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  1. Hi again, Could you please comment my post? It's a feature or a bug? If you need more info please let me know. Regards Galimba
  2. Dear Micha I just noticed the OMS ESC 4 shows scrambled labels when the contained experiments are not in the same state. Here you can see 4 snapshot showing the issue (sorry, 100 mods installed). All the experiments was completed (the last one already finalized) and I pressed the four buttons in order, from top to bottom taking a snapshot at every step. Please note the ESC 4 IS WORKING CORRECTLY!!! Only the labels in the menu are scrambled: - Pressing the first button "Finalize MIS-3", the MEE2 experiment (in the first ESC 4 slot) was correctly finalized - Pressing the second button "Finalize MEE1", the MIS-3 experiment (in the second slot) was correctly finalized - Pressing the third button "Finalize MEE2", the PACE experiment (in the third slot) was correctly finalized At the end all the labels was correct. The same before installing the experiments.
  3. Hi Ven, thank you for this really cool mod. I'm just started using it in KSP 1.3.1 and I'm facing a strange issue: people in PPD-20 are not listed in the crew thumbnails nor shows their inventory. At this link you can find: - KSP logs from a 1.3.1 vanilla installation with only Ven's Stock Revamp installed via CKAN - saved "default" player game with a simple ship showing the issue (only a cupola with a PPD-20 attached) - a screenshot showing Bill Kerman is in the PPD-20 but doesn't appear in the crew thumbnail list next Jebediah Let me know if you need more data or you have trouble downloading the logs. Thank you again Galimba
  4. It works! Thank you very much for your clarification: I was missing point 2, confusing the Lab Equipment Container with the experiment container. Thank you again and Happy New Year Galimba
  5. Hi Micha, first of all thank you for the work you are doing for this beautiful mod. Now the "bad" part: I can't find any way to install a rack in the MPL-600 or MSL-1000. The wiki just says, for example, the Microgravity Science Toolbox must be installed in MPL-600 but it doesn't explain how. I see no "add rack" or something similar in the lab menu and dropping the rack on the lab have no effect. Am I missing something obvious? Or shall I start to investigate a possible bug/mod conflict starting from a vanilla installation? Thank you for any help and a Happy New Year to everybody Galimba
  6. Hi JPLRepo First of all thank you for this very useful mod. I just found it and immediately installed ;-) From you description it's not clear to me how priority works. You talk about hi/med/low priorities, but the GUI shows 1/2/3. shall I assume 1 = hi, 2 = med, 3 = low? Moreover, if I set high priority to a component this means it will be the first to be shut down or the last? Thank you
  7. All the rocket engine have a flameout thrust threshold (usually around 10-5%). Under that throttle percentage the flame actually disappear from the animation of the engine, but the thrust is still present. I was expecting that, since the fuel is not burning, a flameout means no thrust. Does anyone know if the flameout of a rocket engine have any impact on the way the engine works? Or it's just a graphical effect? Could be a suggestion for improvement? Thank you for any feedback
  8. Why are you talking about "selecting" a container? In my space station, when I harvest food, I'm not requested to select the food container. It just fills the available space. Have I missed something?
  9. Have a look on this This article inspired my "resolve" profile I posted months ago. Cheers
  10. A question about part reliability: is the failure probability dependent on the active/inactive state of the part? I mean, can I extend the expected life of a solar panel closing it?
  11. After loading the game using the default profile I restored back my customized profile and everything is fine. EDIT: I managed to reproduce the problem. It happens that there are problems with the crew transfers: for unknown reason I'm not able to move a kerbonaut from one part of my space station to another and the transfer get stuck in the middle. When a transfer is in progress the Kerbalism items of the part context menu disappears. Usually the problem disappear when the transfer ends, but since the transfer is stuck I got the trouble. Using ShipManifest I successfully moved people without problems. I don't have CLS installed.
  12. *sigh*^2 The problem is not CKAN nor Kerbalism: it's my customized profile (find it here, in folder "1.2.7"). I checked it with a new game using the default profile (working) and my profile (not working). As you can see I'm updating my profile since version 1.2.0 and all versions was working well. From 1.2.6 to 1.2.7 the default profile changed only in some details, so I can't understand what went wrong .
  13. Is Kerbalism 1.2.7 bogus???? I just updated to version 1.2.7 and noticed the ISRU, treadmills and ECLSS controls disappeared from the context menu of the parts (the one you get by right-clicking on the part) both in flight and in the VAB. Only the controls disappeared, because I noticed some ISRU processes are running. Other UI items, such as display of radiation belt, are perfectly working. Do someone else have this problem? Or it's just my installation that isn't working? Thank you for any help (*sigh*)
  14. I feel a little bit stupid: how do you rejoined the two hulls at the rear of the ship? I thought it was not possible in KSP Thank you for your support, but it turned out that the waste compressor is correctly working. It's just SLOOOOOOW.