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  1. Is it possible to compile an album of all the ships ever built for the naval battle league? It would be great to see the progression of ships built throughout ages of the league. I like to see the different solutions developed by each participant. You guys build some of the coolest ships ever!
  2. I find it disconcerting that it says R&D on the side.
  3. So are we talking stock space battles like the naval warfare league?
  4. Awsome! Especially when you jumped it over the building. I think that should be a challenge!
  5. I once fought my brother in a space for dres ( see what I did there with the lower case d ), now I wonder why put so much effort in taking such a boring planet! I will forever point my nose cone away from this despicable rock!
  6. I don't believe that Dres is a planet, I don't think that it is a moon or an asteroid. I think that Dres is just a hair ball cough up by Kerbol.
  7. Jool is way more interesting than Dres and you can't even land on it. Can I be initiated into the ADAS now?
  8. Interesting craft there, never thought about using mono engines on a lander. So whats your plan of attack currently?
  9. Hmm interesting. Wonder if this is in 1.7?
  10. Currently 15 have died in space war between me and my brother (most of them were mine) But the death toll is probably well into the hundreds since I started playing the game bout three years ago. I can neither confirm nor deni that they may or may not been intentionally killed, tortured, or maimed nor can I comment on the remaining kerbals psychological or mental health condition. I think the judge will just throw it out.
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