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  1. You could edit the part files to change eurekasRequired, kuargsRequired and bioproductsRequired for the experiments.
  2. I must correct myself. I reread your comment and had another look at the folder structure in KPBS. It is indeed unusual, but not unheard of, to split the mod inside itself BEFORE setting up parts folders.
  3. Almost every mod I use has multiple folders for parts. Some for different part categories, others for different vehicles within the mod itself.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. I've never had any issues with manually installing your mod, too many issues with CKAN for me to use it personally. I've also played around with the files, checking life support configs and other things, and don't find anything odd about the directory structure. Keep in mind that I am still using KSP 1.2.2 and a compatible KPBS version so I can't say if there were changes with 1.3 compatibility. No issues with FUR either, though I find the tools location inside the Kerbtrotter folder interesting. Most tools folders go direct into gamedata, this is likely because many modmakers with toolsets have multiple mods that use the same tools pack, but I prefer it in the mod folder so it gets updated with the mod without me tracking down multiple folders in gamedata to delete and replace.
  5. Luckily I still have a 1.2.2 version of Tantares, I was just getting the last 1.2.2 compatible versions of all my mods. I seem to be seeing quite a few posts indicating that a lot of 1.3 mods seem to work fine in 1.2.2, so I might give a 1.3 comp Tantares a try at some point.
  6. I just don't see the need. Being an English speaker, 1.3 doesn't offer very much to me. Some of my mods aren't even up to date with 1.2 (Habtech, kubesats and US/Sov Solar) and I'm concerned they'll break completely if I go to 1.3 as well. TAC LS and Kerbalism 1.3s are both having issues with their background processing. Maybe if they get worked out I might go to 1.3, but for now I switched to USI and am sticking with 1.2.
  7. When I go to Spacedock for Tantares (Soyuz, Mir, etc) and use the changelog links to find the last version that was compatible with 1.2.2 which is Tantares 1.0.1 the download contains the launch vehicles from TantaresLV not the modules for Soyuz and the like.
  8. Spacedock previous version link to V1.0.1, the latest version for KSP 1.2.2, actually downloads TantaresLV.
  9. If I'm not mistaken Airtoxicity means you ran out of power and the life support systems were unable to circulate the air for recycling/addition of oxygen. Note: There is a known issue with the background processing (unless it was fixed). If the ship was unloaded than it might not have been properly tracking power generation. Turn background processing off in the TAC-LS difficulty settings for the time being.
  10. The ultimate challenge. Laythe Mods used: KAC, KER, DPAI, Trajectories, Precise Node Shuttle, Support and payloads: All stock
  11. Duna STS-1 and 2 Fun fact: This is the first ever time I've sent something to another planet. Technically Jool Support and Coms occurred first, but they aren't intended to return. My career and science saves have always ended with a probe on the way to Duna but hasn't arrived, either because a new KSP version was released or I was finding it too easy and increasing the difficulty. Interesting given that shuttles, something I had no interest in tinkering in until I saw this challenge, are the first to carry Kerbals for me. Quite fun and a learning experience, I hope you enjoy. Mods used: KAC, KER, DPAI, Trajectories, Precise Node Shuttles: All stock Payloads: Stock, Tweakscale.
  12. While I agree this should probably be an optional part in stock KSP, the real Space Shuttle cannot dump fuel, nor can many aircraft. I suspect engineers had concerns about sealing some kind of dump port in both space and atmosphere while still having a functional "door" for the port. Not to mention that dumping fuel in orbit would cause some kind of propulsive effect on the shuttle itself. STS-51 aborted and "dumped" OMS fuel by actually running the engines on the way up to it's lower orbit when one of the main engines failed. Personally I consider it part of the challenge to adjust fuel loads to meet mission criteria. The NukaShuttle was built for outrageous fuel capacity for the later challenges but I only launched it with the front and rear tanks full when deploying the fuel pod so it wouldn't be too heavy to land. Worst case I could do a couple extra orbits and burn prograde for a bit and then retrograde at the same spot to burn fuel with minimal change to my orbit. Regardless, it's your challenge, not mine.
  13. A pair of shuttle launches to assemble parts for my trip to Jool. Also isn't she the cutest shuttle evah? Yes she is.
  14. Do each experiment twice. Or in the case of partial return experiments (Mystery Goo and Science Jr) do them an extra time for the lab. Store extras in pods or passenger modules or bring a science container along for each repeat. Scientists are, obviously, helpful for resetting the Goos and Jrs so you don't have to carry extras science modules. Feed one completed experiment of each into the lab and the rest go to Kerbin or get transmitted as is. You can collect the science for the experiments and the data processing from the lab for each experiment in each biome/situation.
  15. Your design is fine. My first NukaShuttle iteration was a massive "Dreamchaser" setup that got all the way to orbit where the shuttle decoupled and completed a mission and the launch vehicle was recovered on Kerbin near KSC. As you suspected only full SSTO's that do not decouple a launch vehicle/booster of some sort are prohibited.