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  1. Jeb federation

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    That last blooper it looked like kerbal next to the carrier got nailed as well. Love your drop ships @Cupcake...! man your a good flyer!
  2. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    OK followed the link you gave and downloaded the zips but I just looked through them and none of em have DLLs is that supposed to be that way or did I get the wrong ones, also could the fact that I am using an android device to download them then move them over to my computer be causing the issues? Here the link I followed
  3. Jeb federation

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    I use I-beams instead, more impact tolerance, less likely to snap off. I use landing legs for glitch bombs.
  4. Jeb federation

    The infinite depth bug

    Hmmm...very interesting, might try this. I found a hole underwater by the island airport, I wonder if I can get to the core from there?
  5. Jeb federation

    I'm going to kill Val

    Killing Kerbals...intentionally! My goodness, I mean my word!
  6. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    OK do you have a link for the DLL(s)?
  7. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    I knew there was a game data folder that came with the mod that I was not supposed to put in there, but this one was already there. But I removed it anyway and nothing happened. So far physics range extender works fine and destruction fx too, could the bda that I downloaded have something missing or corrupted? Got it from github through @Papa_Joe
  8. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    K did that nothing changed. I noticed that there is another gamedata folder in gamedata, should it be there?
  9. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    Thanks @4x4cheesecake now where do I put the module manager?
  10. Jeb federation

    Bda need help

    I installed bda 1.2.2 but none of the weapons work, they just act as decorations. And shouldn't there be a bda button at the top right corner of the screen? Also it appears I need something called module manager, where would I find a download for it ? Any help much appreciated
  11. Jeb federation

    Bda for v 1.2.2

    Thanks @DoctorDavinci
  12. Jeb federation

    Bda for v 1.2.2

    Thanks for the link guys, now how do I install it?
  13. Jeb federation

    Bda for v 1.2.2

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this. I would like to download BDArmory for v1.2.2 ,but where do I go to find it?
  14. I'm not entering this challenge, but I have a fleet of old ships if anyone wants to use them for this challenge. Feel free to upgrade them or rebuild them or do whatever.
  15. Jeb federation

    A new Kraken?

    OK cool. I wonder if there's any beneficial use for such a glitch.