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  1. My ships won't load

    Is the fact you haven't replied because you're really busy or because I named my dropbox "My name Jeff" and you thought someone like this wasn't worth your time? Sorry for the impatience tho. UPDATE: I've deleted the save which contained the bugged ships and created a new one. This one still has the issue of randomly crashing either during a loading screen or in the SPH. There were also occurrences of the toolbars in the SPH turning invisible, part-list and all. Because of this, I can only play for short intervals before it inevitably crashes and I have to repeat the process all over again. There is a new KSP.log folder now, it should be in my Dropbox team folder (It's a compressed zip file btw). Thanks.
  2. My ships won't load

    Would it be better if I sent it to you via email?
  3. My ships won't load

    The File (I think?) is in. My team folder is called "My name Jeff"
  4. My ships won't load

    Just to be clear. The KSP.log is the folder that appears in your Ksp folder after a crash named after the date it crashed, right? (e.g 2017-02-22_133838)
  5. My ships won't load

    How do I directly post it to you? Also, it says I need a premium account to send files and folders.
  6. My ships won't load

    Sure thing! My Username is Haz-Man17. I am new to the site btw.
  7. My ships won't load

    Ok. How do I paste files by reply?
  8. After I deleted some mods (B9 aerospace 6-2-1, B9 aerospace legacy, B9 aerospace HX, B9 aerospace master, B9 aerospace r4 patched and procedural wings.) after constant crashing because my game was low on data, some strange things have been happening. First, after deleting some of my ships that were no longer compatible, when I went to the folder in SPH some ships that I deleted were still there even though I deleted them from my SPH folder. When I click on a modded ship in the folder to customize it, my game usually crashes. If I click on a stock ship it works, but when I go over to the parts menu, the menu background, scrollbar, and the pieces themselves aren't there. When I go over to the runway and select a modded ship, the game crashes but when i select a stock plane it works and flies just fine. If someone can explain whats going on it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Whenever I try to open KSP, via Steam, after the loading screen it crashes Crash Details: I have no idea what any of that means so an explanation and diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Correct-a-mundo my friend! And it's an older version of KSP so more mods will (likely) be compatible. All I have to do is Ctrl+C Ctrl+V all the game data from one version to the other, carefully of course! Thanks Man! I'll be sure to contact you if there are any other issues.
  11. *NOTE* The KSP_x64 version of the game works just fine! But it appears that it's an older version, literally, It's an old save and only 1 mod is installed on it (Kerbal attachment systems), the first mod I installed that worked, that and Planetary Domes but that isn't installed.Other than that there are no other mods installed on this save and the ships I downloaded are nowhere to be seen.
  12. *UPDATE* Ever since I had the "Ghost Mode" issue, the Steam application itself won't open. Aso since you replied I followed the tips and since then I've been deleting some mods (well, trying to at least), hoping to install the latest versions or the versions compatible with 1.2.2(.1622) But Steam still won't open. Beginning to get worried that something has gone terribly wrong.
  13. So... I downloaded a ton of mods (I mean a TON of mods) including: *inhale* Deep Freeze Continued, Kerbalizm, KSOS Space center vehicles, Kebal Galaxy, Interstellar fuel switch, Planetary domes, KW rocketry, OTP space planes, MechJeb, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Mark IV Spaceplanes, Landertron, infernal robotics, Kerbal Planetary Base systems, Malemute, hermesIS and finally Kerbal attachment systems. (Btw my game version is At first, I only had a couple of mods installed (KSOS, KWR, OPT SP, PD, MJ). When I loaded up KSP only a few of them worked. I assumed either my game was outdated or the mod was. Then when I downloaded more and sorted the game data correctly this time more of them worked but not all. This time when I had all of them installed, when I clicked on the application on my homepage nothing would happen, the game wouldn't open. I then went to the KSP folder in my Steam apps and had to start it up manually. When the game opened everything was normal. I decided because I had so many mods installed I would need to start a new save file, and so I did. When i got to the space center and I tried to enter the Spaceplane Hangar it wouldn't open, Nor did the VAB. When I clicked on the runway to load a plane nothing would happen, same with the launchpad. I couldn't interact with anything, hence the name "Ghost Mode". I couldn't even quit the game from the menu! The only thing I did manage to interact with was the Recruitment center but once I entered I couldn't exit. In a nutshell my game is now unplayable. Could you help me or explain this? If you have any way to help me or an explanation be sure to let me know as soon as possible. Thanks