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  1. CoreI

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Two weeks ago I got Kerbal Operating System. I really shouldn't have. I haven't touched my career game since i got KOS. Jeez, this mod is cool. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been going through a testing program, slowly evolving towards a self-landing orbital-class booster. It's hard. Finally, I have had success! After much reloading of quick saves (and infinite fuel) and slight code editing, I nailed it! I flew a little plane out to the Island Airfield and set its coordinates to be the target. I'm going to rest on my laurels for a while and wait before trying that without infinite fuel, although I feel like it might make it from the launchpad, to suborbit, and land with the fuel it has. MIGHT.
  2. CoreI

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I bought Making History (Seems pretty stable. No bugs yet). What's the first thing I decided to do? I strapped together five 5m cores, of course! I decided to aptly name the resulting rocket: "What have I done?" Speaking of the KE-1, is there any news on whether it's going to get a balancing pass? I feel like it needs more power.
  3. Yeah me too. I kinda feel like there should be a "help I can't install the expansion" thread, then a separate "here's what I think about the expansion" thread.
  4. CoreI

    ULA launch thread

    Wait. Did I hear that right? "The fairing also covers the Centaur second stage in this configuration." But in the video NASA showed just prior the payload was encapsulated in another building. How in the world does that work?
  5. One thing that you might be having an issue with is the atmosphere. That's a really high TWR if you're staying at full throttle the whole time. What'll happen is you will be going at 500 m/s at 10 km altitude. At this point the atmospheric drag starts trying to murder the rocket, and you lose a LOT of Delta-V from fighting the atmosphere. What I've found is the best thing to do is throttling during the early parts of the flight so that when you hit 10km your moving at ~350 m/s. This conserves fuel for where the atmosphere is thinner. Once you reach 10km throttle as high as you want. As for the gravity turn, don't ask me. I've been playing for a few years and still never get it perfect.
  6. CoreI

    KSP Weekly: The Space Twins Study

    Does this mean that there will only be one part for all 25 (5 lengths x 5 widths) tubes? Nice news overall! Those structural panels look pretty good.
  7. A few months ago, in the KSP Weekly (I can’t find exactly which one), I recall that the 1.4 update would use the new version of Unity was announced. In the thread below, someone asked about if KSP would use the new particle system (I think that’s what it was called). I recall a dev responding that it would be used to change engine exhaust. Any news on this?
  8. What a coincidence. That date also happens to be my birthday. Fantastic news overall though! I'm slightly surprised that SQUAD/TakeTwo would say a release date more than a week in advance (it is without precedent), but I'm certainly OK with it! Definitely looking forward to the expansion + 1.4.
  9. CoreI

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That was FANTASTIC!!! RIP center core though. Heard the words "Lost center core" on the technical cast. 2.3 million people watching the webcast is a lot! Simply serves to show the monumentality of the moment.
  10. CoreI

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I almost died of laughter when I saw Elon’s tweet about the booster. SpaceX can’t even launch an expandable rocket when they try! Awesome that they continue to test landing profiles even when there’s no barge to actually land the rocket. I wonder what benefits “very high retrothust” would provide.
  11. CoreI

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I just had a revelation. I've been having these bugs where the Mun would turn pitch black on all sides, but I could still see topography around the edges. Weird. I also would occasionally have this happen with only half the Mun being black. i never time warped during these bugs. So today I was piloting my Munar hopper on the Mun, picking up a very survey contracts. Then I exit out to map view. And nearly had a heart attack. Half the Mun was black, and the front was racing towards my probe, which was on a suborbital trajectory! I couldn't figure out what this mischief of the Kraken was until I managed to land (my first successful [and unintentional] dark landing, I've lost several ships to the Munar night before). I happened to check my solar panels, and they were at full power! Then I remembered something on the wiki about eclipses on Kerbin making everything dark but solar panels still functional! I was just unaware that this could happen on the Mun. Armed with this glorious revelation, I would like to apologize for ever thinking there was a bug. I feel so relieved.
  12. CoreI

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Those pictures are beautiful! It’s actually happening! Too bad I can’t see a midnight cherry Tesla roadster in the edges of that photo. I wonder if they’ll encapsulate it at the same place they do everything else?
  13. CoreI

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think its still part of LZ-1, just a different landing pad. But its fantastic to see that the second landing pad is done, so that's not holding up FH. Today was the third one. The Iridium launch Dec. 22 will also use a reused booster, and the Falcon Heavy side cores will be reused too. The RADARSAT Constelation will be launching on a reused core in a couple years too.
  14. CoreI

    KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    What exactly is an "engine plate"? Will this make the engines look more realistic? Those fairings look really good, as do the RCS tanks. This update/DLC just gets better and better!
  15. CoreI

    KSP Weekly: An Interstellar Visitor

    Great news! I love the new engine! Will it be possible for engines (or other parts for that matter) to “break” without fully exploding? That would allow challenges like: Make a rocket that can get to orbit with one engine failure. (Rocket must have less than X engines) Also, with these new part failure features, will parts be able to fail/explode in a regular sandbox/science/career game?