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  1. Will you be doing a version of the boat-tail with the skirt that Delta IV has when using solids?
  2. This looks fantastic! How many parts make up the orbiter itself? If it's scaled for 2.5m payloads ( the actual shuttle cargo bay was 15' or 4.572m wide, which would translate to about ~2.8125m in KSP, based on .3125m increments ), so does that mean this is quite a bit smaller than Pak's Mk3 based shuttle? The stock Mk3 parts are way too big for a properly scaled shuttle. BTW: You're recent rate of output is absolutely nuts!
  3. The real ones were painted differently depending on which side they were on, so I ( perhaps wrongly ) was assuming that'd be the case here. I think I simply misunderstood the post about the TVC being switchable as being the model rather than the texture. I know the TVC fluid is necessary for the real deal boosters to function, but in game it doesn't matter at all. The TVC tanks are purely cosmetic.
  4. That looks fantastic. Can't wait. So... two OG black-and-white and one Titan III Commercial/Titan IVA style white, with and without TVC tanks, that means... 6 variants?! Ooh, that's a lot. Will they be switchable independently when attached in symmetry mode, Like the Cormorant Aeronology thermal tiles?
  5. It's 3.75m. Tweakscale can get it close enough to the right size. You'll have to fiddle with the thrust settings to dial it in though. Nertea's engines aren't as heavy as the ones in reDIRECT either, so there might be balance issues as well. Oh, also, the CryoTanks MM patches mess up the tanks in reDIRECT so that'd have to be addressed as well. I actually stopped using CryoEngines because I was tired of playing compatibility whack-a-mole with mod parts that already have LH2 configs.
  6. It has the ICPS from the SLS, which is basically a 5m Delta Cryogenic Second Stage from Delta IV, but it doesn't have the RS-68 ( yet ) nor the tankage. There's 3.125m tank parts for Ares I, but they're not really long enough for Delta IV. You could make some stacked abomination with multiple Ares I oxidizer tanks, I guess, but still no engine, nor adapters for the upper stage. *Edited for fat fingers. Woo!
  7. Yeah. I understand the VAB zoom issue and the issue with small probes. Even just the build mode move widget is too sensitive at small scales. I've been thinking more about this since I posted it and doing some spreadsheet calculations. Using LOX=KSP liquid oxidizer as a standard and with mixture ratios from Astronautix ( the 2.56:1 LOX-RP1 ratio is the only real sticker, because staged combustion engines use a much more oxygen rich mixture ), I calculated what the densities would have to be for the various propellants to have volume/mass-flow ratios be accurate while still using having KSP friendly masses. *Note that 'Liquid fuel' is standing-in for both Kerosene and UDMH, which are similar in density. Cryogenic fuel ( LH2 )= 0.3105 g/cm3 Cryogenic oxidizer ( LOX )= 5.0000 g/cm3 Liquid fuel ( RP1/UDMH )= 3.5320 g/cm3 Liquid oxidizer ( N2O4 )= 6.3997 g/cm3 6.4582 g/cm3 ( I calculated this using the wrong value for liquid fuel initially ) Only the all cryogenic mixture deviates wildly from KSP propellant masses volumes, the others are within 10%, but volume ratios and mixture ratios would be very close to real world values for most cases, though I don't like that the liquid oxidizer has to be rounded. I think I'm gonna try this out. The Titan stuff is my favorite in the mod and by far my most used, so I'm very happy to hear this!
  8. To be fair to you and Jso, BDB is fairly well balanced ( outside of some of the older/smaller LVs, which are way too capable ) and it's the class of the field, so to speak, when it comes to cryogenics. Centaur and the Saturn stages are very well balanced and I actually use the Saturn tanks as a standard for balancing other mods with BDB. I don't love the upscaled Scout from a balance perspective because It makes it hard to use the Algol boosters separately from scout, like as strap-ons for things Titan 3BAS2, because they're too powerful. I understand why it is the way it is though, because it's hard to get a useful payload in KSP with small rockets. I think the stock propellants are the biggest barrier to faithful representation of certain rockets ( IE: hypergolic ones ), but I think there is a stock-alike solution. Using four different liquid bipropellants to represent cryogenic fuels, cryogenic oxidizers, storable fuels and storable oxidizers. Not like Real Fuels, but simpler analogs. It would allow the volumes to be scaled more or less correctly if the densities were balanced and it would allow for more variation in fuel types. LH2-LOX ( cryogenic fuel + cryogenic oxidizer ), RP1-LOX ( liquid fuel + cryogenic oxidizer ) and various hypergolics ( liquid fuel + liquid oxidizer ) could all be represented more accurately that way. Anyway... Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you've done both with BDB and in the KSP mod community as a whole. I'm very eager to see the new Titan parts in game. Did you remodel the UA-12xx boosters as well? I can't remember seeing them in any of the screenshots you've posted.
  9. I usually get the panels to go on correctly, but I actually think I put the solar panels on at 22.5 degrees from center because I didn't bother to check my EEX angle snap. The 5xE-1 setup might be powerful enough not to require strap-on boosters I think. Regardless, I didn't want to use non-Titan parts on the first stage, which is why I went with the LR-87/UA-1207 combo. I would have used LR-91s on the 2nd stage if the engine plate had a twin-engine variant, but it doesn't. TWR would be to low with just a single LR-91. So long as it's enough to get the job done, I'm happy with it. I've started doing my own versions of part configs for the mods I use to better bring them in line with one another and balance them with 2.5x, so my parts might not quite perform the same as standard. I wish there were a working standard for stock-alike versions of real stuff, but their is just a jumble of different approaches instead. Even scaling isn't standardized.
  10. I don't think I've ever posted any screenshots of my experience with BDB, so here's a Few from this morning:
  11. It sounds like you have the Saturn Rescale installed in the BD Extras folder. It's meant to scale the Saturn parts by a factor of ~0.625:1 relative to their real-life counterparts, compared to their 'normal' scale witch is quite a bit smaller. It doesn't scale every part though, so unfortunately it can cause some issues. Just delete the Saturn Rescale folder and everything will fit again. Just note that the Saturn vehicles will not be scaled the same as most other parts ( I don't find the default scales to be much of a problem, personally ).
  12. Is this WAD? The OP says that the mod is recommended for playing 2.5x scale, but the Ares I, with no payload, barely has enough delta V to reach orbit. The Full Stack can kind of pull of off, but only at the expense of most of Orion's fuel, which renders it more-or-less useless. It's not alone either; the STS stack is similarly anemic. I haven't tried SLS or the Jupiter launchers since I downloaded it, so I don't know how they fare by comparison. The engines are also very heavy, both compared to stock and also other comparable mods, like BDB and Tantares, which limits their use outside of reDIRECT. Thanks for your time and for making this mod! This post comes off a bit complainy, but you've done fantastic work ( HabTech2 is amazing and a very worthy successor to Cx Aerospace ) and I've enjoyed following the progress of this mod since you first rebooted it.
  13. The rate at which you've got these updates flowing out is seriously impressive. Fantastic work!
  14. Oh, that's too bad. My install is already very mod heavy and I don't really want to add more. Plus, I like making the shape of the Soyuz fairings close to the real ones and Procedural Fairings can't do that. Thanks for the reply though.
  15. I just tried using this, but the fairings don't scale with the fairing base properly ( there's huge gaps in-between the fairing segments ). Did you have to do anything differently to get them to work when you made your your screen shots?