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  1. This is just a QoL fix, but I think it would save a lot of people a lot of time. Currently, when you go to load a craft in the VAB/SPH, the list of crafts is sorted alphabetically. Which is fine and all, and makes it easy to eventually find what craft your looking for. However, once you have dozens or hundreds of craft, it becomes very unwieldy. To solve this problem, I propose a very simple solution: folders. Give the select craft window folders. If a player has 15 variants of a rocket, they can put all 15 into a folder which takes up a single line, and not have to scroll past all 15 eve
  2. I finally sent my first crew to Orcus Base on Minmus. This base has been under construction since July IRL, so it's a relief that the base is finally operational. Not featured in the image are the debris fields from a several crashed SkyKranes and Habitation Modules. Due to the failures, Orcus went 500,000 Funds over-budget and almost bankrupted the space program. Now I'm taking the lessons I learned from building Orcus and applying them to Ceres on the Mun. Hopefully this time without spending 1,000,000 Funds. 6 months after the scouting mission (Kerbal time), I deployed the co
  3. Today I focused my efforts on a mission to nail down exactly where my Munar base (to be names Ceres) will be. Additionally, I wanted to finish an old contract to return a probe from the Mun. Why not do both at once? Here's the landing platform. Not only does it bring the scout river and return rocket to the surface, but it also acts as a comm relay for both vessels once they separate. The landing platform once the rover is deployed. I was a little worried about something going wrong with the decoupler, but the separation went off without a hitch. The
  4. Today I conducted some aerodynamics tests of my new vertical-launch spaceplane (named Pallas, after the bird, not the asteroid), before it's launched into space. I wanted to see how it would fly with empty fuel tanks during final descent, so I dropped it from an Osprey carrier aircraft. I was worried about the planes colliding after separation, so I tied the decoupling to an action group, which slows Osprey by deploying the flaps, activating the airbrakes, and reversing the engines. Successful landing! The next steps for Pallas include another drop test, this ti
  5. Haven't posted on the forums in a while, but I'm particularly proud of how this turned out. Today I finished conducting a crew transfer for Exodus Station. All my first-station-around-a-planet stations in this career mode save are named after books in the Old Testament (Genesis Station being the station around Kerbin). Genesis looks like garbage, so I'll spare your eyes and not put a picture of it here. On the other hand, I love the way Exodus, along with its Cygnus crew transfer vehicles, turned out looking. Here's an image of Exodus Station with two Cygnus ships docked: https://img
  6. I know for certain that the krpc connections are working. When running the script in question, the throttle moves to 1 in the game. If I add a print statement displaying the vessel's current altitude in the while loop, it continuously prints the correct value in the python shell.
  7. Sorry if this isn't entirely a KSP question. A few days ago I discovered the kRPC mod, and so far it has been fantastic. The next thing I wanted to do with it was to display telemetry in my computer's terminal. I first wanted to test integrating it with my automated sub-orbital launch program. I followed the example telemetry program at https://krpc.github.io/krpc/tutorials/docking-guidance.html. The terminal from which I ran the python shell cleared, but all it showed was the little grey key icon (the one that it puts up if it needs your password). I entered my password and hit return, b
  8. Two weeks ago I got Kerbal Operating System. I really shouldn't have. I haven't touched my career game since i got KOS. Jeez, this mod is cool. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been going through a testing program, slowly evolving towards a self-landing orbital-class booster. It's hard. Finally, I have had success! After much reloading of quick saves (and infinite fuel) and slight code editing, I nailed it! I flew a little plane out to the Island Airfield and set its coordinates to be the target. https://imgur.com/a/WTGce I'm going to rest on my laurels for a while and wait befor
  9. Today I bought Making History (Seems pretty stable. No bugs yet). What's the first thing I decided to do? I strapped together five 5m cores, of course! I decided to aptly name the resulting rocket: "What have I done?" https://imgur.com/a/ynoJX Speaking of the KE-1, is there any news on whether it's going to get a balancing pass? I feel like it needs more power.
  10. Yeah me too. I kinda feel like there should be a "help I can't install the expansion" thread, then a separate "here's what I think about the expansion" thread.
  11. Wait. Did I hear that right? "The fairing also covers the Centaur second stage in this configuration." But in the video NASA showed just prior the payload was encapsulated in another building. How in the world does that work?
  12. One thing that you might be having an issue with is the atmosphere. That's a really high TWR if you're staying at full throttle the whole time. What'll happen is you will be going at 500 m/s at 10 km altitude. At this point the atmospheric drag starts trying to murder the rocket, and you lose a LOT of Delta-V from fighting the atmosphere. What I've found is the best thing to do is throttling during the early parts of the flight so that when you hit 10km your moving at ~350 m/s. This conserves fuel for where the atmosphere is thinner. Once you reach 10km throttle as high as you want. As fo
  13. Does this mean that there will only be one part for all 25 (5 lengths x 5 widths) tubes? Nice news overall! Those structural panels look pretty good.
  14. A few months ago, in the KSP Weekly (I can’t find exactly which one), I recall that the 1.4 update would use the new version of Unity was announced. In the thread below, someone asked about if KSP would use the new particle system (I think that’s what it was called). I recall a dev responding that it would be used to change engine exhaust. Any news on this?
  15. What a coincidence. That date also happens to be my birthday. Fantastic news overall though! I'm slightly surprised that SQUAD/TakeTwo would say a release date more than a week in advance (it is without precedent), but I'm certainly OK with it! Definitely looking forward to the expansion + 1.4.
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