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  1. Some of my screenshots, I'll probably add more as time goes on! S-3 Viking close-up. P-51D Flying overhead! P-38 doing a flyby. F-104 "Stratosphere skipping" S-3 Viking "VS-30 Diamond Cutters"
  2. Question, it seems a lil' funny to ask this but could I do a screenshot of a fighter jet w/ touches on photoshop, etc? I don't really know if it would be indecent to do so or not, if not that's fine I understand. ^^
  3. This V-22 cockpit was well worth the wait my man. Excellent mod, can't wait to see what comes out of it in the future! On a second note, is it possible to update the standalone osprey rotors so they're able to fold? ^^
  4. On a second note, sorry for pestering, Vesselmover isn't showing my aircraft surprisingly enough, any ideas why? My version is 1.3.1.
  5. 'Aight, I suppose it could work, unless it uses code etc (I'm not literate at all with this kind of stuff) from 1.7.-.
  6. Hey, funny question but is it possible to get the newest version of Vesselmover to be compatible for older versions such as 1.3.1?
  7. Any ideas when we'll be getting our hands on that lovely V-22 cockpit?
  8. Hi, I seem to be having a sort of issue while using B9 Procedural wings and KVV. The SU-30 is for some reason coloured in in some majestic colour pallet although it should simply be plain white. Adding a new wing seems to keep the same colour, here's the pictures. EDIT: Reverting to SPH after launching from the runway seems to fix it, weird bug I suppose.
  9. -Military videos- As the title says, I've got some little military shorts on KSP, the list will continue to be updated as I enjoy doing these, any recommendations hit me up. ^ I'm going to also hopefully create a little cinematic using the 1980s style shots because why not eh? The first couple are some 1980s aesthetic shots, cause I love them. Another bunch of videos are of SU-30MKI replica doing things, more will be added soon!
  10. Didn't see it, sorry xD Mods include: B9 Proc wings Tweakscale BD Armoury NEBULA Decals Neist Air Airplane+ AoA Parts Pack Procedural Parts Scatterer EVE
  11. I'm not sure myself currently, I'm not using it though everything's working nominal. I'll check at some point to see which one works
  12. I had one already installed at the time, although I deleted that one for testing. It seems the one inside the 1.21.5 download of KSPIE, I've tried without and KSPIE and KSP seems to work fine as usual The one I had installed was FilterExtensions_Config, while the one on KSPIE is called FilterExtensions Config.
  13. Will do. I tried the 1.21.5 version where it crashed on loading, although I seem to have found the culprit on 1.21.5 , after narrowing down it seems to be either Filter Extensions or Community Resourcepack. Edit: Filter Extensions is the culprit.