor ball. Tried all this with Bill. Have plenty of EC as well. I can sent you a pic if you want. I really enjoy your mods! Love them!