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  1. Jeb federation

    Bda for v 1.2.2

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this. I would like to download BDArmory for v1.2.2 ,but where do I go to find it?
  2. I'm not entering this challenge, but I have a fleet of old ships if anyone wants to use them for this challenge. Feel free to upgrade them or rebuild them or do whatever.
  3. Jeb federation

    A new Kraken?

    OK cool. I wonder if there's any beneficial use for such a glitch.
  4. Jeb federation

    A new Kraken?

    Well it didn't fly, just skidded forward across the ground really fast. And I forgot to mention that the brakes were on at the time.
  5. Jeb federation

    Newtype stock gun!!

    You can apparently launch a cubic strut into oblivion with this kind of weapon
  6. Jeb federation

    A new Kraken?

    I may have come across a new Kraken whilst doing a stock tank battle In 1.2.2. I had two tanks that weighed about 30 t apiece, both armed with some i beam rockets. The rockets were the typical I beam + two sepratrons and could reach speeds of about 300ms at about 1000 meters range. I had been playing around with these tanks shooting each other with i beam rockets and I had done this a few times previously with nothing unusual happening. This time I had aimed tank A at tank B and fired a rocket. Tank B was 200 meters away from Tank A and going 0ms, the rocket was probably going around 200ms. The rocket missed and eventually hit the ground almost a km away. I moved tank A a little closer to get a better shot. But as I was moving tank A, tank B all of the sudden went from 0ms to 300 or something in one second and travel about 200 to 250 meters. Something popped inside the tank, I never found what it was but other than that the tank was OK. My figuring is that the game somehow confused the current speed of the rocket (300ms) with the current speed of tank B (0ms). I've tried to replicate this many times but have not been able to. I don't know if this is a known Kraken or not ,but if it isn't, I have name for it "0 to 60 Kraken"
  7. Jeb federation

    Flip tank

    (Tries to closing door to the SPH to hide my massive tank army and squishes a kerbal in the process. kerbal paste everywhere and door refuses to shut.) Well darn.
  8. Jeb federation

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    Are stock military vehicles allowed?
  9. Jeb federation

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. @MiffedStarfish
  10. Jeb federation

    Real size Eiffel Tower

    That is terrifyingly awesome! I almost got vertigo. How did keep the kraken from messing with something that big?
  11. Jeb federation

    Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    Did any of my vehicles ever make it to Laythe?
  12. Jeb federation

    Whats your favourite engine in KSP?

    My favorite, the Vector engine. I like thrust.
  13. Jeb federation

    Flip tank

    I wonder has anyone done a stock vs bda tank battle?
  14. Jeb federation

    FORD GT (2017) STOCK

    Beautiful car! Spectacular crash too! Really nice
  15. Jeb federation

    Vessel mover not working

    So I finally figured out what I did wrong. I had the wrong version still in the Game data folder when went to put the right one in. Now it works except I can't seem to move any vehicles. I click the VM button in the toolbar ui and a green ring shows up around the vehicle but I can't move it. I've hit all the buttons the readme said to but they don't do anything. I can spawn a new vehicle but it appears about 20 or so meters in the air and I can't seem to move that one either. This is the right version of vm for my ksp so I'm not sure what's wrong.