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  1. Been playing KSP for many years but only just recently discovered this mod. It's awesome! Just had to pop in to say thanks for putting it together and maintaining it all these years. Wish I knew about it before.
  2. Sorry it took so long but I finally got around to testing and this appears to be working great! Thanks!
  3. No worries at all. Never thought to ask about it before since I rarely created craft that triggered the issue. Been doing that more lately so I figured I'd see if I was just doing something stupid. Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
  4. @JadeOfMaar That's a bummer but I totally understand. I don't know how to do that either. Could you tell me which wings do not have FAR configs specifically so that I won't have to test all of them individually? Or is there a folder I can look in to determine that for myself? I think I figured it out but I'm going to try them all anyway. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll look into the FAR thread about how to create those configs. I don't mind doing the work if I can understand how to do it.
  5. I love this mod! So grateful that you picked it up @linuxgurugamer. I've always had a problem though and I suspect it's either user error or the nature of the beast. I lose my names on the actions after docking with another vessel that has named AGX actions defined. As an example, I have a space plane with 9 actions defined with names and a detachable probe attached to it that has 1 action defined. I put the plane's actions in 1-9 and the probe's action in 20 (it was designed and saved in VAB, then merged to the spaceplane). On launch, all the actions show up correctly. After attaining orbit if I undock the probe and redock it then all of the action names on the space plane are blank. This is just one example. I have the same issue with, for another example, a rover lander and rover which have separate actions defined with names that get lost after docking. I hope I explained the issue clearly. I was wondering... is there is a method I could use for defining the actions that won't cause this issue, or is this perhaps just a limitation of the way things work?
  6. I love the parts in this mod but I seem to be having a problem with the wings not generating any lift. I'm using FAR and there was a patch for OPT with FAR in the old thread but that link is dead. Is there still a patch needed to get the wings to work with FAR? I'm using the latest versions of all mods (OPT, B9 all, FAR, etc.). Edit: I do have OPT Reconfig installed which claims to include a FAR config but I'm definitely not getting any lift or aero input from the wing parts. I replaced the OPT wings with B9 procedural wings of the same size and general shape and the craft flies perfectly. I also used the stock wings with no problem so it's definitely a conflict somewhere in the OPT wings but I'm not really sure where to look to start troubleshooting. Edit 2: Ok, it seems that only some of the wings aren't working. Specifically I've found that OPT-W Main Wing Type D and OPT-W Main Wing Type E do not seem to provide any lift. If I replace those wings on the same craft with, for instance, scaled up OPT-W Main Wing Type B's then it flies as expected.
  7. I'm suddenly having a really odd problem. KER in VAB is showing me a vastly different Delta V by stage than what I get from KER when I hit launch. It's off by hundreds of m/s. I have craft which I successfully launched which had and still shows ~3100 delta V for stage 1 & 2 in the VAB, but when I launch, they only have ~2700 delta V in the same stages (i.e. I can't make it to orbit with a craft that I currently have in orbit from a launch before this issue cropped up). I'm thinking I may have a corrupt save file or something. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I've got a ton of hours into this save I would really dislike starting over.
  8. I just remembered that I had a brain and decided to think outside the box (haha!) and check out the mrr.mu file instead of being a robot. I noticed it had been updated recently and voila! It works. Thanks! Awesome mod, btw.
  9. Isn't that the file for the Mk2 rover? I tried that file but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the Mk1 issue I'm having. In this shot I climbed up the track and the side to stand on top of the problem.
  10. I've I've never used this mod before so I only have it in 1.6.1. I actually learned about it not long ago watching an old Scott Manley livestream where he used some of the parts or mentioned them or something. Anyway, the Mk2 works fine. I built a workaround using the extendable airlock attached to the back. Kinda hokey but it allows the kerbal to get back in if I extend it and transfer them first.
  11. @Shadowmage @damerell Thanks for the tips! Perhaps "grippy" was a poor choice of word. I wish I could record what is happening because it's comical how little traction I get with a full set of tracks on a 5t vehicle compared to using stock wheels with traction tuned to 3. It just seemed illogical that a track would be less "grippy" than a round wheel of any type. I mean, I was spinning nearly out of control at 4m/s with tracks driving on the side of a hill. Stock wheels on the same vehicle on the same hillside was no problem. I thought I was just doing something wrong. Also, I have a bit of an issue with calling something "cheaty" when it's included as part of stock but I get your point. For me, I'm really not concerned about something being "cheaty" or not since that's a matter of opinion. I mostly just care if it's working as intended and the traction on these seemed so bad on Minmus I couldn't believe it was working as intended and I assumed I was doing something wrong or missing something. Clearly I'll just need to use a different strategy going forward. Thanks again for the replies.
  12. I'm finding that the KF tracked wheels have less traction than stock wheels (with adjusted traction) on low gravity bodies, Minmus specifically. There doesn't seem to be any traction adjustment for KF wheels like there is for stock wheels. I find that increased traction on stock wheels makes them very grippy and suitable on Minmus. Is there anything I can do to increase the grip for the KF tracks specifically? They're not usable on Minmus for me right now.
  13. RESOLVED: Numlock was on. I'm a dumbass. I'm having some trouble understanding if this is working or not. I'm having issues with a specific mod causing severe hitching if I use any parts from that mod on any craft in flight. I've already contacted the mod developer but I have a suspicion it'll be a GOK and I'll be stuck with it unless I can do more troubleshooting. I suspect it's a GC issue so I installed this mod to try and sort it out. I've made several attempts to launch my test vessel and had MG open on each. I'm probably going to over-explain due to my ignorance of how this should work so please forgive me. I'm running 1.6.1. 1. I've modifed my padheap.cfg like this (trying to get 4GB allocation, I have 16GB of RAM): 2. After loading into my save but before loading my craft this is my MG (for each of these I let the game "settle" for a minute or two except the after liftoff images): 3. In VAB after loading my craft: 4. On the launchpad: 5. 10 seconds after lift off 6. And yikes, 30 seconds after lift off 7. I tried Alt+Numpad-End and it doesn't seem to do anything. Game is locking up every 2 seconds still: I tried Alt+Numpad-End several more times in frustration and nothing changed. What am I doing wrong? P.S. If I remove the parts from the problem mod and launch the exact same ship GC is only occuring every 30-60 seconds:
  14. The Manned Rover Mk1 seems to have an issue. I can't reboard. This is the latest CKAN install in 1.6.1. I can EVA out, but when I try and get back in I'm stopped some distance away by an invisible wall and I can't get to the door or ladder to trigger F or B. In the screenshot I'm trying to walk toward the rover body but stopped in place. https://imgur.com/Mmy1wEE Tried to embed the image but the forums won't seem to let me.
  15. Ah, I didn't notice that you could do that! Thanks, that helps quite a bit.
  16. I've read through this thread, or rather, skimmed through, trying to find out how far out is "pretty far". Experimenting is getting a little bit tiresome. Is there some documentation on how to calculate how far from a body the beacon and drive need to be to get 100% success chance (or at least high 90's)? The suggestions I found in this thread are all extremely vague and not much more useful than "pretty far".
  17. Very cool project and I'm impressed all the robotics worked without any issues. I always run into problems when I get too much going with Infernal. What mod are those wheels from?
  18. I have a feeling this is a dumb question but I've forgotten how this works and Google is not helping. I've just deployed a brand new MPL-CC-2 on Minmus. However, every piece of science data I have is larger than the 250 max of the lab. Are there any mods that will allow partial transfer of data, or allow data to be split up so that I can get some into this lab? Even my miniscule amount of data from my 3rd thermometer run, which is the smallest I can grab, is 322. It makes this lab basically useless. I think all the labs work like that so I'm not complaining about this particular lab, just want it to work.
  19. I could use some help understanding how to get ducted fans working properly. I have a craft which has 4 of the atlas ducted fans. When throttling up, the fourth ducted fan (what happens to be rear right) will lose thrust compared to the other three engines as soon as the craft leaves the ground causing the CoT to move off to the front left of the craft which the expected explosive results. I've tried placing the engines using symmetry, not using symetry, placing them in different orders, etc. Here are some screen shots showing the CoT/CoM just before leaving the runway and another at the moment I leave the runway. I've also pinned the engine stats in both shots so you can see they are not behaving the same. It appears to be something to do with how the air intake is working, or maybe that ATM value is just higher because that engine is still lower to the ground. Will I need additional air intakes? I'm certain I'm doing something silly but I'm just not sure what. For some reason I'm not able to insert these images in the post. It won't let me. https://imgur.com/ckWLoL6 https://imgur.com/boL9KGh Oh, and I have the latest CKAN version of all mods and the latest Steam version of KSP. Mod list: Edit: Never mind, I realized I just needed more intakes. I don't know why I didn't realize that before typing all that crap up, lol.
  20. I'm trying to get a power relay network set up and I'm having some difficulty. I've done lots of testing with all of the various transceivers and relays and none of them seem to want to connect. Only the pure receivers seem to be working. For example, the "Duel" Mode Thermal Sphere Receiver can receive Ka band MW power from my kerbin power transmitter but not one of the transceivers can receive. They show 0/2 satellits connected no matter how close to the transmitter they are. I put the Duel Mode (in electric mode) on the same craft as a Phased Array Transceiver (the one that looks sort of like the Duel) and put both in the receive mode. The Duel sees 1/2 and the PAT sees 0/2. I've triple verified that everything is set to Ka band MW too. I'm really stumped. I was able to get the DragonTek Inline Wrapped Phase Array to see a satellite for a brief second in relay mode but it was either my eyes playing tricks on me or a something I'm doing wrong because it was gone before the array finished unwrapping. Any advice would be appreciated. As a side note, maybe someone can just tell me what specific set up of power generators/transmitters/receivers/relays has worked for them. I'm happy to not reinvent the wheel. Most of the guides I've found are really dated or so poorly done they aren't really feasible for an advanced career playthrough IMO. Thanks! Edit: Disregard... the way my screen was I didn't see that there was a bandwidth setting for receiving AND for transmitting. Duh.
  21. Ditto. Sad face. Edit: Noticed that ClickThroughBlocker on CKAN is not updated to 0.1.7. It's still 0.1.6 so I've manually downloaded 0.1.7 from Github and I'm loading now to see if that fixes it. Edit 2: That did it!
  22. Hi, I have the latest version of Interstellar and Real Plume installed along with the latest version of Steam KSP. Without Interstellar installed when I use the LV-N the engine plume is always on, even when the engine isn't activated. I was able to fix this by removing the Squad/nuclearEngine.cfg from Real Plume and restarting. However, I then installed Interstellar which modifies the LV-N NERV to the NERVA and the plume problem came back. I found another Real Plume config that I thought might be causing that but even after removing that config the plume was always on. After removing the configs the engine description no longer says "Configured by Real Plume" but I still have this issue. This is the only engine (so far) that I've had this issue with. I'd rather fix it if possible, even if it means editing the base part file, instead of removing either Interstellar or Real Plume. I thought I would ask about this in a generic way before asking on each of those respective mod threads specifically. Anyone have this issue? I've never played vanilla KSP so I have no idea if this problem occurs without those mods installed but since removing the Real Plume config without Interstellar installed fixed the problem I have a feeling it's related to the mods. Thanks!
  23. Is the ActiveStruts on Github the same as the version that was packaged with this? https://github.com/MagicSmokeIndustries/Active-Struts I'm happy to take a look, though most likely this is going to be over my head. I can recompile it at least and see if it works.
  24. Just FYI, that's a good tip but I think it would be better to put that in your own MM .cfg file. Otherwise it will get clobbered when QS updates. I think something like this might work (I plan to try it tonight): @PART[*]:HAS[MODULE[QuantumStrut]] { @MODULE[QuantumStrut] { @MaxStrutLength = 30 } } Or something close to that. I'm still learning MM syntax.
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