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  1. Ive attempted to play with this value. From the lowest it will go, to default, to 20, to some inbetween. Its like any hits that do register are due to luck, as it still aims off of target. When the value is really high, planes seem sluggish in turning and reacting. When its low they seem to move faster. Regardless of their ki value however, they always seem to be aiming to an offset rather than on target. like theyre aiming 10 meters to the bottom of anything theyre shooting at.
  2. For some reason ai aircraft cant seem to hit anything with fixed ballistic weapons. Every burst seems at least a few degrees off, like its aim is offset somehow. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. Related, Im close to adding this, which I think is what you were looking for.
  4. So erm, for public class KSPWheelMultiMotorUI : KSPWheelSubmodule How would this look in a typical setup, particularly for public string wheelIndices = "0"; Is KSPWheelMultiMotorUI its own module in the config?
  5. Yup. Thats what I have in Blender, but it doesnt seem to translate
  6. Thought about that too, but then one of them would never move while the other would move and disconnect from the joint between them both. The empty would have to move half the distance of the wheel.
  7. Different View Im not sure its possible to make from just constraints, at least the ones in ksp. If they had influence levels I could see it, but without them Im not sure how.
  8. I made a landing gear model with 4 small armatures to animate a linkage (I think), bending. The thing is however, I dont think it works. Unfortunately for the purposes of suspension, I dont think an animation would work, so is it at all possible to have bones in ksp?
  9. Yea, I generally like the idea of needing less parts. As for the boeing, modeling something to look realistic to that level sounds somewhat daunting to me. The idea of ready made aircraft landing gears that are closer to the body like that does seem neat though. I actually started working on one thats more low profile even. Oh.... I really probably should have demonstrated it at full scale.. That was scaled down and on a 0.625m body. Its full sized on the jets in the video though. The wheels are actually 8 cm in diameter iirc.
  10. It uses KSPWheels built in scaling. It can scale up to 4x and down to 0.1x iirc. It scales carrying capacity/speed and all the other relevant ksp wheel attributes. Unfortunately not. Maybe Il add this eventually (After finishing the current panned list). Just getting it to work was... an experience. This is the first time ive dabbled with modding after all ha ha. ShadowMage was a huge help in figuring it out. Do you mean like a rectangular prism of a similar size with retractable gear (2 wheels only)? Currently no, but Im thinking of making something a bit like an all in one rover/plane root with gear/probe core. Il probably make a version of the box with 3 wheels (front steering) first though. No. I dont actually think there is even a mechanism to do that by default. Thinking of how it might be possible, I could imagine having a generic animation that increases the mesh size and perhaps moves the physical model of the wheel, but that sounds like a lot more trouble than its worth over just making one with larger wheels even. The reason for the wheel size was really just that I wanted it to physically be able to fit inside the model without visibly clipping or having a ridiculously large housing.
  11. WIll this be able to pivot wheels on an axle per se? Either way it sounds good.
  12. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Parts: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reason as I tried to follow typical specs/barrel sizing while modeling. The magazines also hold what I measured to be a to scale amount of ammunition. For sound these use the base BDArmory sounds. This needs BDArmory to work 2 Variants of aesthetically different gun pods. Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. These may eventually become turrets These very roughly follow realistic sizes (The barrels at least). They come with ammunition. (If you can guess, I made these before the previous ones.). This needs BDArmory to work 3 Variants of BDArmory Combination Command Boxes. Why: To combine 3/4 frequently needed parts into one To have to closest thing to a laser I can make These have AI flight modules, Weapon Management modules, Flight Command modules, Solar panels, Batteries Lights (lasers?!), Very Small Reaction Wheels Radios and Small RTGs. Its recommended to use 360 degrees of view for now. This needs BDArmory to work 1 Small Single Shaft 1 mode thrust direction changing turbojet fin (Based loosely on the TJ100(Tweakscalable)) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Ive wanted a small drone sized jet engine that does not need anything but itself to produce thrust/steering. (Intake, directional thrust, fin, small fuel tank, engine included). These are pretty small, so theyre great fun early stages, but youll want tweakscale to play around. 1 Electric Ducted fan ((Tweakscalable)). Why: I like electric ducted fans, and wanted one I could tweak to feel more realistic and like the look of. Both this and the mono prop engine use KAX sound assets. 1 Atmosphere breathing mono propellant powered 0.625/half size piston engine (Tweakscalable). Why: For low flying flying rovers on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen like eve based on concept from nasa in the 70s Single Piece Landing gear. (scalable) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Thanks to Shadowmage for answering probably too many questions about this. It uses KSPWheel as well as Kerbal Foundry sound assets. One Part y axis balanced dual wheel landing gear. Why: To have a small steerable landing gear piece that has functional wheel colliders for each wheel, meaning a vehicle can be balanced on just 2 of them. Outside of BDArmory parts, parts are on the techtree. I decided to post this here, in addon releases, as Il probably never really "finish" it as basically Il just keep adding parts I want and I think ive basically hit all the major points I wanted to hit when starting. I think Il just let the other thread die, or post more in depth info there. Blog like "development" update thread with issues, planned changes and smaller updates I dont think warrant a number change. (Quotations because its such a small mod relatively in the sea of kerbin). Link to SpaceDock Download Dependencies, recommended and included mods: Included Included Not Included. Latest Downloads available from the official Github Releases page. Recommended License: Feedback is appreciated. Ive never done this before and am clueless. If anything is off, and you know how to make it better, Im open to advice. Also thanks to Shadowmage and Spannermonkey for their assistance with KSPwheel and BDArmory Continued respectively. They've both been extremely helpful with questions, examples and advice. Also thanks to all others who have been helpful here and there.
  13. 0.01: Fairly large update for me at least: Added single part landing gear with 4 wheels, suspension and tank steering. Enables you to land on just one part. (pretty happy I finally got this working) Added single part 2 wheel landing gear with steering. This has 2 real wheel colliders so it will balance on the y axis. Added monopropellant piston engine for escapades in oxygen lacking atmospheres. Added electric ducted fan for the same reasons as the piston engine. Added slimmer AI Command box that looks far more sleek. 0.011 Small change to shading of 50 calibers to fix lighting. 0.012 Fixed small mistake in AIBox configs/wheel sounds
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