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  1. So there is an old mod I have been playing around to see if I could make work in the new version. The mod in question is P.E.W (Promethium Experimental Weaponry) by LORDPrometheus. However both him and SpannerMonkey seem to have gone absent. The mod in question is under a CC-BY-SA 2 license. Are there any extra steps I have to take if I wish to resurrect the mod?
  2. @gomker Quick question, are you planning on implementing/implementing compatibility with updated BDAc? As I know they switched to the HP system not far long ago. EDIT 1: Never mind, just understood the meaning of your last post.
  3. I mean it's probably intentional, but is there any way to disable launch failure on aircraft. It's very silly for the aircraft to fail, and very annoying with mods like KCT because unlike rockets you can reuse them, is there maybe an option to disable theese for any vehicle launched from the SPH. Thanks in advance.
  4. Don't mean to rush you @Avalon877, just curious to see how your progress has been so far.
  5. Really good, are you going to make the RCS Ports/Hatches/Details as a bump map or as a part of the model?
  6. If you need, I'll be happy at trying my hand at interiors.
  7. Could you put up the models and pictures up somewhere, then everyone who wanted could cooperate?
  8. Thanks a lot, it works now although still throws the occasional error or two.
  9. The sizing of your Mk2A parts remind me of the old B9 space plane parts, plus a name such as Mk2/3 would be cool too. Also, the scaling of the Mk2A [Mk2/3] parts look like they could be a tri-adapter to stock 1.25m parts, like the fuselage could fit 3 engines at the end there, much like the space shuttle, but more streamlined.
  10. Will check, thanks for your time. EDIT: Am I the first with this problem? Could it have something to do with a 64-bit Unity or Windows 10? EDIT 2: I have tracked it down to an empty config file, looks like I'll have to manually sift through a 1000 or so configs.
  11. Thanks, but I also set a new clean install as the source, same problem. Checked my other installs too, no luck. Thanks anyway.
  12. I was thinking along the lines of a mod like this too, I am pretty sure there are formulas linking various aspects of an engine to it's thrust, ISP and so on. Would love to see it. Also, might be cool to have a mechanic, that an improperly designed engine overheats or explodes from excessive chamber pressure.
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