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  1. Banned for banning someone for a .57 ratio when you have a .41 ratio.
  2. Banned for not driving spacetrains.
  3. Banned for complaining about profile pictures.
  4. Banned for adding more boosters.
  6. Ok, stop for a second. I'm really not sure now: Is that your sincere opinion or just a joke (gone a bit too far)?
  7. banned for complaining about a correction.
  8. Banned for spelling "banned" incorrectly.
  9. Banned for banning one person more than once in a single reply.
  10. Banned for picking an arbitrary reason to ban someone.
  11. Granted, but it's a Note 7. I wish I could understand Math(s) better.
  12. Granted, but you lose both of yours. I wish for more powerful PC.
  13. Granted, but it's on a collision course with Kerbin. I honestly don't know what I could wish... I wish I could know!
  14. Granted, but it's only existant in 4D space. I wish we could go faster than light.
  15. Granted, but now you do. I wish i could make an SSTO.
  16. it still trying to emulate reality as closely as it can. That's why we have (somewhat) realistic physics and aerodynamics.
  17. Banned for complaining about a person not knowing something about you when there was no way he could've known that thing. Pardon me, I didn't see that there was another page. That was a respose to the previous one. Anyway: Banned for making Asiicoding a requirement.
  18. So why not make the sound of the engines quiet(er)? That would even be realistic.
  19. Banned for quoting text without adding anything.
  20. You have to come up with something, kerbindeorbiter!
  21. Wake up, KSC is lying to us! Why else would they have HD models of other "planets" without ever visiting them? There's only one explanation. KERBIN IS FLAT!!!!
  22. Oh, hi max_uncreative! Please tell me if that was too harsh.
  23. Hi TheEpicCubed! I've never seen you before.
  24. Now I can start a new career and enjoy some new contracts! I'm excited for this!
  25. It wasn't your mistake. You got distracted and weren't able to concentrate on the question. No need to feel stupid.