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  1. I'm a bit late to this discussion, but it also helps a lot to angle the wings forwards. Just turn on the center-of-lift display widget and rotate the wings forwards on their axis ( local mode rather than absolute ) until the lift arrow points straight up. It should glide much better after this is done.
  2. The white one looks fantastic. It would probably also match really well with Nertea's station parts pack.
  3. @computercat04 SAF shouldn't make any difference to stock type fairings and honestly, I use most of the same mods that you do, so I don't think any of them should be a problem. i had heard of fairing issues being a thing in 1.11 ( or maybe it was 1.10... I'm still on 1.9.1 ), so it could just be some sort of incompatibility with that KSP version. I noticed your fairing was also super wide, relative to the payload. Did you have clipping issues, or were you able to make straight sides as well and just not able to close it?
  4. @computercat04 I just made a quick and dirty Straw Man ( the top anyway ) and tried causing problems with colliders and whatnot by deploying and retracting parts and using the nudge tool and I couldn't replicate the problem. Do you have any other mods that affect fairings?
  5. @Beale Oh, cool. Thanks! I'm not even sure I could emulate that with current parts. A small RCS pod and some monoprop will have to do for now. Smerch should be a cool addition. I've just been using Block G. ( with Vulkan also )
  6. Does anybody know what the roll control setup was supposed to be on the Energia-M? I've looked around and can find basically no information about it. None of the photos of the structural mockup have attitude control thrusters or anything. At least not that I've seen. I suppose I could just use the Polyus RCS pods or something, but I'm still curious what was actually intended.
  7. @Invaderchaos That propulsion system looks like a blown-up version of the Lunar Orbiter one, though I doubt it's actually all that similar. It could be a really useful part in any case. @Pappystein with regard to point 6: You can just put a Delta P/K 1.5m fairing on top of the HOSS probe core part. It's basically seamless and the angles match up perfectly.
  8. @Delta dart I don't think there's a dedicated adapter for it. I just use a 1.875m Centaur interstage with the Big-G service module. Going from 1.875 to 2.5 meters can be done with the Delta III interstage if you're using the Apollo SM, though I'm not sure if the SPS would fit legth-wise.
  9. @DylanSemrau Are the separation motors on the aft skirt discrete parts, or are they part of the decoupler?
  10. I remember that @CobaltWolf started working on Pioneer Venus a while ago, but it was still very unfinished the last we saw of it.
  11. @Kraken that doesn't exist I accidentally deleted the album apparently.
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