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  1. First, probe cores do draw power at all times and then more when running the reaction wheels. As we are in the mods section, most life support mods include some kind of power drain for crew compartments. They also come with the need to feed kerbals, of course, and often detrimental effects when Kerbals do not have power to run the life support systems, which might not be to your liking. Some of these functions can be turned off. USI in particular can allow you to remove the effects for lack of power, lack of food, lack of habitation time, etc. while you could still run the components to simulate power drain.
  2. I have been seeing constant orbital decay in both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3. It seems as if physics/air resistance continues to be calculated above 70km around Kerbin for the active vessel. I don't see this around the Mun or Minmus. Furthermore after upgrading to 1.7.3, I am seeing terrible slow down in game play, particularly with space planes in orbit, as if the physics calculations are bogging down the game. Only seems to happen with craft with wings These are craft I have used in previous versions without issue. Each time I recreated them from scratch. I upgraded from 1.7.2 before accessing the plane parts in this particular career mode. I just attempted to launch a single piece space station consisting primarily of 2.5m fuel tanks, hitchhiker, science lab with some radial bits all contained within a fairing, which had intermittent normal speed and very low frame rates and returning to normal play at roughly 20 second intervals. Once finally in orbit I had no problems. Launching virtually the same space station in this career when I was still using version 1.7.2 did not suffer from any of these frame rate issues. Removing a ton of mods did not solve these issues. Completely reinstalling 1.7.3 and the Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs also did not solve the issue even on a stock game. I found my old 1.7.2 installer I reinstalled the game and found the orbital decay is the same, but a hastily put together space plane does not have the same framerate issues. I am unable to confirm with the exact same craft, in the same save for the other complaints as the game is blocking all craft and save files from 1.7.3. Is there any known problem that would cause these issues? Is there a way to recover my saves and craft files for use in 1.7.2 again?
  3. It uses old patches for the greenhouses, but I think they will still work. Unfortunately the living spaces don't appear to have patches for the habitation parts of USI-LS. So, it will work, but it won't work to extend the available hab time for your Kerbals other than simply the seats in each part.
  4. Hmm. I've never seen that before. Then again I NEVER use the Mk25 because it's ugly, looks non aerodynamic and inline mounting is seldom a desirable location for my drogue chutes especially in a 1.25m stack. The Mk25 does have a higher minimum safe deploy speed but probably should switch the semi and fully deployed diameters on those parts so it at least makes some sense.
  5. Scientists can reset Goo and Science Jr experiments to allow them to be run again but they need to remove the experiment first. A command/passenger pod can only contain 1 of a particular experiment run in one situation in one biome. That is to say only one of something like "Science Jr in space low over minmus". It could also carry the same experiment done in a different altitude range "SciJr space high over minmus", and the same experiments in different biomes like "SciJr landed at minmus flats", and "SciJr landed at minmus crater" and other experiments performed in the same locations "Temperature reading in space low over minmus" but no more than one of each. So include more passenger modules for a pilot or engineer or the science storage module or two to store the additional experiments. If you can empty and reset experiments you will only need one of each experiment device which will save on mass and launch costs. Two notes First; In the stock game the Goo canister and Science Jr are the only experiments that give partial returns and are also the only experiments that require a scientist to reset them. The remaining experiments give full return on a single running, but need to have the science removed before being re run for a different situation. This can be accomplished by any class of Kerbal, except Tourists who cannot exit the craft, or the science storage modules allow you to collect all science from all experiments from their right click menus. Second; I find it only useful to collect, at most, three of a particular experiment, unless you need an extra for a science lab to process. Beyond this, or even arguably two, leads to significantly diminishing returns.
  6. I see a moving impact point with trajectories quite a bit. It's been that way since I started using it in 1.2.2. It moves when my vessel rotates (even without RCS), when I leave and return to the vessel and sometimes when I rotate the planet in the map screen. I just kinda deal with it. I've never seen it happen when switching vessel focus, but the only time I do that is switching from the controlled vessel, to the body I am aerobraking at so I can better see when to set KAC to remind me to monitor the (re)entry/aerobrake. If I'm doing that, it's because I cannot see the impact point in the first place, because my vessel is to far out in orbit.
  7. Is it not possible in the difficulty settings? On PC the difficulty settings allow us to turn of the "Allow other Launchsites" option to disable the desert and Woomerang as choices while leaving them on the surface as visitable locations.
  8. The ability to stop the Snacks calculations appears to be removed, or not functioning in the latest release of Snacks. I am seeing my processor maxing out again whenever I open the Snacks panel to check my vessel's status. The button to stop calculations is present but has no effect when pressed.
  9. You can learn to build an Eve return vehicle, one of the most difficult tasks presented by stock KSP. Since the problem with Eve is gravity and atmospheric pressure, the mass of parts is less of an issue on the way down. I'd just throw three of each on and go for it.
  10. I've been able to build both in the past, without any of the launch position issues you are describing. That was back in 1.2.2 though. I haven't tried in 1.6.x or 1.7.x yet, but it seems being able to do both was intended.
  11. 1. Does your station move to the far side of the Mun after undocking? You have a probe core and antenna, the internal antenna should be enough and the booster should be able to communicate through those relay antennas unless the station component loses contact with KSC. 2. Does the station have it's own probe core? I've never run into this myself, all of my comsats and stations with relay antennas include a probe core, but it's possible that without some kind of control those relay antennas may become non-functional. 3. Finally, that reaction wheel is likely to burn through the power inside just that probe core very quickly and I don't see any solar panels. If you are running out of power you won't be able to control that booster section. Determine which one of these is the issue and solve them as follows: 1. Wait until the station moves around the Mun and reconnects to KSC. 2. Send your second station module with a probe core and attach the whole thing to the station. 3. Send your second station module with a small independent section with extra batteries and maybe a solar panel. Dock it to the free flying booster section and use that power to de-orbit it.
  12. I've done it before while using USI LS and Snacks because I liked the hex cans. I did have to write MM patches to give them the proper resources though.
  13. @IgorZ posted a response to @tamagotchii2003 on the KAS thread, but it is incorrect. As it was suggested that the issue is in KIS, I will respond here. The electric wrench is required to attach parts to end nodes and can also surface attach. The regular wrench allows only surface attach. The HW-80 winch and Ant engine, possibly more parts that I may not have found, do not have srfAttach nodes available when using "R" to switch them and therefore cannot be surface attached, despite it being allowed in the VAB/SPH. A few fuel tanks were found to have srfAttach as well as Top and Bottom nodes which allows them to be attached in a stack and on the surface of other parts. The Ant and HW-80 have Top and Bottom and an erroneous () node, but no srfAttach and the system throws an error indicating that they cannot be used for surface attach.
  14. This occurs with the Ant engine as well. Seems that they do not have an option for a "srfAttach" node only top, bottom etc. Testing a couple fuel tanks as well as the LV303 engine from the Missing History mod shows Top, Bottm and srfAttach nodes on these parts.
  15. I haven't tried it yet myself, but this mod purports to reduce the spam to 1 message per day. There does not appear to be an option to reduce these notifications in the stock game.