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  1. Banned for not knowing RTX. Also banned for making a reference to my username in your previous ban.
  2. I have an old EVE configs at least, dating back to the original releases (the BoulderCo thing). But that's not doing anything to the atmosphere as far as I can tell. If it helps, here's the atmosphere.cfg for Kerbin. It should be the unaltered one Scatterer comes with: Scatterer_atmosphere { Atmo { name = Kerbin atmosphereStartRadiusScale = 1 HR = 3.74399996 HM = 0.561600029 m_betaR = 0.0120000001,0.0279309992,0.0684830025 BETA_MSca = 0.00854699966,0.00854699966,0.00854699966 m_mieG = 0.850000024 averageGroundReflectance = 0.100000001 multipleScattering = True godrayStrength = 0.699999988 flattenScaledSpaceMesh = 0.600000024 rimBlend = 20 rimpower = 600 specR = 80 specG = 72 specB = 65 shininess = 75 cloudColorMultiplier = 3 cloudScatteringMultiplier = 0.200000003 cloudSkyIrradianceMultiplier = 0.0500000007 volumetricsColorMultiplier = 1 EVEIntegration_preserveCloudColors = False adjustScaledTexture = True scaledLandBrightnessAdjust = 1.32000005 scaledLandContrastAdjust = 1.79999995 scaledLandSaturationAdjust = 1.29999995 scaledOceanBrightnessAdjust = 0.839999974 scaledOceanContrastAdjust = 1 scaledOceanSaturationAdjust = 1 configPoints { Item { altitude = 0 skyExposure = 0.200000003 skyAlpha = 1 skyExtinctionTint = 1 scatteringExposure = 0.200000003 extinctionThickness = 1 postProcessAlpha = 1 postProcessDepth = 0 extinctionTint = 1 } } } } Also, to be fair, the images were taken at high noon.
  3. Oh my GOD IS THIS GORGEOUS! I just have a quick question, though: Is the fog supposed to be this bright in the background? On the mountains, it doesn't look that bad, but grass is a bit bright. Other than that, this mod makes KSP look better than ever. Here are some more shots I took on that test flight: Very nice colors on the atmosphere! And this... this is just an indescribable feast for the eyes! Fantastic work!
  4. I just got a message from my mother telling me that one of "our" (never officially owned) cats got hit by a car this morning. I don't exactly know what else to say, but I hope sharing this might make me feel a bit better about this.
  5. I briefly tried the mod, and I gotta say it makes the game look a whole lot nicer! I've been toying around with the static settings a bit, there are some nice effects you can make (I'm thinking of black-and-white TV / VHS type looks). However, I also noticed that quick camera movements occasionally cause some sort of black square to briefly appear for about 1 or 2 frames. It doesn't cover the whole screen. Removing TUFX fixes that problem. I could try to record a video of that if necessary. Hopefully it's not a hardware thing... Edit: I tried it again and now it works flawlessly. I don't know what happened before.
  6. ... or at least as hard as (mostly) stock KSP allows. By that, I mean: No quicksaves or reverts Starting budget of 0 The whole commnet thing, but with extra stations enabled (+reentry blackout) 120% reentry heat, which for some reason is the maximum? 60% multiplier on everything (I might lower the funds further later) 200% penalty on everything, which will hopefully never take effect a few more things Considering that I have never landed on the Mun without at least quicksaving beforehand, this will be quite interesting. In addition, this isn't completely stock. I'm using VSR, which adds a few of its own parts, so I better mention it. Everything else is just graphics mods like Scatterer or EVE. (I want to note at this point that I am by no means a good storyteller. I tend to focus on mundane things or tell in a boring manner. Please just bear with me, especially in early-game stuff) The game started just like any other, really. Get some pad science, launch the first rocket, etc. So far, so normal. I know it's possible to reasonably reach orbit as soon as the Swivel is unlocked. I've done that myself in the past. But I decided to stick to SRBs for a bit and achieve some altitude records - get as much science and money as early as possible without too many risks. Plus, I'll need those heat shields! And not having playing KSP for a bit, this was also when I was reminded of how great this game can be. Sort of felt like the first career all over again. Unfortunately, I ended up just a few kilometers shy of reaching space. I limited the engine so I wouldn't have to worry about heat (and passing out), but that might have made up the missing bit. So I ended up using liquid fuel to reach space... and then come back to the ground a few hundred kilometers downrange. Surprisingly, that used a bit of ablator. On the bright side, this allowed me to test whether the pod would flip and ruin my day when I come back from orbit later (it didn't). About reaching orbit... without how high up my apoapsis is, going into orbit turned into a bit of guesswork. Typically, I aim for around 85 km, but this time my orbit ended up over 130km above the surface! What's important is that I reached orbit and came back safely. And it's not like the first real orbits were perfect, either. Next (and so far last) item on the itinerary was the Mun. And that took more tries than I hoped. At this point, I want to remind you that I don't have reverts, I paid for every attempt! Given that I know very little about my orbits and 18 tons don't give a lot of dV, the idea was to just briefly enter the Mun's SOI, get the contract done, and immediately return. Equipped with a calculator and the vis-viva equation (I mean, how else was I supposed to do this?), I discovered that attempts no.1 and 2 would fall short of the Mun, by less than 100m/s to boot. In terms of distance, that's, like, two thirds of the way to go. At least I could gather some high orbit science. Attempt 3 was just a total failure. Fuel management was a disaster on that flight, let's not talk about it. I rearranged the tanks a bit to have more dV in the upper stage. I had to stage earlier, but some 900m/s worth of fuel were left. Finally! At last I could... miss the Mun by what I can only imagine to be a few thousand kilometers, maybe even less. Turns out I was just a little too far ahead. This being KSP, I decided to wait a few orbits instead of giving up. And sure enough, around 12 days later... I don't think I've ever been this relieved about a Mun encounter before. Not even my very first missions felt that tense. The Mun contract gave me enough money to upgrade my tracking station, but I'm torn between it and the launch pad. Mass is a huge limiting factor right now, and I think I can achieve orbit with only the lines and nothing else. Or I could go into aviation and eventually upgrade both. I cannot wait to fly an aircraft without reverts! (/s) But the end of that mission marked the end of my session, so I have plenty of time to come up with an answer. I honestly look forward to continuing this, that was a lot of fun! I noticed that I'm a lot more careful than usual. Knowing that you don't have a second shot somehow changes everything.
  7. I have found two more problems, one very minor, but I'd like to talk about it anyways (example patch below). Several parts with PartVariants (but not all of them) show up in the partslist in the SPH/VAB as pitch black, but they work and look fine in-game, so this isn't too concerning. What is a bit more concerning, however, is this: I mean, that looks hilarious, but that's a bit too engine (texture)-rich, even for KSP! All of these five parts use one single material (They are Ven's / Kerbas' revamped size 1 engines). For some reason, the Terrier and the Nerv use the main texture of the model for their particles. There are also other engines that show this behavior with their diffuse maps being used for particles, such as the aerospike. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any pattern to predict broken parts, so I cannot provide much of a direction here. I've run into this kind of issue before, where textures were applied even though the meshes should be disregarded. But (1.) that never happened with particles and (2.) if that was the case here, you would expect the Swivel and Reliant to be affected as well. Here are the important parts of the patches: Incidentally, the size 1 engines are amongst those with first problem, too.
  8. A few, huh? Scatterer just keeps getting prettier! I like the new tonemap and Kerbin colors. Looks much more realistic, and I haven't even begun to talk about the atmospheres! This is the most beautiful the game has ever been. Hopefully my computer can run this upcoming version!
  9. Yeah, textureColor as RGBA works like a charm! Thanks! Also, has inheritTexture been in TU all this time? That's not in the documentation as far as I've seen, would've been nice to know a bit earlier. I assume this also works with PartVariants having different models?
  10. Well, the mk2 parts have specular maps defined, so I'm going to use two wings instead: I'm worried that there is one minor thing I forgot and I've only wasted your time. Sorry if that's the case.
  11. I can verify that reflections are enabled (and working) and I can at least say that DebugStuff shows KSPTextureSwitch in the list for affected parts.
  12. Unfortunately, that didn't work. I also tried working around the issue by actually making a default normal map and referencing it, but that didn't work either. Also, here's the screenshot I had promised yesterday. The cockpits are both correct as they have a bump map, but the same cannot be said for the tanks.
  13. Okay, so I tried updating my configs from... two years ago, to work with KSP versions that are newer than 1.6.1. And I've noticed that since 1.8.1, all models that do not have a _BumpMap defined have some rather funky shading applied to them. Applying a normal map from another part fixes it, so it's definitely the normals. I'll get a screenshot of that later, any ideas in the meantime?
  14. I tried doing a "hard" career today. It took me 5 attempts and I'll have to start a 6th time because the very basic rockets I haven't built for years are not aerodynamically doing what I want them to (the Hammer seems to have slightly weird physics)!
  15. These planets and moons look mind-bogglingly beautiful. And it seems they all tell their own story. I cannot wait to explore them once this game is actually out!
  16. Eve's atmosphere should be much denser and thinner considering its gravitational influence. But I'd rather have to fight a 90km atmosphere for a ridiculously cruel challenge than be mildly worried by a 30km excuse for one that tanks my engines only at sea level (it's not like terminal velocity would be the main limiting factor).
  17. Well okay, that is a valid concern. But I see that as a concern regarding gameplay more than scientific accuracy, which this seemed to be about before. Seems like I misunderstood, sorry about that.
  18. Luckily there is this thing called "Artistic license". Yes, KSP and KSP 2 take science and scientific accuracy more seriously than most other games, space flight or not, but it's still supposed to be a fun, challenging game. Not a 100% accurate simulator. Heck, we're dealing with planets with ridiculously high densities, anyways. The planets were by far not the most realistic aspect of KSP to begin with.
  19. Rings do form around the equator because gravity is a mess, but the axis of rotation (which is perpendicular to the equator for obvious reasons) does not itself have to be perpendicular to the orbital plane. Even Uranus' ring system is around its equator, and that thing is tilted by over 90°. So, based on Ovin's rings and the "real", visible star, Ovin has a rather Earth-like axial tilt and the video shows the northern hemisphere's summer, assuming that north is up. As for the rotation seen in the video, that is just the camera orbiting the planet. Look at Ovin's ground features, they're not moving one bit.
  20. I assume this is more because of composition. Having a star shine through a ring's shadow does look quite nice, but it's an impossible occurrence.
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