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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think its still part of LZ-1, just a different landing pad. But its fantastic to see that the second landing pad is done, so that's not holding up FH. Today was the third one. The Iridium launch Dec. 22 will also use a reused booster, and the Falcon Heavy side cores will be reused too.
  2. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    What exactly is an "engine plate"? Will this make the engines look more realistic? Those fairings look really good, as do the RCS tanks. This update/DLC just gets better and better!
  3. KSP Weekly: An Interstellar Visitor

    Great news! I love the new engine! Will it be possible for engines (or other parts for that matter) to “break” without fully exploding? That would allow challenges like: Make a rocket that can get to orbit with one engine failure. (Rocket must have less than X engines) Also, with these new part failure features, will parts be able to fail/explode in a regular sandbox/science/career game?
  4. KSP Weekly: The Alien Discovery

    Actually, there was going to be an art overhaul for the 1.25 meter parts in 1.2(?). Then it was scrapped. Someone else can fill you in on the details, but the art files for the overhauled engines were released (and the engines receive upgrades throughout the tech tree), and can be downloaded. Someone can probably link it for you. That engine on the back is a swivel. That IVA and engine looks super cool! I can't wait for this DLC to be released.
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I attempted to tackle one of my greatest foes! Space Shuttles and SSTOs. I have spent many hours over the course of the last several years attempting to make both of these. I have never succeeded. To be fair, I could make an SSTO easily using whiplashes. Same goes for space shuttle using Vectors. However, I design them for my career game, in which I have neither. Today I succeeded! I successfully created a space shuttle-style craft that could return to Kerbin without burning up (even though I had to extend the landing gear during reentry in order to cause some drag). So, I present to you the...... um... give me sec while I think of a name. Why don't you look at that squirrel next to your computer in the meantime? Vulture! (I'm still working on the whole precision landing thing) It glides beautifully, and the ascent isn't too difficult to pilot. Descent is a little trickier. With this achievement, I will likely have to take a break from KSP for a little while because I'll be busy for the next couple months...
  6. Most likely this. Well then, if that is the case, that opens up some interesting possibilities. Let's assume we can launch this thing into space. In a plot twist, you can use it as a landing platform for a base on the side of a hill? I love the way the mission builder is turning out though! I'm curious as to how rotating a vessel on the surface would work when you're designing the mission, because wouldn't you need to be able to see the craft to know how much to turn it?
  7. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    I believe, a couple months ago or so, in a devnote they mentioned that these RCS ports would be functional. Anyone else feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Edit: That was the LEM that has the built in functional ports. However, since the LEM ports are functional, I wouldn't be surprised if the Command Module ones are too. Source: KSP Weekly- What A Week! March 17 How are we supposed to access the stuff inside the service module in flight? Does it have doors? (Sorry, didn't refresh before I posted, so I didn't see Roverdude's reply)
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I continued my mediumly-modded Career mode game. I sent my first manned mission to the Mun's vicinity. Naturally, I went in immediately for the 3-man landing. Because the 1.25m fairing max diameter is annoying, I had to attach the landing legs in orbit using KIS/KAS. Being an idiot, I realized that I forgot a heat shield (the parachutes are in the container). After I had landed on the Mun. I know I might be able to survive reentry without one, but I don't want to risk Jeb, Bill, and Bob. I don't have the cash to put a rescue mission into mun orbit, and my lander doesn't have the Delta-V to get onto an escape trajectory (my descent was terrible. tons of craters I had to avoid). I know I could have accepted a high advance contract, but I didn't like any that were offered, and I like the drama. So, I came up with the extremely original idea of ripping parts off my lander until it is light enough to get onto an escape trajectory (I know, real original). I will then send a three person rescue mission on a free return trajectory to pick up my brave kerbonauts. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. KSP Weekly: Docking for peace

    Got here right in time! That LEM IVA looks pretty good! I'm glad to hear development is progressing nicely. It's good to hear that the flickering shadows are being fixed.
  10. I'll try it when I get the chance. Should I also turn off the reaction wheels in the command pods?
  11. First, I have KER and KAC installed. Those are the only mods. I am running 1.3.0, but the station was made in 1.2. The issue I describe below began happening in the KSP version in which the station was started, so I know that's not an issue. Now, let me explain my issue and what I have done to try and fix it. In my career mode game I have put up an orbital station around Kerbin. I attached the first few modules, and everything was ok. However, once it got large enough, it would begin to wobble uncontrollable, and within 30 seconds it had torn itself apart (don't worry, I quicksaved as soon as I saw it vibrating). Here are the solutions I have tried: 1. I exited KSP and got back in. 2. I perused the forums and reddit to try and find a solution, but the only solution I found was to go into the save file and make every part have auto strut. I did this, and when I went back into the game, my framerate had slowed to a crawl. So far nothing has worked, and for now, every time I dock another ship, I keep manually autostrutting until the wiggling stops. That is my current method for stopping the wiggles, but it is very annoying to do, and my framerate is a little laggy. Here's a picture of the space station: I can share a save file, if that's necessary. I just need to know how. So if anyone has any solutions, that'd be great!
  12. KSP Weekly: We have a way with words

    Not sure where folks keep getting this idea, but no, that is not the case. Its closest analogue would be the inline docking port. If I extend the airlock, and a piece of debris not attached to the vessel is in front, does that debris get pushed away? Or does the Kraken attack? Overall great news. I personally haven't downloaded the 1.3 prerelease yet, but I am excited to try out about the performance improvements when it is fully released.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Night has fallen on Minmus... While Madra Kerman visited the local taverns, she found out that local legend has it that the Kraken can silently slip down the slopes of the mountains at night and eat any landers too close to the edges of the flats. Madra hopes that 500 meters is far enough... Sleeping will be difficult tonight. As you can see, I plopped a lander on Minmus to farm money as contracts for 'get science from Minmus' flow in. The tourists on board didn't read the fine print that says "This vacation is not bound by any time constraints. The Space Program can bring you back whenever it chooses. No refunds."
  14. I shall reserve judgment on the UI until I see it for myself. I'm still undecided as to whether I like the break from the traditional (light blue and rounded corners) style. We'll see. The plot thickens... With these even-more-massive parts, will we be getting a 3.5 meter capsule? Because I feel there is a need for it now, and there will definitely be a need for it once the rocket gets 5 meters wide.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    Not trying to get this thread off topic, but a Kerbin RISK map needs to be a thing. A&A is of course my favorite as well. I'm trying to make some stock hinges so that my Falcon (7?) can land without falling over. I'm thinking about trying to use Airbrakes to make larger base next time. *shown with regular legs