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  1. Wow, that's bonkers! Is that propelled using a laser from a ground based installation? So let's say I wanted to propel a small science lander for example at Duna. Would the smart move be to send out a large solar beamed power provider and use that to power a small craft with either an ion/plasma engine using beamed power converted to MW or a thermal nozzle with beamed power converted to heat energy? Does solar cut it or would I need reactors orbiting?
  2. This mod is super exciting. Thank you for all the work! What's the design intention for mid to late game probe and lander propulsion? The candle nuclear engine is nice but I'm looking down the tech tree and don't see many options for small craft. Is the idea to tweakscale things down to 0.625m?
  3. Howdy, I just switched from KSP 1.7.3 to 1.8.1 and I'm no longer able to change the fuel types for the stock tanks; they're locked to LFO. Specifically I can't switch to liquid fuel for use with nuclear engines which is hobbling. I also have global construction and near future installed which might cause a conflict - is this a known issue? Is there something i'm missing? Thanks!
  4. Is there a beta of the new WOLF mechanics available to download?
  5. Are there any tanks smaller than the .313 meter spherical or 1.25 cluster Kontainer tanks that can hold Karborundum? I'd love to have a small radial tank that could hold 25 or so for small landers with a .625m fusion drive. Thanks!
  6. Hey, sorry to bother you; I finally upgraded to 1.3.1 and ran smack into this issue with some off-world mining bases I'd set up with MKS and NF parts. I understand it's being worked on and I appreciate all your hard work! For the moment could you suggest any workaround? Would rolling back to an earlier version of NFE avoid this bug? Thanks!
  7. Howdy, I really love the engines in this bundle but the altered LH2 mechanics aren't to my taste. I'm using the included extra that reverts the KA engines to LF, but my USI nuclear engines are still being penalized according to KA's LH2 mechanic. Is there a way I can disable the LH2 density change entirely? Thanks!
  8. I've been out of the loop for a while; coming back, it seems like the new ground construction mechanics are more limited than the extraplanetary construction options were. Does GC have a mechanism for off-planet construction, e.g. in LKO? The need for predefined DIY kits also seems to precludes off-kerbin construction of vessels de novo, correct? Like you can no longer load up a couple containers with materials and shoot a construction yard off to jool and figure out what you want to build with it later?
  9. I messed with the values specified in GameData\NearFutureElectrical\Patches\NFElectricalUSI.cfg to tweak the various reactor mass and output. That file definitely governs the in-game values. Maybe deleting it altogether would revert to the USI specifications?
  10. How would I go about adding a resource to kontainers? Specifically I'd like to be able to carry lithium from near future propulsion in the USI liquid tanks. I've been poking around in the mod files but I'm just some guy and it's escaping my abilities. Cheers!
  11. Wanted to check an assumption: you only accrue kolonization bonuses for kerbals sitting in mks parts, right? My scientists chillin in a lab lander on Minmus shouldn't be generating any bonuses? Because otherwise I've probably got an install issue Is there a specific module I can look for or some other way to identify which parts count?
  12. The starlifter nuclear reactor is showing a mass of 39-and-change tons in my game, but from the description and the definition in the actual part file it looks like it's supposed to be 26 tons. Is this a known thing, or should I go hunting for mod conflicts or installation errors? Thanks
  13. Does kerbal profession matter for extraplanetary launchpad stuff? Do you need engineers to build ships at a launchpad? Do the new MKS professions work? How do I see my productivity?
  14. What's the deal with MKS part maintenance? I've seen references to it in-game and on the github wiki but can't seem to find an explanation of the mechanic.