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  1. Is there any way to increase the tweakscale size limit of the decals?
  2. @Omega482 I know this may seem a bit absurd or out of the norm, but how about some air force/military things? For example, an aircraft research facility or barracks etc?
  3. Sebastiaz

    Kerbal Space Program - Vietnam

    A video I only just made, just a nice little compilation of Vietnam vehicles. ^^
  4. I know this may seem a little repetitive, but is it possible to be able to have versions for 1.4.5 and 1.3.1?
  5. Fair point there @Omega482, but instead, how about just a static variant, that can be used as a launchpad instead of moving around etc. ^^
  6. Sebastiaz

    Stockalike Airbus A330 Cockpit - Interest?

    I'm interested. ^^ Is there any chance this'll turn into a parts pack?
  7. I don't use 1.5.1 due to me preferring it on earlier versions. Because I didn't really check, didn't know there was a 1.4.5 version, all I saw was 1.4.3, yeah, I'm a bit special. ^^
  8. I have the latest release for 1.4.3. Nevermind, got it sorted, clicked releases on the github, got to the place I needed to be.
  9. Is there any way to prevent the auto-grass colour other than the toggle button? When I move the instance without auto-grass colour, the colour is still changed:
  10. Loving it so far! By any chance will you add the crawler itself? And maybe some misc vehicles to place. ^^
  11. Sebastiaz

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    Some craft from my recent WWII-Modern Warfare save.
  12. Now that I know this fella is back up! How about some more part recommendations! How about: F-86 cockpit MiG-15/17 cockpit V-1 Flying Bomb engine Tank turrets like the T-64B or a Challenger 2 Turret F-18 Single seat cockpit Eurofighter cockpit F-15 cockpit Some WW2 era aircraft turrets/guns, like ball turrets, side mounted turrets and the lot. Can't wait to see what happens!
  13. Sebastiaz

    [1.4.x] WWII Jets: Heinkel, BMW and Junkers

    Pity that it's no longer going to be developed, hope someone will continue, have some good ideas for it.
  14. Sebastiaz

    [1.5.1] Advanced Jet Engine v2.12.1 (Nov 11)

    Nah it's okay, thanks for taking a look!