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  1. Great news... thanks for informing us
  2. it has been so lonely (at least for me), that we are at the point of making jokes.
  3. It wont matter, we were left here with just waiting. They have all the information for almost a year now, your issues are the same with all players in ps4 (same here). Ive openned this tech form request on oct16 and as expected they dont reply. I really hope they fix this as soon as possible and is in this post that we will know about this patch.
  4. Oh mannn!! What a dream that is. For me in PS4 i did on career mode only saving on usb flashdrive every 4h. No saves on VAB and no more than 2 vessels flying. Lots of crashes and lots of corrupted saves. If im not mistake, xbox had an update after game release, we at PS4 had none.
  5. I do wish they release the update soon, lost another game again last night - corrupted file. I takes a minute to write a comment to the community, but it would take years to regain respect from a failure. Sad
  6. I agree. I´ve played the Game entirely and still play it. Issues that should not happen: (Save Corrupt 1) if saving more than 4 vessels in VAB will probably (more than 80%) corrupt your file - you lose the save. (Save Corrupt 2) if you have more than 3 stations at the same time flying in the kerbal system will probably (more than 80%) corrupt your file - you lose the save. (Freeze 1) constantly VAB freezes the joystick. This is anoying. (PS4) Turn around is to logout PS4 User and reenter game. This is some incompatibility with consoles. (Trophy) The Kerbal Fly By trophy is broken - NO ONE have this trophy yet and should be easy. ALL THE OTHER trophyes are OK. The other stuff like frame rate, v1.2 assets, mods etc, okay - we know that this is like upgrades.
  7. Ive searched into the log for a fix on the bug with PS4 trophy - fly by in Kerbin - didnt find. R U guys aware about this trophy/achievement issue ?