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  1. if somone knows what is causing this please help. when in eva i get a blue planet flashing very fast in the background . heres an image. probably a mod causing this , if anyone knows which drop a message thanks heres a image. the planet is not supposed to be there https://streamable.com/5xhxl
  2. ahhh thankyou dont know much about what goes on behind the scenes but as soon as you put part down the overlay adjust instantly, if it can adjust that fast you'd think that it could adjust that fast before part is placed.
  3. if your not already using it i recommend you look up ckan,
  4. in sph my aerodynamic overlay isn't showing properly, i get the blue ball showing where the lift occurs but no arrow to show direction and ball is only applied when wings are already attached not when i'm trying to figure out where to attache them,,, hope you understand what i mean and v grateful if someone could help thanks, please ask if there's anything i didn't explain properly picture
  5. game wont load with scansat installed on 1.2.2. addon checker says it was built for 1.2.1 even though ckan says its fine with my version? any ideas
  6. sorry if im being being stupid but does that mean that: grindy science: you do 3 of the same experiment to complete and less grindy science: you get 75% for the first one and 25 for second and then completed?
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