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  1. Vessel mover not working

    So I finally figured out what I did wrong. I had the wrong version still in the Game data folder when went to put the right one in. Now it works except I can't seem to move any vehicles. I click the VM button in the toolbar ui and a green ring shows up around the vehicle but I can't move it. I've hit all the buttons the readme said to but they don't do anything. I can spawn a new vehicle but it appears about 20 or so meters in the air and I can't seem to move that one either. This is the right version of vm for my ksp so I'm not sure what's wrong.
  2. Stock cargo ship

    Thanks @MiffedStarfish and I will follow your advice about adding docking ports. I figure that both our ships are roughly the same size yours being slightly longer. BTW nice carrier!
  3. Stock cargo ship

    Here is something I have been working on lately. It's a long distance cargo ship ( that kinda looks like a crab boat from deadliest catch ). It has a blistering white knuckle top speed of about 15 ms! Lol Has plenty of room for cargo ( or pots) I will get the link posted as soon as get Dropbox to work
  4. Stock Fighter jet with ejection seat

    @Majorjim! I really like how you can access the cockpit on the Eagle 1 from the bottom and that biplane is awesome! I might try building one if I can get my electric prop engine to give me more thrust.
  5. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    My newest generation of vessels are equipped with it. (The missiles are tucked up inside of) I've tested many different types of weapons on it and so far it has survived most of them.
  6. Stock Fighter jet with ejection seat

    Thanks do you have any pics of your jet? I would like to see it.
  7. Vessel mover not working

    Tried that still didn't work. Does it need bda to work?
  8. Just something I've been working on, I don't know if this has been done before. 100% completely stock The canopy (airbrake) blows off to allow the ejection seat to exit safely. Ejection seat is equipped with a drogue chute and Kerbal usually survives.
  9. Vessel mover not working

    Well I downloaded the right one and put the file "vessel mover" where its supposed to go, but there is still no change. Is it supposed to be zipped or unzipped when it goes into game data?
  10. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    Here is the projectile in question Its about the only thing that can do significant damage to the Hyperion, but it still can't destroy it.
  11. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    Ok I only used them because of their mass and penetrability. I made sure they can't get fuel for that reason.
  12. Naval Battle League 2016-2017

    Is it legal to have missiles tipped with aero spikes that act only as kinetic warheads. So far its the only thing I have found that can severely damage the Hyperion.
  13. Vessel mover not working

    OK thanks I will try that. This is where I originally got VM from
  14. Stock bomber challenge [1.3]

    I should dust off the old "Biggs 100" All 24 of those ore tanks are filled
  15. I have version 1.2.1 and I downloaded vessel mover and put it in Gamedata as the readme said, turned on the game but there was nothing new. The readme said it would be in the toolbar ui but I don't know where that is or how to get it. I don't know what I could have done wrong, any ideas? I got vessel mover from kerbalx.