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  1. Currently 15 have died in space war between me and my brother (most of them were mine) But the death toll is probably well into the hundreds since I started playing the game bout three years ago. I can neither confirm nor deni that they may or may not been intentionally killed, tortured, or maimed nor can I comment on the remaining kerbals psychological or mental health condition. I think the judge will just throw it out.
  2. Not sure what RACs are is it a mod? As far as impact velocity what I've discovered from my own tests is there is a limit to how fast an object can hit a target without clipping through harmlessly. From what I can tell it seems 400/500ms is the fastest a projectile can hit a target without clipping, but I don't know if there is any differences in versions, I run 1.2.2. And I also found it depends on the angle it hits. If your interested in a glitch weapon try mounting landing legs on the sides of an ibeam and attach a cubic strut to the end. Make sure the landing legs feet clip into the cubic strut then add sepratrons. When fired at a ship a couple of things happen. Either blow a giant hole in the side of the ship or the legs will clip into the ship and bounce around a bit before they go "critical" and destroy the internals. But I don't know if this is version thing. Hope this helps
  3. @panzer1bI took some lessons from your ships and started building ships that are under 400 parts and it really helps in battles. So far I've had battles with five ships at one time and although it gets slower frame it no longer gets choppy. I also turned my graphics down too which also helps.
  4. So is there a standard when it comes to ship classification in the naval battle league? Like what defines a cruiser vs a destroyer and what exactly a support ship is. Also are there classes such as dreadnought or battle ship? My problem is I keep making ships and calling them cruisers not based on any particular thing. What I would like to know what method you guys use for classing ships.
  5. That last blooper it looked like kerbal next to the carrier got nailed as well. Love your drop ships @Cupcake...! man your a good flyer!
  6. OK followed the link you gave and downloaded the zips but I just looked through them and none of em have DLLs is that supposed to be that way or did I get the wrong ones, also could the fact that I am using an android device to download them then move them over to my computer be causing the issues? Here the link I followed
  7. I use I-beams instead, more impact tolerance, less likely to snap off. I use landing legs for glitch bombs.
  8. Hmmm...very interesting, might try this. I found a hole underwater by the island airport, I wonder if I can get to the core from there?
  9. Killing Kerbals...intentionally! My goodness, I mean my word!
  10. I knew there was a game data folder that came with the mod that I was not supposed to put in there, but this one was already there. But I removed it anyway and nothing happened. So far physics range extender works fine and destruction fx too, could the bda that I downloaded have something missing or corrupted? Got it from github through @Papa_Joe
  11. K did that nothing changed. I noticed that there is another gamedata folder in gamedata, should it be there?
  12. Thanks @4x4cheesecake now where do I put the module manager?
  13. I installed bda 1.2.2 but none of the weapons work, they just act as decorations. And shouldn't there be a bda button at the top right corner of the screen? Also it appears I need something called module manager, where would I find a download for it ? Any help much appreciated