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  1. antipro's post in Unwanted crashing debris was marked as the answer   
    ok I think I solved.
    In few words:
    - change sepra direction = not possible if not using two sets of sepra = eyeballing symmetry.
    - sepra match or close to CoM = not working cause west-sided tanks need more push on the top.
    - add separators between engines and tanks = works.

    "no longer crashing debris" video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ozv68jlidzk2ps/added sepa.mkv?dl=0
    So, I'm now fine, no more debris collisions.
    Thanks all of you dudes.

  2. antipro's post in Have you ever landed a Kerbal on its feet under personal chute? was marked as the answer   
    I call that "airfoil parachute" or "aerodynamic parachute" or "wing parachute".

    are you still talking about IRL? Cause I've just seen a YT video where a guy landed by only acting on the strings, modifying the shape of the wing, without therefore having to "flare". ok maybe in the following video, the wind has helped him a bit, but I'm quite sure it is possible to do it.

    I know what you mean, I never use parachutes in game or IRL, but if you turn 180° or 360° just before landing you can kill the speed without increase the altitude.

    these are my last 3 tries: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xuyrk72fd14ixbk/2021-09-26 08-41-54_edit.mkv?dl=0
  3. antipro's post in landing gear upside down was marked as the answer   
    you're surely right, I'm gonna try to replace fuselage orientation. thx

    well, changing the remote guidance unit by 90° solve the problem with the frontal wings, but is it really necessary?
    I don't like to have the RGU in that way, is asymmetric, anyway I still have the issue with back side wings.
    I can't realize how to turn those damned fuselages.
    I gonna thinking I will rebuild it from scratch.

    ok the problem was twofold, first I added and re-root an MK1 cockpit, this for solving frontal wings.
    about the rear wings I had to re-attach the tt-38 decouplers with symmetrical mode and all went good.
    The choose is to use a cockpit or having the RGU rotated for an asymmetrical 90°.

    anyway, once I've attached gears, panel, lights, batteries, etc on the wings and on the fuselage,
    I can remove the cockpit and all the pieces remain well placed. (yes but navball will be messed up)

    errata corrige: the RGU must be oriented in the way the game wants or the navball will be messed up.

    This is the only way:


  4. antipro's post in Landing With MechJeb was marked as the answer   
    It works from the start.


  5. antipro's post in I can't open KSP or steam. was marked as the answer   
    Reboot, do steam files validate procedure.
    I don't know what else before trying re-install steam and ksp.
  6. antipro's post in cargo storage unit inventory info was marked as the answer   
    ok thanks I got it.
    certain small and light items are stackable for a maximum number of 2,3 and 4, in the same cargo slot.
    the bar indicates how much full the slot is.

  7. antipro's post in How do I use the object thrower was marked as the answer   
    is it cause you don't have middle mouse button?
    I have no knowledge about macOS, can't you find a way to bind a key to middle mouse click?
  8. antipro's post in Too many objects in map view (asteroids) was marked as the answer   
    The upper bar should work.

  9. antipro's post in future orbit inclination was marked as the answer   
    isn't [Post-burn Rel. Inclination] the item just below [Post-burn Inclination]?
    it seems KER displays it by default.
    as value, it displays nothing else than N/A... not applicable?

    edit: ah ok now I got it, I have to select Eve as a target in order to show it.
    Problem Solved. Thanks

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