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  1. Curiously enough, I havent had any of my LV-N's overheat. Does it actually happen? And is it because you are in an atmosphere? I only use it for 5-20 minute burns. Haha
  2. Does it work? Lol I havent tried docking the 2 together.
  3. Thank you everyone for your stories and in return, knowledge and things to remember/not do. Didn't realize it was going to be this active. I only bought the game this winter Steam sale and have put far more hours then I expected. Constantly reverting my launches. Slowly getting better. But not sure how to get a maximum Delta V's. I'm guessing I will have to build some sort of fueling station around Kerbin, And another around Duna for a return trip. THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME! Lol. But Seriously thank you all for the stories and input and amount of activity. Edit: I know I promised to put Bi
  4. Flamingo, how hard and how long did you try jumping and spamming the grab/climb button? It must have been so close.
  5. Dang ottothesilent, you seem to have had it rough beyond me. Duna is far, although i can't believe you simply left a fellow Kerbal hanging around Minmus! Now that i've mastered it my next stage is Duna. But poor Bill, but then again I only use Jeb so I don't know or care who Bill is either! Haha! Let him hang in orbit for another 27 Years! Edit: Also seems like 5thhorseman cares as little about Bill as yourself... Bill must not get along with people well. When I meet him..... I promise to put him in orbit EVA style around the Sun. I will post a picture soon.
  6. That moment when you realize you forgot your passengers once you've reached Minmus. That moment when you realize on re-entry you forgot to equip your capsule with parachutes. That moment when you realize you have no landing gear when you are about to land on a new planet/moon. What are things you realized once you got to your destination? When I forgot my passengers, i decided to rescue a Kerbal around Minmus for a contract instead, and land and make it a science run. When I forgot my landing gear I used my storage bay door 'Open' command to bounce the ship up enough to burn thrust
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