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  1. 所以这个版的版主钦定的是谁(#滑稽)
  2. I am Chinese and I would like to be a moderator :)

  3. As a Chinese KSP player, I'd like join the project of localization. And I believe the game can be a great hit in China.
  4. Hmm...Japanese use UTC+9, I'm Chinese. Well, there're more than 40,000 Chinese players playing KSP, I hope more Chinese players can enjoy it without the language problem. Thank you all the same.^_^
  5. We use UTC+8, and we just have lunched "some" rockets successfully last year.
  6. It just takes me nearly half an hour to register... Well, as a player who have purchased the game on Ver 0.22, today I finally join the forum. //It might be a long time... As a kerbonaut whose native language is not English, it's a great impression when I heard that localization will be available. So I'm willing to devote myself to the project and help the game be widely known by the players of my country. Best wishes for KSP!
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