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  1. There is a fantastic video of a flock of the skinny radial intakes skipping across the water. Wish I could remember where I saw it.
  2. The ability to stop the Snacks calculations appears to be removed, or not functioning in the latest release of Snacks. I am seeing my processor maxing out again whenever I open the Snacks panel to check my vessel's status. The button to stop calculations is present but has no effect when pressed.
  3. You can learn to build an Eve return vehicle, one of the most difficult tasks presented by stock KSP. Since the problem with Eve is gravity and atmospheric pressure, the mass of parts is less of an issue on the way down. I'd just throw three of each on and go for it.
  4. I've been able to build both in the past, without any of the launch position issues you are describing. That was back in 1.2.2 though. I haven't tried in 1.6.x or 1.7.x yet, but it seems being able to do both was intended.
  5. 1. Does your station move to the far side of the Mun after undocking? You have a probe core and antenna, the internal antenna should be enough and the booster should be able to communicate through those relay antennas unless the station component loses contact with KSC. 2. Does the station have it's own probe core? I've never run into this myself, all of my comsats and stations with relay antennas include a probe core, but it's possible that without some kind of control those relay antennas may become non-functional. 3. Finally, that reaction wheel is likely to burn through the power inside just that probe core very quickly and I don't see any solar panels. If you are running out of power you won't be able to control that booster section. Determine which one of these is the issue and solve them as follows: 1. Wait until the station moves around the Mun and reconnects to KSC. 2. Send your second station module with a probe core and attach the whole thing to the station. 3. Send your second station module with a small independent section with extra batteries and maybe a solar panel. Dock it to the free flying booster section and use that power to de-orbit it.
  6. I've done it before while using USI LS and Snacks because I liked the hex cans. I did have to write MM patches to give them the proper resources though.
  7. @IgorZ posted a response to @tamagotchii2003 on the KAS thread, but it is incorrect. As it was suggested that the issue is in KIS, I will respond here. The electric wrench is required to attach parts to end nodes and can also surface attach. The regular wrench allows only surface attach. The HW-80 winch and Ant engine, possibly more parts that I may not have found, do not have srfAttach nodes available when using "R" to switch them and therefore cannot be surface attached, despite it being allowed in the VAB/SPH. A few fuel tanks were found to have srfAttach as well as Top and Bottom nodes which allows them to be attached in a stack and on the surface of other parts. The Ant and HW-80 have Top and Bottom and an erroneous () node, but no srfAttach and the system throws an error indicating that they cannot be used for surface attach.
  8. This occurs with the Ant engine as well. Seems that they do not have an option for a "srfAttach" node only top, bottom etc. Testing a couple fuel tanks as well as the LV303 engine from the Missing History mod shows Top, Bottm and srfAttach nodes on these parts.
  9. I haven't tried it yet myself, but this mod purports to reduce the spam to 1 message per day. There does not appear to be an option to reduce these notifications in the stock game.
  10. I think I tracked this down to Snacks. Posted the issue there for correction.
  11. I'm using Snacks without the stress components. Every time I open the Snacks overview to see how my vessels are doing, my CPU goes from running at 40-50% to 100% causing studdering in KSP and Youtube in the background. The only way to fix this is to restart KSP. Log files below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ogfwuysaT47op2OURksQen4klpxLW5LI https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lq6sEY5-qd91NhC0o5IMJjcLEoa6JGaQ
  12. I have quite a few mods installed. Mostly the same ones from 1.2.2 on up to now. However, since I upgraded to 1.7.2 from 1.6 I have been getting random spikes that max out my CPU. It doesn't happen all the time and can take an hour or more to show up, but once it does I have to shut down KSP and reload, which is rather time consuming with the number of mods I'm using. Normally I run around 60 - 70% CPU with Youtube running in the background, but once it spikes to 90 - 100%, YT starts studdering (usually my first indication of the issue), then KSP studders and it will stay that way until restart, even when I exit and sit on the title screen. Anyone got any ideas before I start digging into mods? Edit: I noted on a fresh restart that VAB/SPH and flight are hovering around 45-50% CPU usage. Mostly irrelevant since the key issue is this did not start happening until I went from 1.6.x to 1.7.2.
  13. ScanSat Nehemia Engineering Orbital Science These are 1.6 only but seems to work fine. Dmagic Orbital Science Station Science Probes Plus includes many parts, but I pulled it to save part loading count as a lot of them are redundant with Dmagic. It's kinda out of date at 1.4.4 but seemed to work fine in 1.7. Contract Configurator is working fine for me too, despite being out of date. Tourism Plus and Bases and Stations Reborn contract packs make more sense of tourism and station contracts in career mode. I'm not using it, but Interkosmos was newly released and includes more science experiments. Kraken Science, by the same author has more experiments too, though they are a little too goofy for my playthrough.
  14. Does anyone else find their Kerbals all getting the exact same traits? I've used KH with three different versions of KSP and always wound up with all my Kerbals with the same traits. Three different traits, first was the iron/lead skin (the one that reduces radiation), the second I can't remember and this time all my Kerbals are getting the Loner trait.
  15. Probably Airplanes Plus. It used to have a part list image, on the main page, with engines roughly organized into time periods. The image is still there, just hidden behind a spoiler tag. I don't recall any yellow parts however.