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  1. Didn't they say at some point or another that the Kerbol system would be mostly untouched, especially with regards to axial tilt? That being said, I don't blame them for adding some. By the time you get to any one of these three destinations I'm sure you're ready to be introduced to axial tilt!
  2. I pointed that out to him as well (we both already knew this kind of recharging existed because it was used in F1 since 2010.). He meant recharging a battery analogously to how a lead battery is recharged in an ICE car. So he very much meant to use electricity to spin a thing and that thing would then generate electricity.
  3. While I would agree with this, think about it like this - given the number of game-breaking bugs even three versions in, how long would it have taken if the game wasn't EA?
  4. Parts are the things that implement the features. Can't fly without wings or do science without science parts, right?
  5. I didn't even consider that! I only argued with the conservation of energy and thermodynamics.
  6. I had an... interesting, slightly heated discussion with my father yesterday, where I tried to convince him that adding a generator to an electric vehicle to recharge the battery would end up wasting more electrical energy than it would generate, thus discharging the battery even faster. I failed.
  7. My 600 mm lens is back from repair! And it sits a lot tighter on the cameras now. It's only been 11 days and I missed wildlife photography so much... Ohh, not sure EVs are all that appealing to me. I'm actually a lot into vintage cars, which, I am aware, would be a nightmare to maintain, but given our good public transport in Germany I'd only drive for special occasions anyways (I don't even have a drivers license right now). But because I love thinking about hypotheticals like this - if I could own any old car of my choosing, legally drive it and find the means to maintain it I would still be torn between at least the BMW 501 and the Mercedes-Benz 170 V. These old cars simply look a lot more elegant and luxorious than any modern car, they have this unique... "personality", if you will?
  8. So, last October I bought myself a telephoto lens. Having 600 mm at your disposal is really helpful for wildlife photography! Today, around half a month later, it all but certainly kicked the bucket. More often than not my camera doesn't recognize it anymore, shows F-- in the aperture, doesn't autofocus etc. Now, that happened every now and then for a few months, but so far I was at least hopeful that it was either the camera's fault or the cold temperatures messing with the contacts or the mount. Well, since it was quite warm today and both of my cameras resisted working with it (other lenses work perfectly on both!) I can throw these ideas out. The lens is the problem. Looks like I'll have to send it to Sigma and have it repaired. I hope it can be repaired. Sending in for repair is something I've never had to do before... In any case, wildlife photography is out for now. How about I try my hand at landscape photos, then?
  9. I'm confused, why are you talking about KSP 1?
  10. Here's a thread for you to revive, I think it would deserve it!
  11. As far as I can tell, rendering has been left mostly untouched. That's probably where the most amount of optimization is still hiding.
  12. It already happened several times...
  13. A studio created by Take2 is not the same as T2. To further explain, let's put it this way: A project by IG implies that PD is involved, which in turn implies T2 is, but a project supervised by T2 does not need to involve either PD or IG. Re-read, that's exactly what I said. The build we have access to is I-don't-know-how old. It could have been compiled last December for all we know! What we can speculate is that while this was the build that would eventually be released, development didn't stop and attempts to address the issues were probably already on their way. They just wouldn't be integrated into the EA build and be supplied as a first patch instead, which would also allow a greater scope of bugs to be fixed and improvements to be implemented whilst also allowing for more rigorous and thorough testing because the EA release date is not on the line.
  14. It's probably for the better if you don't. Because IG is not PD, much less T2. As for hotfixes, I reckon they were already working on solutions in the background (that's the patch we're waiting for right now) while still having their eventual EA build locked in. You wouldn't want to risk breaking your release candidate a week before launch with no chance of going back.
  15. If you read a little past the section you marked in bold you'd understand that this release date is not set in stone and will be subject to change if massive problems arise during testing. As for the bugs in the current release, I think I, as well as plenty of other people, will have to re-evaluate our stances a bit. It turns out @ShadowZone interviewed Nate a week prior to release. This reveals that the devs most likely knew about the state the build is in, which among other things also implies that QA is indeed doing their job sufficiently well. The interview changes quite a lot about what we thought of the history of this build. I'm honestly surprised it doesn't seem to have been mentioned before!
  16. Now you're just being passive aggressive. Just wait until the next version of the game and decide then, based on the difference between the two versions, if the speed and trajectory of development suit you. That's what I'm doing right now, before considering buying the game in the first place. Being patient is a valuable ability to have. A very useful skill. Besides, no one is forcing you to play the game simply because you have it in your Steam library. You've still got the entirety of KSP 1 to bridge the gap between versions. How many games are only touched once or twice in there, anyways?
  17. No, but I did have wings come off of flying aircraft after quicksaves, meaning that my crew was doomed and there is nothing I could do, not even a quickload could save them. Oh, sorry. That happened in KSP 1. I love that one.
  18. KSP 1 is following the exact same graph, so I presume that game is dying, too.
  19. Not if your argument is "it doesn't work". This implies a complete failure of the game to function, which is objectively not the case.
  20. Are you not going to acknowledge the first part of that response where I addressed the frequency of the event? This was to suggest that the problem is more specific than "stuff broke". There are so many components, both in and outside the game, that can randomly cause crashes. A game (any game) that runs fine on one machine may completely refuse to work on another. Because of this, I refused to assign a potential culprit and left things at that. I noted it more as a curious observation than a dramatic point of failure. You should, too.
  21. Not to excuse any one failure, but given the apparent rarity of the event I don't think you can say that it doesn't "work", as in "completely non-functional". A crash like this can be caused by any number of things. This is the first version. The. First. Version. The first. Of many. Let's check how quickly the game will develop in the future before making such statements, yes?
  22. But they have plenty of gameplay. An entire KSP 0.17 release worth of gameplay! With several improvements to UI, graphics and certain gameplay elements (Wings, for instance)!
  23. Not sure that's the best criterion. Sure, some are capable of this and possibly had the fix in the pipeline for a while at the time of release, but you're implying all companies that don't do that are not good, which is absurd.
  24. You just described that the game is functional, just not as ready as you may wish it to be.
  25. The game launches, the VAB works, you can go to orbit, you can reach all planets in the Kerbol system. I'd say the game works. [snip]
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