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  1. KSP Making History

    Thoughts, Im not too fond of the idea of scoring. I dont like the dynamic it adds to the game. It doesnt say there are extra engines. Id love some new stock engines that do more than rocketry. Perhaps even the ability to ture engines for different areas. For example stock electric engines (ducted fans, or props) or even rotors with a means to control it naturally or perhaps even LFO powered would be great additions. Id love to see improved autopilot modes here. Another feature id love over most of the features here and one thats missing from the game that I would think would be somewhat crucial. There are plenti of uses as well. having your SSTO land it self for example (whether that be through save trickery, multiple physics instances (multicore even?)or not) would be great. Dont get me wrong, This game has been an absolutely crazy value proposition at 15 bucks for hundred of hours of quality entertainment, and because of that I dont mind an additional 5-15 but this just feels like its missing a few things I would have thought would be first on the to do list or are things I dont think would be too taxing to throw in.
  2. It seems the smoke trail coming off these engines are offset
  3. I googled and cound find a thread for it, so can I suggest different AI modes for vehicles, vtols and types of planes? I imagine some would be easier to implement than others. For example, I imagine making a jet that does Boom and zoom instead of turn fighting is just the changing of a few things.
  4. So I Just got BDA Armoury, and well, with a 2 mode engine, it automatically switches from air breathing to closed cycle without allowing me to change it back. Anyone know how to fix this? Jet in question has 2 engines, 1 1 mode, 1 2 mode Jet has air intakes and flies well manually Is set to run off of air breathing out of the gate Mods that are used on this plane: B9 parts, BDArmory, mrs, B9 Procedural.
  5. It was the first, both in the image and your response. Thanks.
  6. Saw this watching a Scott Manley video and was wondering what mod it is
  7. Soo, that didnt work. I did figure it out though thanks to your help. I saw MechJebAndEngineerForAll.cfg in there as well, and using some super smart, rocket science level detective skills, I figured that it was actiually conflicting with the new cfg file I made so i changed the same portion obut of the MechJebAndEngineerForAll.cfg file.
  8. So ive got mehjeb and mechjeb for ll, and my problem is, that after editing the config file so that all the components were unlocked from the start, I still dont see many of the features in career mode. In the tech tree I see this And I expect this (picture from sandbox mode) but get this
  9. I did figure it out, and the contract did actually want me to fly directly towards the moon as my edit says, but dumb question. Though < I think I know, just to be sure what are the AN/DN markers
  10. This is the result of me trying to match the requirements for this mission The heights are pretty much correct. The only thing i can Imagine is that its the wrong direction. The thing is though, that the other direction who hit directly into the moon or be thrown out of orbit by the moon. Edit: Thanks. I was going the wrong way.... I guess the contract actually specifies flying directly into the mun........... Luckily enough, I had enough fuel to reverse my orbit. did the contract and am just going to do a less dangerous route since I cant put this one through the atmosphere.