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  1. Today's date is either 21/12/21 or 12/21/21

    So in one system you get a sequence that reverses the previous number and in the other you get the first 6* numbers in the Thue-Morse sequence.
    It's about the closest we'll get to a date such as 12/12/12 for, well, one hundred years!

    * Given that Thue-Morse can be constructed using substitutions, you can also take "21" and "12" to be the elements to give you the first three numbers.

  2. 1 hour ago, RyanRising said:

    EDIT: I mean while keeping some antialiasing other than SMAA, which does not look very nice.

    Have you tried TUFX's TAA yet? That works fine for me.

    I think it's enough to create an empty profile that only has a name and the AA method set. However, TAA doesn't work well with map view, but you can make a different profile for map view and tracking station without TAA.

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